Disaster YouTube executive calls cops on black man for 'trespassing' as son begs him to stop in viral video - Youtube employees are on a roll


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A widely circulated viral video recorded on July 4 shows a white man calling the cops on a Black man who was waiting for his friend outside an apartment building, all while his son begs him to hang up the phone.

On Thursday, software engineer Wesley Michel was waiting for his friend outside a San Francisco condo when a white man and his young son approached him. The man, who has since been identified as Christopher Cukor, asked to know the name of Michel’s friend who lived on the property.

When Michel refused to give the name of his friend, Cukor accused him of "trespassing,” pulled out a phone, and dialed 911.

In the video filmed by Michel, Cukor can be heard telling police about a "trespasser” with Michel’s description.


When Michel tells Cukor he is recording their encounter and suggests he hang up the phone, Cukor ignores his advice.

Eventually, Cukor’s son began yanking his sleeve, saying: “Daddy, please don’t. I agree with him, daddy. Please don’t! I don’t like this. I don’t like this. Let’s go.”

Cukor then told the 911 dispatcher, “He appears to be African-American.”

“Listen to your son, walk away,” Michel suggested. “I’ll stop the recording.”

When Michel's friend arrives at the scene and asks what’s happening, Cukor changes his story and tells the police operator that Michel was actually waiting for his friend.

Since the video went viral, Cukor has since deleted his social media accounts; however, screenshots from his LinkedIn show he's an executive for YouTube.
Hat-tip to @Memology 101 for his video, I hadn't see this covered anywhere. What the fuck is going on with YouTube employees, lol.
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