You've been targeted by cancel culture. - What will you do?


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Y'all can a-log on the Farms on sock accounts all you want, I'm going to play some Sonic.
Mhm, I'm not KilljoyLights.
No wonder you got banned you can't figure out when to act like a fucking adult sometimes.
Maybe learn when to separate being a damn lolcow from acting like a proper functioning adult in society. Oh. wait. You aren't.

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What an absolute travesty.
I would lay low for a while. Then come back in all my glory lol. it's just internet spergs sperging away. I don't care. If they get me fired, i'll get another job flippin' burgers for all I care. I'll get around.
Except when you lay low, the social parasites can't lose their minds watching you live circles around them, while they waste all their money on adoptables and art of themselves fucking cartoon characters. LOL.


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Probably ignore it. Who actually cares about the opinions of a bunch of people you've never see face to face and will more than likely have little to no impact on your actual life outside of the internet?

About 13 months ago, I predicted that cancel culture which gained popularity in the wake of the James Charles drama would end up with the "canceling" of America. I've been proven right.

Also, I'd tell them all to fuck off because I'm immune against cancel culture.


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Find the people responsible and dig up as much dirt as I can. If I can’t find any make some up. Threaten to reveal the information to the public unless they release public apologies for what they have done. Release the info through covert channels a few years later anyways.


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Tell em to piss of and don't apologize. Hell if anything and it up, don't show any weakness. The best way to deal with sjws is to stand your ground and be show dominance. When you do they back off with their tails between their legs and find someone else they can pick on

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if people do try to cancel me i won't apologise not because i'm willing to accept fault but i won't let cancel culture be the dominant force of my life.



It's happened to me before on other forums. I've learned to just have this kind of reaction. In every time, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same.

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I can't be a target of cancel culture, as I: A. Don't have a Twitter to brigade and flag into oblivion; B. Don't have a Facebook account to brigade and flag into oblivion; C. Don't tell people on the internet where I work; and D. Only care about opinions from friends, family, and the people who pay me.


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Id just treat it like the joke that it is and tell them to fuck themselves with a rusty jackhammer covered in Tabasco if they think they can tell anyone what they can and cant think