YouTube Autism - Things that are worth laughing at but not worth a full thread.


I wanna fill my Hobbit Hole.
Since I know imgur is gonna remove these, here's the leaked DM's from Downward Thrust talking shit about his fans from my latest video.
Video here.


Baron Flynt

Alive from 9 to 5
Downward Thrust is mad that Clean Prince steals his thumbnail art...? Why isn't he mad that they're the same YouTuber?

Does this involve the Bulbagarden owner, by any chance?
He got caught a long time ago I thought.

Also, this kid called Shit Lord Gaming keeps shitting on Oxhorn any chance he gets. Like Fallout fans are that fucking interesting. "Oh boy, he's a Christian who doesn't watch porn! He's the reincarnation of Jihadi Jarbo! He has funny fans! (Everyone on YouTube does) His fans lie about him paying off drama YouTubers so he isn't covered in their drama updates!" (None of this matters)
It's a 37 minute hitpiece, with ammunition bought from a dollar store. Kids no older than like, 18 bitching about some Bethesda-sponsored guy cause he liked Nuka Dark and makes bad jokes about being classy. And doesn't like hardcore porn, would rather play his games for that juicy pr0nz... I don't get this. Does he deserve this? I could care less. Probably does. It's Oxhorn. But I think the kid is actually dumber and more of a sped than Oxhorn, and I'm serious.
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Pablo Escobar

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He's got some good insight and his production quality is really good but dude is boring as hell. He doesn't make jokes and he's afraid to be seen as a drama channel even though that's exactly what he is. I hate getting recommended his stuff because even though I love that trash i can't sit through a video of his.
I hate his channel. The few videos of his I've watched have multiple "chapters", where he repeats shit ad nauseum. I quickly realised after a few videos that he chapters his content because he has multiple editors for the one episode. It rarely works out well, sometimes one particular editor will overproduce the fuck out of what's essentially some autist with a speech impediment talking about YouTube drama. It's overkill to the point where some parts look like a cringy MLG compilation.

But yeah, you'd only know he has editors because he advertises their channels in the comments, so you know for a fact that those gullible bastards are being paid in "exposure". So yeah, fuck that guy.
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I used to be moderate and hate radicals. Dipshits like this through me over the edge, and I no longer see how it's amoral to kill them. They don't want rights, and I won't let them have them.
God fucking damnit.

I actually wish for all these useful fucking idiots to die in a Minecraft fire. They want to be censored, they want to live in a shitty dystopian society, all because a bunch of /pol/ shitposters keep hurting their fee fees. Civil freedoms are already under attack from corporations and government. We don't need these exceptional intellectuals to go and say "ackshullyyyy" whenever freedom of speech is brought up.

On the bright side, they're just useful idiots that'll be the first ones to go up against the wall when their shitty little dystopian fantasy becomes a reality.

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Maria The Witch's channel basically speaks for itself. A self declared Witch from Brazil who makes boring videos about left wing politics, attempting to counter use of anti-sjw or right wing memes, and a small fanbase that will rabidly defend any shit she puts out.

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