You've been targeted by cancel culture. - What will you do?

Meat Target

I'm what you call a professional
Thankfully, my boss trusts me, is a personal friend of mine, and shares my worldview.

But I would just say "no comment". I don't answer to these fuckwits. They have no legal authority or power over me (yet).

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Meh, it's happened to me. I'm self employed and have no real need to work much at this point in life so they can suck my cock. Then I go after them personally, doxx them and their families, and generally make their lives hell as much as I can without breaking the law, but coming VERY close to it. You bring it to their (literal) doorstep.


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Theres only one way to deal with internet trolls: scorched earth policy. No matter how innocuous they are in reality, imma douse myself in lighter fluid and light it up while doing a mad dash doing bear hugs and backflips.

>15 year old myspace comments posted out of context
Scorched earth
>Exposing my music tastes in high school
Scorched earth
>Making my SS# and personal information freely available online
Warning issued

I rest my case.


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Joke's on you. You can't cancel me, I don't have a job! I change nothing. I continue shitposting.


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"Choose not to be harmed and you won't feel harmed. Don't feel harmed, and you haven't been."
- Marcus Aurelius


In defeat, malice. In victory, revenge.
I would say that the most effective move is to make moves before you get in the crosshairs. All social media sites are fucking shit, and offer nothing but pure human soul cancer.

Delete everything, and if you must use Twitter or facebook for work related reasons, treat it like a professional page and only hock your shit and nothing else. Operate like a corp, never a human. That way there is little chance you will become a target in the first place.

If you do get caught because you are too stupid to see that twitter is a place for insane people to attack each other, I would say ignore it. If it blows up in a huge way, go out like a champ and go nuclear. Even those that bend down and pry for forgiveness end up the same as those that fight back, so you may as well keep your pride. Plus people tend to like people who defend themselves against the horde, so you might get a few winks on your way out. You will be better off social media anyway, it offers nothing good, its a fake interaction. I liken it to eating plastic fruit, it looks like the real thing but its hollow and provides nothing the human needs. If it was real connections, then we wouldn't have an epidemic of loneliness would we, and the lock down would have been great, seeing as so many of us are "connected". You need real friends, and to actually visit and talk with your family, not chat with some tranny help groups on reddit.
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