YT 11/08/20 - Sonichu's Update on the Dimensional Merge and Sermon - October, 2020

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Regrettable Cake Farts
Jan 23, 2019
as the dimensional merge approaches, Earth life is extinguished
Wait, wait, wait.

As Troonos, I was tasked with snapping away the 50% of all life on earth that would have to go to make room for the merge.

Our beautiful and extremely feminine CPU goddess never informed me that I have to extinguish life on earth altogether.

BRB, gotta grab my wallet.



Wear your shirt inwards out
Oct 21, 2018
I read his script from the cwcki, and it's just the same as the one he wrote on twitter

A Grey Cat

Jun 12, 2019
This and the Vsauce 2 interview highlight how to and not to make content involving Chris:

Vsauce 2 was respectful, professional, he didn't treat Chris like an oddity, he didn't use Chris as a way to prop himself up.

Praetor was mocking, they used Chris as a way to get attention, they propped him up as a thing to laugh at, and they're all very autistic.

Plus, the first response of retards who didn't realize getting involved with Chris would get them trolled is to say "actually, we trolled YOU!"
Vsauce was still an enabler who did every thing to stoke Chris already over blown ego. Using female pronouns and reenforcing his delusions of grandeur made me glad I stopped following his shitty "what's inside a video game console?" Channel years ago

Vinluv Handesbukia

Acclaimed Winkologist #A&Wmoment
Dec 12, 2018
Only Chris Chan can get nervous while giving a speech to nobody in the room lol. This is why Austistic people make shitty cult leaders, they have no passion, wit, or drive. The chad Schizophrenic has no filter, speaks word salads in rhetoric, and their visions into the future increases with every use of meth. Look at the following examples:

Famous Schizo:

John Nash (won a novel peace prize)
Jesus (Started a religion)
Joan of Arc (A warrior who didn't need affirmative action and died a Martyr)
Terry Davis (Created an entire O.S from scratch)
Donnie Darko (Saved the world)

If your not flinging your shit on the walls while screaming about how the deepstate is mounting a RICO case on Sonichu while CIA niggers are fucking Bob's ghost then we have nothing to discuss. Good day madam!
Don't forget about Srinivasa Ramanujan

Chan Fan

Stunning and based
Nov 27, 2019
The fact that the speech begins with a stress sigh was bad enough.

Funny how he can talk about Mr. Garrison without getting stressed, despite him being Trump's counterpart but he still has to whine about Trump himself. I don't know what the weens who made this video think is going to come from this but they are going to win stupid prize after stupid prize for the rest of their lives after pulling this crap

Jack Awful

Laughs at Tards
Apr 27, 2015
Someone noted that this video was filmed at Goochland public library (photos of it match). And that the Preator team is from the Goochland area, their computer in one pic has a sticker on it that says it's property of Goochland high school.
Poor kids have no idea the world of autism they've gotten themselves into.