Culture YouTube releases it's YouTube Rewind for 2018 -


Usually these things are masturbatory self-indulgences for the YT community featuring a lot of e-celebs. They start off with PewDiePie declaring "YEAR REWIND" and then showing some dumb shit for the fans.

This one
  • Starts with Will Smith (who isn't a YouTuber).
  • Has Ninja (who isn't a YouTuber).
  • A Fortnite gag.
  • No PDP because he said the word NIGGER.
  • A bunch of people no one cares about.
  • An entire two minute long scene celebrating diversity, women, and non-whites.
  • Locked chat with the people in the video watching it together and live commenting with the most cringe inducing shit I've ever fucking seen.
Currently it's at about 70% dislikes and sinking. The comments are tearing it to shit. For all the talk of diversity, one commenter from Brasil pointed out that there are no Brazilian YouTubers present. Sorry menino, you faggots don't wear hijabs and don't hate Trump enough. Better luck in 2019.




Glow in the dark K/DA Popstar
>literal nobodies among internet nobodies except Will Smith and Casey Neistat
>no Kraut and Tea desperately calling for academics
>no Alien having an emotional connection but not a sexual one with a meth mutant
>no Internet Bloodsports and its ensuing meltdown
>they didn't give a moment to the terminally ill children that got jewed by the Wallstreet Journal
>"fierce, fabulous and empowering art of drag"
>no Native American that challenges other YouTubers to 1v1 him IRL
>they bring up K-pop but didn't mention the sexy K/DA music video

Worst YouTube rewind ever! I think we might have to make our own.

What could have made a lot more sense is having a guy with a shirt that says "YouTube", a guy with an "Ad Firm" shirt and a guy with a "Cable Media" shirt slowly peel and eat the skin off a screaming and kicking bound and gagged guy with a "Creator Community" shirt for an entire 8 minutes
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