YouTubers you hate that everyone else likes -


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Oh boy, here’s a few.

First, as mentioned previously in the thread - Shane Dawson, later years. I don’t understand how his overly dramatic garbage takes that barely qualifies as docu series get that many views. That, and he consistently fails to properly explore the subjects he’s filming, always focusing instead on himself. Like we get it, you’re fat and gay.

Then, I’d have to say Philip DeFranco. Most of my friends watch him quasi-religiously for his “impartial” news digest, but the dude is just a fake shill.
I tried watching a couple of his videos, and it was like 50% ads for himself and his friends, 50% relevant news that often come 2-3 days too late.
And again with the shilling. Sure, a guy needs to make money, but after the whole BetterHelp fiasco, I’ve lost any shred of respect for him and his “morals”.

I also can’t stomach TheCriticalDrinker’s voice. His videos aren’t bad at all, but holy shit the slurred voice. I get it, it’s literally his character, but sadly not my cup of tea.

Additionally, Drew Gooden, Dany Gonzales, Atozy, and other clones aren’t exactly funny or worth watching. I think the only good video I’ve seen from them was the one illustrating why Lily Singh’s talk show was a disaster. Can’t remember who made it though, just to tell you how similar they are.

Finally, and that one is controversial but I’m just listing it since he pulls decent numbers which means at least some people must like him - Paul Joseph Watson. Just no. Like we get it, illegal migration from third world countries and domestic trannies = bad. No need to coat those dramatic takes on conservative politics in a “give me money if you support the truth” veneer.
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I have a friend who really like GreyStillPlays, but I really can't stand him. Every time I try to watch his content it makes my brain feel sore and tired.
GreyStillPlays is a particularly exceptional case. About a year ago, maybe longer, he was legitimately pretty great and mainly focused on doing really dumb, time-consuming things in The Sims and Cities: Skylines, or finding ways to break the economies of shitty Early Access simulator games.

But then he started playing more of these things that can’t really even be described as games, more “decision simulators”, where all you have to do is decide between one of two “funny” options like “You declare that the sky is now green” or “You declare that technology is now a major food group”. They were all complete trash.

So of course, as of a few months ago he got significantly worse by “spicing things up a bit” with some incredibly bad clickbait titles. “help I let her move in” “she really wanted to get in” and “i swiped right so hard” are just a few examples, quoted verbatim.

Considering that a channel has since popped up in the last few months that basically does what he used to do but far, far better(Let’s Game It Out), there’s basically no use for him any more.

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After KF Movie Night, I got recommended this dude called Penguinz0 quite a bit.
How the fuck is he that popular and liked?
Sure, he has some banter going on but every video of his is shallow, boring, low content, poorly researched (if he bothers to research anything at all) trash.
I'm convinced that he got most of his audience when Youtube was a lot less competitive because no way would he do that now with that content. Nowadays, they're just used to watching his stuff daily and don't want to search for something better.
During a time when most Let’s Players on YouTube were loudly shitting themselves with fear playing horror games, penguinz0 was a breath of fresh air in that he’d play horror games and stay entirely deadpan and unphazed throughout, even during jump scares. He’d also play shitty games that he’d find on Steam or dub-over infomercials, but it was mostly the bored, sarcastic delivery of his voice that made him funny. Now that he’s shown his face and his content’s kind of lost focus and become more like MST3K with random YouTube videos his Twitch followers recommend to him he’s much less so. His old videos of him and his friend Kaya Orsan watching Donkey Ollie together are still pretty decent, though.


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Science YouTubers are a fucking minefield of woke propaganda horseshit

Kurzgesagt is obvious propaganda practically tailor made for Reddit

minutephysics' style is really obnoxious and comes off so unnatural, like it's made by an alien

There are also a lot of random YouTube science channels that just seem to spring up out of nowhere that all have the same style, use the same stock videos, that basically just read a Wikipedia article. It seems like a pretty good grift considering they get a shitload of views but they all have that obnoxious preachy le reddit XD woke edge to them that shows up from time to time that kind of just sours the rest of the video

As for some other YouTubers I do watch that I don't hate, but still have something to say:

Tom Scott's interesting, but his older videos have him speaking in this breathless style that was pretty irritating, so I passed him up ages ago and only started watching him fairly recently, now that he's not doing that anymore. Though I don't know, there's always been something... off, about Tom Scott. But I can't ever put my finger on exactly what it is.

The King of Random went downhill after Calli joined the team. She's not, like, a bad person or anything, she just calls too much attention to herself and doesn't really fit with the channel topic. But, it's a very different channel now that's not all about blowing stuff up in microwaves, especially ever since Grant died in his hangliding accident last year.

In fact, here are two screenshots of their video listing: one full of videos from 2 years ago, and one with all the latest as of today:


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I've always loved this kind of household science kinda stuff, especially when I was a kid, but I dunno. TKOR is just so clickbaity and toothless these days, but I don't really wanna call it bad just yet. It's just.. kinda boring and disappointing too often. But they're a mainstream YouTuber, and as far as I've seen they've never been woke or taken some shitty preachy angle, so kudos to them.


Probably doesn't know what he's talking about.
Donut Operator because he claims to be fair and balanced but never made a video about the USPS van shooting or the guy getting shot in bed or any other incident where police are in the wrong.
it would be cool if he did because there is still plenty of anti-cop rhetoric that can be smacked down while also acknowledging the significant failures of certain PD's.

also im pretty sure he's close to snapping right now. he's super antsy and quick to rage on stream and then tries to play it off as a joke, and in his videos he's made it clear the twitter and YT bullshit is really starting to get to him.

his interactions with his girlfriend on stream are.... disconcerting.


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I have a strong dislike of gaming news outlets like Upper Echelon Gamers, Heelvsbabyface (because he’s a fucking cunt), SidAlpha, and by far the worst out of all of them TheQuartering. Each of them have this smug and disingenuous demeanor and act like they’re the voice of gaming. And they dismiss criticism of their videos as being nothing worth addressing and we’ll block you or ban you despite shit talking blizzard for doing the same thing. Fuck them.


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Kurzgesagt is obvious propaganda practically tailor made for Reddit
I really enjoy their videos where its solely space shit. But when it's anything to do with current issues in the world or controversial medicine I just get this weird feeling I'm being brainwashed and like I'm watching some cyberpunk dystopian propaganda. I cant quite put my finger on why, probably the narrator dudes deep smooth British accent.
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GreyStillPlays, though I don't know anyone personally who watches him, I saw his name mentioned here and I have to agree. Specifically the jokes he makes about that cat ("spleen"?) were far too many in my opinion (among other things that make me not like his videos) and it was getting tired/just not funny. I get it. The cat looks weird. I don't hate him, that's pretty strong, but I'm not a fan honestly.

Probably 'controversial' but Eugenia Cooney. I definitely don't hate her. She seems like a very nice person, actually. Only her content just isn't really for me (try on hauls etc.) It's more of an indifference/mild dislike for the content, not the person.

Penguinz0/Critikal. He seems like he's trying too hard to be 'deadpan' sometimes, plus it doesn't have the effect it used to (pre face reveal.)

PewDiePie. Again, not a hate, his content just isn't my thing.

Omegon. All he has is that voice honestly, his content isn't anything that you can't find yourself. And the Charlie Gold situation was the final nail in the coffin for me, not a fan.