You've been targeted by cancel culture. - What will you do?


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Literally anyone that has been "canceled," has bounced back because the wave of harassment doesn't do shit unless you're stupid enough to give enough personal details to basically let them dox you.
But even then the worst thing these tards do is try to get you fired, which considering most people in this day and age work retail that would be a blessing to most people.

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I'd laugh at them. What are they gonna do? My boss doesn't care what I post online. He only cares if I show up and I'm probably not on meth. My family already thinks I'm weird. So the revelation that I laugh at troons and tards in my spare time probably wont surprise them. My irl friends like laughing at troons and tards too so I'm good there.
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A soybearded nu-male actually pointed at me and said "get out of here!" when I told a crackhead who jumped out at me to fuck off. I squared up and said "Why don't you make me?" and waved him in. He backed up five feet and saw I wanted the fight. The crackhead looked fucking terrified. People never fight back.
I looked through reddit and twitter but I guess I wasn't a big enough asshole to warrant more bitching.

If enough of us stand up to this fucking sjw shit they'll abandon it because deep down, they're a pulsating mass of cowardice.

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Fuck 'em. My wife and kids and close friends know who I am, and if some soycuck on Twitter can change their minds then I don't want weak minded/willed motherfuckers around me anyway. What are they gonna do, tell my sister that I dislike Arabs and think Black people need to purge nogs with fire and steel? Well thank you for calling from 1995, Mr. Wizard.


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I make zero effort to pander to or appear progressive on social media, I pretty much straight tell people I am conservative and I don't care about internet slacktivism shit, I do my best to avoid nearly all political commentary in social media and no direct connection to my real name is made in any place I post.

I would just ignore, if targeted on social media I wouldn't respond, acknowledge or apologize.

If someone is threatening my job, I would directly speak to my higher up, talk about the situation and get prepared to fight judicially in a defamation lawsuit probably.

If someone is threatening my family I would straight up tell them to go pound sand in a public post and defend aggressively my original position.

If I am wrong about a Fact, with sources to back that up I will own up to my factual mistake, these however do not include moral or political positions.

It's good to know a thing, cancel culture mostly targets people already inside these social justice circles, specially for not being progressive enough or commiting an "heresy".

You will hardly ever be "cancelled" by a progressive mob if you position yourself clearly and don't apologise, if you are against be against, don't offer a hand begging for forgiveness, there is no forgiveness, the only way to get out untouched is no not give in to the mob, apologizing feeds the flames, since they are all addicted to the moral sanctimoniousness they will quickly forget you to go after someone else.

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Never apologize.
The social media mobs can whine and cry all they want, but apologizing or even implying that your statements were "wrong" only allows for the mob of fools to claim victory. Don't speak with media outlets, either. They'll only twist your words to fit their narrative that you're a genetic clone of Literally Hitler.

So many people that have been targeted by "cancellers" have failed to realize that any concession to them will only make you seem weak, both in the eyes of radical left-wing snakes and those against cancel culture. They are criticized most heavily by those who have seen the past decade of social justice nonsense, and know that apologetic statements only strengthen the argument that they're some sort of "far-right nazi" or whatever the label of the month is.

Don't retract, don't double down, make fun of the ideologically-brainwashed morons and continue with your life.

And if they fire you for it? They weren't worth working for in the first place.


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If the means to legal representation available and I can prove they caused monetary damages to my livelihood, then the Black Templar's motto will ring true:
"No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!"
They would pay through the nose (they're lucky it won't be the Old Norse version, either).


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Best course of action for something like this would be to ignore it. I mean, if it's something you did years ago, as a teenager even, no place worth the pay is going to fire you for it, unless you're a celebrity or have a particularly uppity management. In cases like that it would be unlawful termination unless you were dumb enough to sign a contract that gets you in trouble.

Words on the internet don't amount to too much in the real world unless they go out of their way to contact your place of work, and so long as you're not exposing that on social media, the average joe wouldn't have to worry too much about the internet police.

If you're surrounded with people who will drop you for something dumb you said a decade ago then that's your own loss. Most people understand that jokes are jokes and when you're young you're not worried so much about what you're saying.
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Seeing as my cringy phase was way before cancel culture was a thing, I'd shrug it off.

Also, I've followed cybersecurity as thoroughly as I could, so it shouldn't be that much a problem. Jokes about seven proxies aside, that is.


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Crap my pants and do nothing.

If taking this seriously, it all depends:

If it's just some circle-jerk on Reddit or a forum, ignore because it's all just a bunch of people circlejerking on how they'll cancel some rando idiot. If they literally threaten family in person, I have a weapon to use for self-defense, along with a camera to record them doing any sort of harassment because if the internet taught me anything, it's that there are some people willing to go the mile to try and pull something off irl.
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First, you gotta figure out who is coming for you. Are they reasonable people or cult-minded crazies?

If reasonable, explain. Privately. Like you said, water under the bridge.

If crazies, DO NOT APOLOGIZE. Ever. Do not even acknowledge, especially not in writing. They will screenshot everything. They feed on forcing people to their knees. Do not genuflect or thank them for "educating you". Do not taunt them. Just continue like they said nothing. This will drive them insane (they need to know they are "making a difference") and eventually they will do something so bizarre that nobody will believe them anymore. Play the long game.

What do the crazies know about you? Do they know where you live and work? If they are targeting your employment, and your employer is reasonable, go directly to your employer and explain. They are the people who can decide to fire you. Everyone else can just make noise. So warn them that a crazy train is incoming and ask to meet. In the meeting (do not do this in writing), neutralize the crazy arguments. Give your eight year old Tweet context. Show them how insane the accuser is. Explain that you're willing to make amends/formally apologize/undergo training if anyone in your workplace "feels unsafe". Give your boss some way to "handle" you internally that will placate the crazies, but will still leave you employed. Lawyer up, just in case.

If your employer is unreasonable, lawyer up and start making backup plans for income. You're in luck if you live somewhere that has strong libel laws or free speech protections. Deploy warnings through your lawyer. Stall for time. With time and lack of attention, hopefully, the crazies will become hyperbolic and say so many damning things that you can sue them for something. Make sure your lawyer is trying to obtain details of the internal communications about you, and the things you were accused of by the crazies. Document everything, even phone conversations. Write down names, dates, and times. Take lots of screenshots.

Also, lock down your social media. Archive any important old stuff and wipe the rest. Your thoughts from eight years ago are not that interesting. Purge any public social media regularly. Try to make it look like your accounts got suspended. This will make the crazies happy. Delete your accounts and make new ones under a different name.
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Hek just do what aboutism and bring up everyone else worse skeletons (you know like Matt Lauer, Zoey Quinn, Cenk Uyger, Anna Kasparan, Al Sharpton, etc.) in their closet and tell them to come back to you when they're through with the rest which they won't be if they were genuine (that is genuinely psychotic).
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I'd be largely fine. I can't be fired, my clientele wouldn't care, (also contracts.) I don't have any advertisers, I own my house and all the land around it as far as you can see, so anyone who gets close enough to my house for me to hear them yelling at me is absolutely trespassing, and would get run off by either my dogs or the Sheriff. (But people who do that shit just want to cause a scene, so it wouldn't happen anyway.) I don't have a twitter, a facebook or an instagram. I'm not a member of any professional, social or religious organizations that could expel me or revoke my standing.

I won't say that despite all of that that it wouldn't be irritating or that I wouldn't be concerned about where it would go, but I think that I'm such a poor target that the woke-mob would get bored and move on relatively quick.