YouTube is ending its community captions feature and deaf creators aren’t happy about it - Fuck the deaf


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If this applies to user-generated translation subtitles as well, then that's going to fuck a lot of people over and make my life a lot more difficult. No more free foreign-language subbing for content creators with a multilingual audience or content consumers watching foreign-language content.
iirc that's exactly what Toei had been depending on for their channel, that people would sub shit for them for free

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They said the auto generated captions are an ok alternative, has youtube even seen how shitty their own feature is? I've heard of the auto generated captions dropping the hard R even though the video said no such thing, and videos getting demonetized if the auto captioning AI thinks it hears any naughty no no words (not just slurs) because that bot is also how they determine if you've said any non family friendly words and should be demonetized.

Here's it happening to TomSka:

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Susan kneecapping small and obscure content creators and viewers in general by removing useful features, only because those inconvenienced her company in some retardedly minor way? Then trying to excuse the action with woke platitudes, even when it directly harms actual marginal groups?

This is shocking. What's next, the sun rising tomorrow morning?

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They also recently completely removed the ability to import videos from Google Photos. It was the one way you could maintain a queue of videos if you didn't have a reliable home internet connection. You can upload something directly to YT and leave it private, but when you unprivate it, it's still bound to the original upload date and upload order. So if you realize after uploading 3GB of videos that you fucked up video #5 of 10, you'll have to delete 5-10 and reupload all 6, instead of just the 1 file on Google Photos.

Diversity and inclusivity, indeed.
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