Youtubers who are actually cool - because not everyone is a cow

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Game Sack: 90s video game magazine in video form.

Guru Larry: Former Channel Awesome personality that is possibly a lurker here, had a television show about video games, so he definitely knows what he is talking about. Also interviewed CWC.

RedLetterMedia: We have an entire thread about them.

Cinemassacre is still good, even to this day.

SomeCallMeJohnny is great, no doubt about it.


I spend most of my time watching YouTube in the Food and Drink part, so...

Binging With Babish: The best torso on the Internet, recreates food from TV and movies, makes everything look delicious unless it's not supposed to be, as chill as they come.

Cocktail Chemistry: Another amazing torso, only this one makes drinks and listens to a lot of jazz. Possibly even more chill than Babish.

Strictly Dumpling/Mark Wiens/The Food Ranger: I always put these three together because they're the holy trinity of Youtubers who travel around the world eating awesome food. They usually make long vids too, so they're perfect for having on in the background.

Food Wishes: His ultra sing-song voice and mannerisms may slightly grate for some ("HellOOO this is Chef John from FOOOD wishes dot com withhhh...Lobster Mac and Cheeeese! That's right!"), but he is the OG Dude of Food on YouTube. Addicted to Cayenne.

Hiroyuki Terada: Makes the most awesome sushi on YouTube and says "good afternoon". Videos also feature a mysterious cameraman-cum-interviewer who Chef Hiro either barely tolerates or dearly loves. Not afraid to kill in the quest for a damn good video.

Dirt McGirt

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For when I want some stuff on movies and such:
Good Bad Flicks (and by extension Radiodrome)

For the shitposts:

Also if it counts I would add Joe Rogan since he does my favorite podcast and talks about crazy shit often..

EDIT: How did I forget the one and only videogamedunkey?
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It's neat how Ross immediately popped into my head as soon as I saw the title for this thread, only to find it already stated in the OP. He is like the prototype for "cool Youtuber". I appreciate Lazy Game Reviews, Classic Game Room, and Super Bunnyhop for their interesting and dedicated work.

I also dearly miss stgggs and his team's griefing videos, just as a showcase for why you should always follow the "It's just a game" maxim.