Youtube poop:CWC edition -

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Great Unclean Chris
youtube poop (YTP for short) are videos of mishmashed stuff usually cartoons (actually Pingas is one of the original YTPs) turning them into retina raping and hilarious videos.

Though most of these are really stupid but i find them funny (because I'm lame and have no life)

anyways this thread is for posting funny YTPs you find of CWC (obviously his videos are perfect material for YTP)




CWC must love this one


Edit: finally found out how to get the damn youtube thing to work (yeah, Im such a nub)

DangDirtyTrolls said:
I never got the appeal of Youtube Poop. It all just looks like Random Access Humour to me.

It's far from random. It keeps it within the pop culture and internet culture spectrum. It's not like some CWC youtube pop is gonna mix in clips from some documentary on the construction of the Panama Canal. I'd compare it to more along the lines of Robot Chicken and the art of remix.

i hate random access humor. Sometimes I think that Chris thinks that randomness is the same thing as creativity.
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