Youtubers who are actually cool - because not everyone is a cow

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My boy Teshno - he just uploads shitposts and the occasional video of him playing some game and talking about shit, quite entertaining to listen to (at least in my opinion).
he's also based and redpilled


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Somecallmejohnny seems like a pretty cool guy you could sit down with and just talk about games for hours. Fither who made some real good persona and rance content. he made a stream once when he was a bit drunk just talking about his life and i really feel for the guy. had a bit of drama last year and quit youtube but came back even stronger for it but im not sure reviewing doujins of persona 5 is the right way to go.
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I'm sure it's been mentioned plenty of times, but The 8-bit Guy might just be the highest-quality YouTuber I know. Consistently terrific, informative videos; no ads in his videos; very detailed and easy-to-understand tutorials; and he's honest with his audience. He even shows his mistakes and explains exactly what's going on. His respect for his audience is incredible. And of course, no politics or sperging whatsoever, not even a single one-off comment.

The same could be said about Techmoan, though his schtick is mostly retro AV equipment, and the many obsolete formats they used. No politics, no sperging, just interesting stories about the history of technology, from the days before smart things took over.


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Proper People for ultra chill, beautifully shot urbex. They provide a little background on all of the places they visit and seem genuinely stoked on old architecture and slices of history. Not extremely annoying like most urbexers.


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Seems like most of us have about the same taste here but I'll throw in my 2 cents.
  • Supermega because I used to be a GG fan when they were somewhat okay (AKA Jon era) and it was high time to move on
  • Jontron, 'nuff said
  • Idubbbz when he uploads, I've been liking the squirrel shit on his second channel though
  • Nexpo is pretty decent, He's started doing the weird chills voice in his latest videos though and I hope he stops b/c I really liked his natural voice
  • Dan Bell's ADR series is good, but I started with his dead mall series and loved that too.
  • Retail Archeology is another good one if you're into that kind of stuff
  • Drew Gooden, Danny Gonzalez, Kurtis Conner, all pretty much the same kind of content but pretty decent and drama free for being large channels.
  • Whang! and wavywebsurf have pretty good, similar content
  • TheRightOpinion, InternetHistorian, and DownTheRabbitHole give good rundowns on a plethora of different topics/people
  • If you're into thrifting I like Paul Cantu, he's a bit of a hypebeast but seems like a pretty down to Earth guy overall. His sense of humor is kind of in your face though, so might be grating to some.
  • Blaire White while controversial is funny, I like some of her stuff.
  • I'm a TF2 fag so of course I like soundsmith
  • Cr1tikal, duh
  • NGL I like Jenna Marbles her dogs are cute and her bf Julian is a funny dude
  • LinusTechTips has some fun weird build videos
  • Eddy Burback is alright, I don't watch much of Gus Johnson his roommate but I assume they make similar content
  • Ashens is an old coot that's been around since the dawn of time but he's classic
  • TheReportofTheWeek, his videos can get kind of boring sometimes but he's a good dude and everybody love review brah, c'mon
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DefunctLand is pretty fascinating. I don't care about theme parks or what rides they used to have, or why, but I once clicked on "The History of Alton Tower's Black Hole" not knowing what it was about just because the preview image looked cool. It's a pretty good channel, instead of doing a video about a roller-coaster and just reviewing it he instead goes deep into construction woes, corporate infighting, incompetency and whatever else was involved.