You've been targeted by cancel culture. - What will you do?

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Has man gone insane?
The first mistake that a public's figure can do is shitposting, yelling at the sky and voicing their political opinions on social media. Artists were meant to be drunken recluses.
If I had fuckyou money like Notch or JK Rowling I would keep flowing my shitposts and never apologize, the stupid mob are just jealous of my financial's freedom and are sad, pathetic "people" anyway. So fuck em.
If I was still a normie I wouldn't use any social media, I'd keep it for sharing cat's pictures and that's it.
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I have a union job. Considering we have literal Aryan Brotherhood members working here I don't think they care as long as you show up for work and don't start shit. Also I live in a "stand your ground" state so no actual worries about any real harm to me or my family. Only thing to do is lie low and wait for the autists to get bored and move on.

Really, same thing I'd do if I had a thread here tbh.

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I'd probably tell them to go have intercourse with themselves in my native language, because the whiners will be almost guaranteed to be foreign Anglo scum as cancel culture is pretty much non-existent here. The only ones who have attempted to import it thus far are highly controversial and radical activists, so any newspaper or employer will take such threats quite critically.

The right to be able to say whatever the fuck you want has been a very public issue here and has evoked very passionate and public defenses. A company or paper would be absolutely fucking foolish to attack/fire someone for making jokes on the Internet anonymously, given the bar that has already been set. The amount of shit high profile people have gotten away with, that I would never even think of joking about makes any finger-wagging at edgy posts utterly laughable.

If I was a burger, I'd just keep still and wait for it to blow over. Don't respond unless you absolutely have to, and never apologize. No retreat, no surrender.

If I was a bong, I'd probably already be in fucking jail.
If I got fired from some gay ass corporation I'd sue them for wrongful termination and let them settle me. Chances are I haven't done anything because I don't interact with people, so I'd force them to show their hand in court.
This really is the silver bullet for all this SJW witchhunt shit. The only damage they can really do is getting you fired and discredited, and that's only because the average business thinks it's better for their profits to just cut you loose and save themselves all the angry @s. I know it's not without its risks, but the moment those injured employees take a stand and drag these same businesses through the courts for wrongful termination in the most public and painful way possible, is the moment this crap fucking dies. They'll quickly realize that no, bowing to the empty boycott threats of random Twatterers is not the move to make when the alternative is something far, far more potentially damaging and costly. And that takes all the power away from these e-mobs.


Probably doesn't know what he's talking about.
The first thing anyone should actually do is accurately asses what threat the cancel fags pose to them. Everyone seems to have forgotten that step and it often results in people and corporations jumping the shark.
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Track them down and jostle up against them and stick them with a syringe. Aids blood for annoying ones, fentanyl for the ones who are more of a threat.


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I never paid much attention to cancel culture nor I care for it, because, like everything that has to do with teens mostly, it's fucking bullshit. Most of time, the person being cancelled will be uncancelled the next week when some other 'celebrity' says some bad words. Nobody gets truly cancelled and teens are dumb anyway so they'll forget about it in five days tops.


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My workplace has it built into official policy that they cannot fire or take any kind of action against employees for anything to do with their social media or personal life as long as they don't bring the name of the organization into it, with the exception of a couple high ranking, public facing upper management types for whom representing the organization at all times is essentially written into their job description. Our HR person has said this is increasingly common as a way for an org/business to protect themselves from public opinion (something to point to in response to demands of "why haven't you fired them?") and wrongful termination lawsuits from employees who would have been fired for something unrelated to their work performance.

Given that this policy has only been a thing for the last five years or so and wasn't created in response to any specific incident I wouldn't be surprised if it was influenced by cancel culture and seeing the kind of issues it can cause in a workplace. A business doesn't want to have to fire a quality, long term, loyal employee because they said something mean online, it's bad for the business and it's bad morale for the employees who will wonder if they're next on the chopping block and bail at the first opportunity.
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i don't think i was ever stupid enough to put racist shit on my social media accounts lol

but my twitter does have some extra cringey tweets from 12 y/o me
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Don’t pay it any mind, let them burn themselves out in their spergatories and write as many circle jerk articles as the want. The news cycle has the memory of a goldfish and it’ll probably blow over when they find their next target. But lawyer up just in case they try to pull stupid shit. Only make statements through the lawyer.


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I was lucky enough to grow up without social media so there’s no teenage high jinx online anyway. The rest of my social media is totally benign, with just random stuff, hobby stuff, and family stuff. KF is the only place I can say certain things (british, sigh...) and that’s behind a VPN and a burner email.
Dont put anything online or in writing attached to your name unless you’re prepared to have anyone see it. I’m careful what i say at work and in public ( which I dont think is ideal, but that’s current year for you.)
If someone did come after me for cancellation, I’d ignore if they were just online. Total grey rock, don’t go out fo your way to attract the ire of the crazy.
Polite rationality gets you a long way if you’re being confronted in real life, none of these people react well to calm, factual opposition and they always devolve into threats or shouting, at which point you’ve won . If it was more serious and they were after my job I’d lawyer up and sue the fuck out of my employer if I was fired.
Highly unlikely because most of these people are wet lettuces, but If they posed a direct physical threat in the moment then all the bets are off and I’d do what I needed to do. I don’t start fights, but I’ll sure as hell finish them. I have a reputation at work as being someone who is very calm, fair, supportive, never starts arguments, never seeks out conflict, but is not to be fucked with and who will defend underlings who are being unfairly targeted.
Agree with those above who say that what’s needed is for a few big company lawsuits to hit companies in the pocket. I hope the pendulum is starting to swing back away from all this nonsense


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I’d just ignore it. It’s become meaningless. Remember when James Gunn got fired? Then Disney hired him back because they realised they prefer making billions of dollars over appeasing woketards? Remember when J K Rowling posted about trans people and she got cancelled and nothing happened? The people generating the outrage aren’t the people spending money on the product. Even when your audience is woketards, they’ll forget about it in a week or two.
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I mean ignoring the fact that I'm a weirdo loner who enjoys being weird and alone, the best way is to just don't give a fuck unless it was an insanely ridiculous situation such as the covington situation(which, they kinda ended up fine in the end too) as others have said. these souless people are parasites at their core. Unless some lunatic were trying to fight me irl (which I would highly discourage. Im a madman that got nothing to lose) best way is to literally don't give a shit. Besides I haven't got anything to hide, I'm as basic as you can be probably. We're all gonna die someday so let's have some fun in the meantime!

And if the situation arises, talk with your manager and stuff, seek wrongful termination etc. Cancel people will inevitably move on to the next targets as the soulless ideological husks that they are.


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You deny everything and never apologize. EVER.
Treat the trolls as means to make a profit.
Make merch of the phrases most often said to you because of your excommunication.
I guarantee you that you will sell something.
Trump used his haters to become the US president, you can do whatever you want, kids.
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-Tell them to go fuck themselves then go dark.
-Notify my girlfriend
-not give a shit about work I've never stated where I work online ever.
-Delete as much of my online footprint as possible
-Wait till it's died down and descretly start having all further evidence taken down as I'm a private individual.