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Disaster Youtuber's voice gets copyright striked

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by CatParty, Jan 11, 2019.

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  1. https://www.dailydot.com/upstream/smellyoctopus-youtube-copyright-claim/

    In recent weeks, a number of YouTube stars have claimed that the platform’s copyright claim system is broken, allowing other people and companies to unfairly take their video revenue. YouTuber SmellyOctopusmight have discovered the most insulting breach yet.

    The gaming vlogger who has 20,000 subscribers revealed on Twitter and in a video uploaded on Wednesday that his voice on a private stream was copyright claimed, essentially meaning that somebody said the sound emerging from his vocal cords was not his to use.

    In a tweet, SmellyOctopus said he was testing his mic filters on a nine-minute private stream that automatically uploaded to YouTube. A company called CD Baby then claimed it as its own original work.

    “My mic is being tested on stream, and they are claiming half a minute of my voice,” he said. “Apparently, CD Baby owns the right to my voice. I should probably get that fixed, or YouTube needs to fix their shit.”

    After SmellyOctopus said he would simply begin using Twitch, where he has close to 1,500 followers, for his livestreams, YouTube admitted it was at fault for the copyright claim.

    “It looks like the match system really blew it on this one,” YouTube tweeted. “We’re going to figure out what went wrong and fix it. CD Baby dropped the claim as soon as they saw the dispute, so at least that part of the process worked.

    “To clarify, this isn’t something that CD Baby initiated—this was a mistake with the Content ID matching tool. As soon as they were made aware of the claim, they released it.”

    Yet, this has become a big issue for YouTubers who believe the copyright claim system is being abused. The system is set up like this: If a company or person believes a YouTuber is illegally using their copyright, they can make an ID claim against the YouTuber. If the YouTuber believes the claimant is wrong, they can appeal. But the appeal doesn’t go to YouTube. It goes to the person or company who originally made the claim. If a YouTuber appeals enough, they’re in danger of having a strike levied against their account, which could eventually lead to other kinds of punishment for their channel.

    YouTube has said it doesn’t want to mediate between a company and a YouTuber to determine who holds the copyright, but it also recently told the Daily Dot that it has expunged hundreds of accounts that have abused the system and put false claims on YouTubers’ original work.

    Recently, TheFatRat, who has 3.3 million subscribers, said a Colombian music company falsely claimed a song that was originally made by him after somebody else’s remix version of it was uploaded to YouTube. TheFatRat said his original video made him $3,000 a month—earnings that were in jeopardy when the music company claimed it (YouTube eventually dismissed the copyright claim).

    Earlier this week, another YouTuber AngryJoeShow (more than 3 million subscribers) said movie house Lionsgate Films was bullying him by copyright claiming a negative review he had uploaded of the Hellboy movie trailer.

    In the case of SmellyOctopus, he’s fed up and fearful because he doesn’t have the tools to fight back against a false claim.

    “As a small content creator—or just a content creator in general—I don’t feel safe,” he said in a video uploaded Wednesday. “There’s a lot of fear when it comes to YouTube. … This is the stress we go through.”
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    CatParty Boo
    True & Honest Fan

  2. Youtube will never fix these issues because they care more about advertisers than users. Fucking over users' income is just a cost of doing business to them.
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    Alec Benson Leary

    Alec Benson Leary Creator of Asperchu
    Christorical Figure

  3. I've been saying this for years, and the people are finally waking up to it.
    Stop. The. Monopolies.
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    wylfım Lost in an endless void of stupid.

  4. Youtube wants to be TV, despite the fact we millennials left TV behind because it sucks

    Youtube is committing suicide
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  5. Honestly why would they even think it's a problem yet? It slows down paying out to content creators, and Youtube is already loaded on/has no shortage of content. They have quite a racket going on and it'll take about a dozen more FatRat-like stories to rattle the general users or a significant number of content creators.
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  6. They're going to think it's a problem eventually when half their userbase has emigrated to other platforms
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    Cilleystring Boys will be boys

  7. Can't wait for YouTube to get some real competition so they are forced to stop this shit from happening.

    They pretend that they're still an indie company when they make way more money from Finger Family and The Mouse.
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  8. If only Youtube actually had major competition with a more competent copyright system and no one is believe what Youtube is saying. Many trolls and major companies are still abusing the copyright system to take down their competition and any negative reviews.
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    HiddenFist The Best Fist

  9. Stop the monopolies.

    Start all the downloading.
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    The Shadow

    The Shadow Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

  10. Oi bruv! You got a loicense for that voice?
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    Give Her The D

    True & Honest Fan

  11. We don't have the money to buy the yottabytes of storage it would take.
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    MarvinTheParanoidAndroid This will all end in tears, I just know it.

  12. If we have to cut some beauty tutorials to archive more JonTron so be it.
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    The Shadow

    The Shadow Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

  13. Maybe these tech companies should stop building empires run by robots. It's like a roof thatched together with straw and shit and detritus. And now it's starting to rain.
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    Christorical Figure True & Honest Fan

  14. Ok, let me just buy the 1000 petabyte hard drive, global infrastructure, and army of lawyers I'm gonna need for this shit.
    It's generally believed that YouTube loses money by the way. Google just wants the ad data, which is what makes it worth owning.
    When vid.me shut down, they straight up said that they did not believe that a video host could be self supporting, it had to have someone backing it.
    An alternative self supporting video host would have to at least charge people to upload, but would probably actually have to charge people just to watch videos.
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    Splendid Meat Sticks

    Splendid Meat Sticks Castigat ridendo mores
    True & Honest Fan Lolcow TV Captain

  15. Exactly. Even I, a Gen Xer, doesn't watch TV anymore even though my generation sat parked in front of MTV for hours on end. It just feels like something old people do. My parents watched so much damn TV and I'd just watch a couple shows a week and shut it off.

    Today's kids want to watch their favorite Youtubers and make their own content. Grandma wants to sit in front of her boobtoob and watch her programs.

    When you screw with content creators you are alienating your biggest audience. Kids and young adults who were born with an iPhone glued to their hand. I swear, those geniuses in marketing often have no idea what they are supposed to be marketing and to whom.:roll:

    You're pushing the TV thing a little too late, Youtube. By the time you came on the scene the scene was changing anyway. You created a way for people all over the world to connect with each other easily via videos they created themselves. Now you want to shill corporate content at a generation that couldn't care less about stuff like that.

    I've heard about people who have been copyright striked for using their own music. There are also cases of clips from anime and the like that should fall under the joke that is fair use getting strikes because some company in another country has the rights to it in their country only. Give me a break. I remember this happening to someone in the US who used an anime clip and some distribution company in what I think was Italy copyright striked her. I could understand it it was an official Italian dub/sub. But it wasn't.
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    Dysnomia Desu pocky sugoi! (≧▽≦)

  16. Youtube should have never tried to become tv 2.0, its a bad business strategy that alienates what the audience wants.
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    Feline Darkmage

    Feline Darkmage Gay Anime Cat
    Staff Member Moderator True & Honest Fan

  17. I think YouTube would really want to stop being a "platform" and become a "service" like Netflix or Amazon Originals and rake in all the dough with "YouTube stars" like Jake Paul (before he commited career suicide in the Suicide Forest). They probably feel that the small-to-medium YouTubers do not generate the revenue to be worth the trouble, particularly if they have political inconveniently beliefs (or the media slanders them by saying they have such beliefs). The problem is that they cannot just tell the small-to-medium creators to fuck off into the night, because they are what bring a lot of people to the site, the basis of YouTube's monopoly on non-pornographic recorded Internet video. So instead we the passive-aggressive bullshit that YouTube to make the small guy's life as hard as possible, along with banning of the aforementioned political inconveniently after long and pointless drama.
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    Glad I couldn't help

    Glad I couldn't help I would rather watch

  18. Shit is getting so bad I’ve heard you can’t even use music from royalty free music sites without getting copyrighted. A few years ago a Youtuber I used to watch was talking in a video about how he had used a public domain version of an old classical song in one of his videos, only to have it demonetized because some shitty DJ used the same track as filler in one of his songs and copyrighted it. It’s a fucking madhouse.
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    Count groudon

    Count groudon Saltier than Njord's left testicle

  19. At this point, YouTube might as well just barge into someone's house and "censor" them for good if this is what they're resorting to.
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    Jewelsmakerguy (Cheesy 80s music intensifies)

  20. That doesn't even surprise me. The fingerprinting is some kind of hash done on the audio waveform itself, and it doesn't know which part you recorded and which part you took from a sample pack that you paid for. I've been expecting to see people complain that some pack of sounds they bought from Native Instruments or whatever gets flagged for copyright as soon as they upload it anywhere, because someone with a channel that feeds into the really invasive copyright flagging services already used it in a song of their own. There's no reason why the algorithms wouldn't do that, so they do.

    DAW makers should really make some effort to light a fire under Youtube's ass to create some kind of anti-flagging system for stuff that is public domain or licensed for use in commercial recordings, before people start to get the impression that buying their DLC packs is a waste of money.
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