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Would that dude happen to go by the name of Guptill89?
I don't exactly remember the guy's name. I'll have to double check my block-list, since I encountered him after I made a comment voicing my disapproval of some of 4Kids habits (cutting plot for Jokes was the specific thing I had an issue with), and he jumped all over me for daring to have an opinion he didn't like.
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Man it's been a long time since I heard a "calcify your pineal gland" comment. I never understood how hippies came to have such a materialist view of spirituality, where spiritual things are somehow only experienced via a biological organ that can fail.
Descartes believed the peneal gland held the soul

Shaka Brah

Hang ten, my dudes.
Descartes believed the peneal gland held the soul
Descartes also believed that the soul had its own kind of perception (reason, basically), and that materialists focusing their theories exclusively on what could be sensed by the body were missing the point.

Dwight Schrute

Murder, not mukduk.
On bass boost videos where exceptionals comment about their dad suggesting to use the bigger speakers in the basement or something along those lines.

And the sad thing is, these get thousands of likes.

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