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I suspected as much. If he was, at any point in time, accused of being BlueSpike then there'd at least be some archive of it on the Chris section of the farms. And again BlueSpike has an account here. On another note, I checked the CWCki and it looks like someone edited it yesterday to make note of Peter's sperging about not being BlueSpike.

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Well, either way, it looks like Waymu got what he wanted: to be a footnote in Christory. Let's just hope that he doesn't regret it.
Someone should remove this because Waymu is an irrelevant faggot and he has done literally nothing of note.


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Someone should remove this because Waymu is an irrelevant faggot and he has done literally nothing of note.

I'd say leave it. If Peter really wants to be associated with the identity of a person who sexually extorted a severely mentally ill manchild, let him have it. He clearly has skewed priorities if he thinks that the last vestiges of the YTP "community" are worth hanging around.


He definitely wouldn’t join KF. He’d instantly be excommunicated from whatever vestiges of the YTP community would still have him.

On top of that, I’m pretty sure he was one of the members who was adamantly against Chris Chan trolling on the forums. I could be wrong since it was forever ago, but that was the first instance of the forum veering into the “No Fun Allowed” purgatory it became in its final years (at least to me).

Also, this:
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“Well-adjusted” indeed
"Well-adjusted" being used to describe Waymu ever. :lol:

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If peer pressure is also the reason behind Whelt's transition? Your guess is as good as mine.
Given the shitstorm Whelt brought upon himself with his "nothing morally wrong with incest" idiocy, the transtrendering wasn't so much due to peer pressure as it was him merely trying to save face in front of the OldChew troonsquad. Consider that one of OldChew's most psychopathic users, RideTheCatfish/HeinoRecord, went out of his way to harass Whelt on tumblr over that debacle a couple of years back.

Ride mass-reblogged plenty of Whelts' posts with the following pic, who is apparently Whelt himself when he was *younger.



Couple of other examples of Ride being a shitcock weirdo to other OldChew users on spoiler below.





*Unsurprisingly, OldChew did much of the same kind of harassment towards Deepercutt with numerous edits of a pic of his younger days, for no other reason because he wanted nothing to do with their death cultish forum.

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This level of spergery is reminiscent of the early Sonic OC spriters community on The Middle Ground's forums, about 07-09. If your sprites lacked a certain level of quality, you're work would be hit really hard, particularly if your Edit was pillow shaded, meaning it had flat shading, no real gradient or regard for a light source. Who would have thought that "artitst" with more bandwith then humility would argue and eat each other over unoriginal, profitless, edited works. At least they developed some type of skills over time.

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