YouTube Autism - Things that are worth laughing at but not worth a full thread.


Your health is low, do you have food or potions?
You may need to branch out to make it less YouTube-centric. There's fetish communities based off of it as well as quasi-religious sects that use it.
Investigate and slap it all together.
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I see a huge intersection here with the sissy hypno community, about which we happen to have a thread:

See how this weeb turned himself into a beautiful hon with one simple trick!

This feels like peak schizo shit, all the fucking LARPers in the comment section are trying to fake it till they make it.
The hypno community is much more widespread than just hypno. There's pretty much every conceivable type of hypno. It's honestly fascinating


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Introducing Leah Merone: Joey graceffa fangirl and MASSIVE fan of his original series "Escape The Night" (A trashy reality compition series that has youtuber's solving puzzles and acting out various fantasy scenarios. so yeah, utter trash. )
she is OBSSED with that show, and constantly makes videos about it, to edits, theories, elimination order, and this:
They got eliminated. They lost. This is incredibly autistic.

these are her videos as of this post: (almost all of her channel is ETN related)
bandicam 2020-06-01 00-11-32-988.jpg

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"Subliminal videos" on YouTube claim to use subliminal messaging to change physical attributes about yourself, including giving you superpowers. What’s even worse is that everybody in the comments lies about them working...

These videos range from losing weight
to gaining magic powers:
:lunacy:🌸🎀*DARK Version* Become a Puella Magi Subliminal :lunacy:🌸🎀 Hewwo evewyone~ UwU This bad boi right here is one of the magical girl subs that are a part of the combo. This one in particular turns you into a magical girl from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Please keep in mind that this is the dark version of the Puella Magi sub so be aware that you may encounter more darker situations as you use this sub. Please note that there are safety affirmations in this sub in order to ensure maximum safeness. { b e n e f i t s } 🎀 B o o s t e r B e n e f i t s 🎀 🌸 Incredibly suggestible subconscious mind 🌸Your subconscious absorbs affirmations like a sponge 🌸 Get instant, full, and permanent results right now!! 🌸 Full release of negative thoughts and feelings 🌸 Full detachment 🌸 Gain full control over your reality 🌸 Multiply your results by doing literally anything 🌸 All these affirmations are your reality 🌸Permanently ingrain these affirmations to your subconscious 🌸 Freedom from placebo effects 🌸All affirmations are part of your reality 🌸 Positive vibrations all the time 🌸 Freedom of limiting beliefs 🌸 Cleanse your mind every time you hear an affirmation 🌸 Cleansing of all negative toxins and cells in your body 🌸 Unconditional self-love for yourself 🌸 Repeat affirmations infinitely regardless of what happens to you 🌸 Manifest results faster than the speed of light 🌸 Get results as if you’ve been listening since the beginning of time 🌸 Generate complete and visible results every time you listen to an affirmation 🌸 Reprogram your body to become limitless 🌸 Become the god/goddess of your reality 🌸 Safely undergo extreme and positive changes 🌸 Permanently attract good energy 🌸 One second of listening equals listening to 1 million years 🌸 Results boost every time you look in the mirror 🌸 Results multiply every attosecond 🌸 Multiply your results by 999 googolplex times Graham’s number 🌸 Create a shield of positivity and optimism 🌸 Get results right now!! 🌸 Know exactly what you want 🌸 Get ideal results 🌸 Whenever you hear these affirmations, your mind instantly changes 💕 M a g i c a l G i r l B e n e f i t s 💕 🌸Become supernaturally cutee 🌸Become supernaturally photogenic 🌸 Become a magical girl from Puella Magi Madoka Magica (aka, the kawaii desu animu that evewyone wuvs UWU) 🌸 Become a magical girl in your ideal way 🌸 Get your desired transformation sequence, theme, colors, motifs, movements, theme song, etc. 🌸 Transform safely and with stealth 🌸 Instinctively know when to transform 🌸 Get your desired soul gem design and color 🌸 Have your soul gem turn into a ring if desired 🌸 Soul gem is immune to destruction and clouding 🌸 Get your desired magical girl accessories 🌸 Get your desired magical girl outfits 🌸 Obtain pure magical energy 🌸 Get your desired amount of magical energy 🌸 Gain the ability to level up in your magical girl powers 🌸 Get your desired aura color 🌸 Get your desired weapons and outfits 🌸 Get your desired skill set, agility, strength, powers, fighting style, etc. 🌸 Become extremely healthy 🌸 Get your desired magical girl companion and choose how they look, talk, sound, etc. 🌸 Form your desired magical girl team and choose how many members there are, how they look, their personalities, etc. 🌸 Telepathically communicate with your magical girl team wherever and anywhere they are 🌸 Live out your desired life 🌸 Have your desired witches and familiars 🌸 Defeat witches and familiars easily 🌸 Become a witch if desired 🌸 Have your desired witch appearance, name, theme song, powers, and familiars 🌸 Collect grief seeds from defeated witches and familiars 🌸 Have the grief seeds heal your soul gem 🌸 Manifest your desired incubator 🌸 Incubator has your desired appearance and voice 🌸 Incubator is always kind and honest with you 🌸 Incubator has a frickkkk ton of knowledge about the universe 🌸 Grant as many wishes as you desire in exchange for your magical girl services 🌸 Wishes keep you happy 🌸 Only get positive outcomes for your wishes 🌸 Grant wishes that pass entropy 🌸 Become extremely happy and emit positive vibrations infinitely and permanently 🌸 Have the absolute most potential your incubator has ever seen 🌸 Have dreams of becoming a magical girl 🌸 Have visions of becoming a magical girl 🌸 Live in a world that has an extremely dark atmosphere 🌸 Everything around you is thrilling and exciting 🌸 Never get bored at the amount of suspense in your world 🌸 Get the same atmosphere of Meduka Meguca in your world 🌸 Manifest desired dark and horror scenarios 🌸 Be extremely safe in your desired horror scenarios 🌸 Everyone is safe 🌸 Turn your desired places into a horror house 🌸 Get into your desired labyrinths when fighting witches 🌸 Have your desired scary music play at your desired scenarios 🌸 Have dark and stormy weather 🌸 Have as little or as much violence in the fights as you desire when you get into with your enemies

Even stranger are the comments contained within, where some keep a log of their supposed "progress":
Okay- So I’ve been listening to this subliminal for nearly if not a week now. At first, it was hard for me to visualize what I wanted my magical girl outfit(s) to look like but now I can see it and know what it feels like so clearly. I feel much stronger now, as if I’m already developing powers. Lately I also have felt like I’ve been watched, or hearing noise that shouldn’t be there. I’ll keep you guys updated when new results come. (9/19/19) 9/20/19: In my last update I forgot to add something that had happened previously, on the 18th of September. I was walking into the kitchen and for a split second there was a white animal-shaped blur running past my feet before it disappeared. As of now every time I try to visualize or align with my desires n stuff saying I have the most potential that an Incubator could see from me I feel a strong tingling sensation everywhere and somewhat feel like I’m floating?? And every time I listen to this sub I feel like I’m being watched.. Also, lately around where I live there’s been darker skies sometimes and right when I started listening it was raining... 9/21/19: Holy crap.. I was just about to take a nap while listening to this but then I swear I heard something walking around. It’s Saturday morning before 7:00 AM.. No one else is awake, not even my dog! 9/25/19: The atmosphere seems darker around where I live and almost wherever I go.. Why do I feel like someone or something is watching me? 9/26/19: Last night I had a dream related to one of my wishes! My dream was related to how I want to wish for full results on a Saiki K. subliminal, and I was using one of my powers a lot in the dream to restore broken or things that have become misshapen. Lmao I also forgot on the night of the 24th I had a dream about being able to transform into my magical girl outfit! And a bunch of other magical girl related stuff were in it, too! 9/27/19: I was just leaving my room this morning and guess what? In the shadows I swear I saw something moving, just moving past before it disappeared! Holy shit! 9/30/19: oml pls halp- I swear I’m having magical girl dreams but I can’t remember what they’re about.. Sometimes all I can think of is how I scripted for Kyubey to arrive... hALp tOo mUCh iS hApPEniNG 10/9/19: SOMETHING IS STALKING ME. ANGEL NUMBERS ARE HARASSING ME. Just seriously, wHY mE- 10/14/19: Lately I’ve been having dreams with just small hints to Madoka Magica, such as seeing soul gems or times where Kyubey is speaking about the contract. I feel as if I already have my wish granted, too... .-. 10/19/19: I had a dream the other night about Kyubey. He was sitting on the edge of my bed, in the exact room and place that I wanted him to be in. He said something among the lines of “Hello, my name’s Kyubey! You’re one of the selected few that have the potential of becoming a magical girl, and I must say you have lots of potential. They are destined to fight witches if they make a contract with me, by making a wish. Any wish you desire. Do you wish to make a contract with me?” I agreed with him. “So, (my name). What will be the wish to make your soul gem shine?” I then woke up from the dream, freaking out over it. I wasn’t expecting to have that dream. 10/31/19: Holy hell.. This week’s been one of the stormiest weeks in October in my life. So dark and scary~! The atmosphere really does feel like PMMM too tho. 11/18/19: Okay so- I am legit TERRIFIED with the feeling that something is watching me. Something that I’ve learned is that my gut always tells me what’s right when it comes to this kind of stuff- like maybe I’m secretly picking up on things in my environment but not fully aware of it? But seriously. 11/21/19: Okay, I am like- REALLY freaked out rn. Last night I was just walking through the halls and the lights were off because my parents wanted full quality viewing while watching TV (watching in the dark). Out of the corner of my eye I swear I SAW KYUBEY IN THE SHADOWS. I’m not even kidding, I saw a figure that was exactly like Kyubey just sitting there, watching me. When I turned back it disappeared tho... Part 2 - OH SHIT. The atmosphere rn is just really funky and it feels like PMMM. It even just started storming like when Sayaka was falling into despair. Today’s been really dark ever since I listened this morning. 12/14/19: Nothing new except for my paranoia and feeling that something is stalking me keeps increasing. Sometimes I hear noises that shouldn’t even be there, like small thumping or footsteps. 1/3/20: Happy new year everyone! There hasn't been much, but lately I can say that I really am feeling a call to becoming a magical girl. Also! Recently a friend of mine, Kei, did a scanning for me. She said she saw an image of Kyubey although hard to see, which could mean a few things: 1. He's in my destiny, although not too close by as of now. 2. It indicates how far my progress is on the sub. 1/11/20: Okay so— At the beginning of when I started my Puella Magi journey, I saw that the sub I’m using has affs for manifesting desired teammates. For the first few listens I was unsure of getting a partner to fight along side with, but then I eventually wanted to give it a go. I visualized her as a brown haired girl with fair skin and that her arrival would be around after Christmas break.... However, I kinda forgot about me trying to manifest a fighting partner after a while and just went on. This week (which is the week after Christmas Break) we got a new student. She’s almost perfect compared to how I visualized the girl I was trying to manifest. And it just seems like fate wants me to be friends with her, too! She’s in the same house as me (my school does a house system like Harry Potter), same class, and my teacher’s been saying that I’m supposed to basically be her guardian around school to help her out lol This is really exciting me. I really do hope that I can become a magical girl. Lately it's all been repeating in my head, saying that this is what I'm meant to become. It really is my destiny... Everything just keeps showing me that it should be that way, that I discovered Madoka Magica for a reason. I've tried to become a magical girl before, on two other occasions, but had eventually just stopped for a while and took a break. Mainly because the subs I used before were deleted. I'm really thankful for Usagi and their choice to make this. Maybe I was destined to come across this one as well, and bring me closer to the life I must live. 1/14/20: Alright so... I’m honestly feeling a bit stranger than usual. Every time I listen to this, I tend to just feel as if I’m growing spiritually. And sometimes I even get a feeling something is watching over me from my shoulder, especially when I’m next to windows or shelves/ledges in my house. 2/12/2020: I’ve kinda been losing motivation to listen right now, but I’m still on the path. Maybe just some stories from you guys would help me... However, I do have some small results. In some darker places everything seems a bit more ominous than they should— and suddenly on impulse I changed my Discord profile picture to when Madoka and Homura where dying together after failing to defeat Walpurgisnacht.

Many really seem to like these videos, and claim they work:
know, ANOTHER weight loss sublimnal but trust me, this one is WAY MORE powerful its scary i was honestly scared making it because theres probably over 10 layers of affirmations in it !! PLEASE drink water when listening or else you'll get a headache! do not drive and listen, just relax! love u! effects of this subliminal: - never gain weight, hard to gain weight - small and tiny waist - extremely thin thighs - extremely flat stomach (concaves, for exaggeration) - abs - bones visible through skin ( for exaggeration ) - extremely fast metabolism - your ideal body - compliments for family and friends - confidence in ur body - no face fat - lose one hundred pounds every second (for exaggeration ) - lose one hundred pounds every time you inhale and exhale (for exaggeration ) - no longer fitting into your clothes DONATE HERE: Subliminal messages are messages (phrases and images) that operate below the level of conscious awareness and delivered in a way to be perceived from the subconscious mind. They may be audio subliminal messages and of course,visual. For example, we can take the phrase “I am confident” and embed it into a music track where the conscious mind will nothear it clearly or in a video in which will be displayed for a split second, so the conscious mind will not have enough timeto process it logically. In both cases, the phrase is clearly perceivable from the subconscious mind. The constant repetition of this phrase or others helps on rewiring (creating new neural pathways) long thought patterns and one to think more positively, lose weight, have more confidence etc. (Provided by background music: Copyrights© goes to it's rightful owners. Request a subliminal in the comments!

There are many more of these videos for other things:
These videos are easy to find by searching "<any word here> subliminal." Well, night folks and remember to take your medication.
The subliminal community is complicated, it really does exist on it's own vacuum and although it has many cowish features if you stay on normal venues you are safe. Most of my knowledge on subs comes from a particular sector of the community that really just takes copyright free tracks/popular songs and asigns them values that pretty much look like K-pop stan camcorders. Pretty tame in comparison with the sissification channels. Whenever I see special videos about results I can't help but think of the fact that the people that do see results commited to doing stuff that is benefitial to them in order to achieve their goals and that most of them are honest about what they can achieve. But this might be the healthiest and most normal site of the community.
Have you ever imagined what "possitive affirmations" really means?, it's a way of saying this sub is supposed to do what it says it does. There has been drama in the community for years about people that use "negative affirmations" ergo people that make subliminal messages to mess with people. Just search on Youtube "subliminal community drama" or "subliminal exposed" and you get videos by people in and outside the community talking about the surprising amount of cases of subliminal channels using their young fanbase for God knows what. One example is Rose Subliminal, a channel that used messages such as "I control your mind" and "satan is your new god". There's also that they play favorites cuz there are subs that are more effective than others and then you have the LOA rabbit hole that is a completely different can of worms.


Damn wypipo
I have legitimately no clue why YouTube recommended me this... but here you go. The music is fucking terrible.


Damn wypipo
People still make Warrior Cats music videos? Have I been transported back in time to 2011?
I've never heard of Warrior Cats before so I had no clue what this music video was even about or why they needed to play shitty emo music over it.

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All Mods Are Bad: AMAB!
Fiona Nova from Rooster Teeth and Achivement Hunter is one of the most blatent diversity hires I've ever seen, she was only fired beacuse Etika said no lol. This bitch has a voice like nails on a chalkboard, she ain't funny and she doesn't know how to play the games the channel is entirely based around.

But my god is the community ready to white knight her over any and all critisim. Say a bad thing about her and get 50 reddit soyboys dog piling you for speaking out. Funny part is she's a lezzer so they can't even get their dicks wet.

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Aight lads I'm somehow surprised that this guy has never been mentioned before although his autism is a bit more literal than the rest of the people here.
Allow me to introduce you to this chav. Meet Dominic Noble, another british reviewer living in the States than mainly reviews book adaptations and ocasionally covers the kind of awful books you see in Kindle. He is tamer, younger and less volatile Oancitizen who is connected to a lot of other very specific reviewers including somehow MarzGurl, being a member of the kind of community of reviewers that summarises rather than actually reviewing.
He is pretty boring content wise and I only found his channel because YouTube usually recommends me the attached video, which is him taking a lot of time to establish that he is above mocking low hanging fruit as The eye of Argon. Besides namedropping Sarah Z what really catched my attention is his posture and use of jumpcuts. I hope I have helped you find your new favorite book reviewer.
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Unfortunately I can't find the stream archive, but Night Mind did a 24 hour charity stream towards ending police brutality. He brings it up on his community page.

Here's the website he was donating to:

It seems innocent enough, but I dunno.
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Here's a lame channel I watched a few videos from a while back, because he made lost media chronicles (think of a shittier, cheaper version of BlameItOnJorge or NexPo):

But, I recently noped the fuck out of his channel after watching his cringe-inducing take on rioting and BLM. Some people in the comments seemed a bit redpilled, but the OP kept sperging out in the replies. I think this guy may be actually autistic: