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Nauseated Courgi

It's an Ass-Fuck-Get-Fucked world out there


Where can I get some decent sushi?
Ok, since I couldn’t find the video (it was probably deleted), I’m gonna have to improvise a bit. So, the video was just these the chibi anime comics
Pretty cute, huh?
Well I looked at the comments, most of comments were from about 5 to 6 years ago and were talking how cute the comics were, but then I looked most “recent” comment which said “shouldn't she be topless (followed by a butt-ton of emojis) and in a diaper at that age?”
I think the commenter was referring to this picture
But still, it’s very strange,
But it’s practically tame compared to all the other crap I have to sift through.
(Oh, and BTW, the comics were called “Chibi Miku-san” just something you needed to know)
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I found this lolcow in the comments of this D'Angelo Wallace vid about Elliott Hulse. His name is black Knight fool and I know people that know him from discord that tell me he does this all the time.


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The comments by this dude named black Knight fool are dripping with autism.


This black Knight guy is everywhere I swear.
Are you subscribed to this retard? Usually it's rare that comments from one video come on to a different video. Honestly my theory is:
A) He is an autistic sped stalking you
B) You are the autistic sped stalking him
or C) This guy is probably your YouTube Alt Account creating false instances of Internet Autism