YT 11/08/20 - Sonichu's Update on the Dimensional Merge and Sermon - October, 2020

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Jun 15, 2014
Personally, I think Chris is just going to be your run-of-the-mill homeless man squatting at stranger's houses and begging people for mcdonalds money. And he is going to immensely prefer that lifestyle over actually having a single responsibility. I just can't see Chris not being homeless post-Barb, in any scenario, because ultimately, he's just going to want to live like that. Sure, it's not ideal, but he's absolutely going to prefer it once he gets used to it.

I actually disagree - Chris is going to absolutely hate it if he has to go homeless. We're talking about a man who got a minor finger injury and demanded the emergency room put a fucking splint on it. He'd be absolutely intolerable if he ends up in a situation where he doesn't have a constant roof over his head and internet access.

To say nothing about this merge bullshit he's convinced himself of. He runs into some real BAD characters and his autism overrides his natural cowardice? He'd be lucky if he didn't end up dead.

Yeah it's going to be complicated, he keeps being banned from places, like his mother has a hoarding problem and then there's his autism which means it'd likely be very stressful for him to live a lifestyle where he moves from place to place not having a regular routine.

I wouldn't be surpised if he moves between white knights houses (Until they get fed up of him) all while wasting huge amounts of money storing his garbage with the help of donations until he finally gets a section 8 house (And then begs for rent).

Nah, white knights probably would end up trying to set him up with some kinda cheap rent-a-home. Chris of course can't budget for shit and would blow all his money on food and toys but there always will be people trying to help him.

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Oct 11, 2014
Rural kids adopting the local freak for their own amusement?

Shades of the story of Raymond "Green Man" Robinson.

In the MMORPG EverQuest on the Rathe server circa 2002, there was the saga of Buttkickerman. A low-level unguilded Iksar (Lizard-man) Shadowknight.

He was a constant presence in the Nexus Bazaar, begging for plats and gear, day after day for at least 3 months streight. For some reason at this point, a bunch of us in the top 4 'Uberguilds' decided that the only way to shut him up from spamming the trade chat was to gear the fuck out of the guy. Every raid droppable or Bind on Equip loot items that were not purchased via dkp (a loot sharing system built on raid attendance) was instead of being destroyed at the end of the raid (there was no 'disenchanting' in EQ) would be given to Buttkickerman in the Bazaar.

After a few weeks of this he was the most uber-geared character who wasn't a twinked up alternate of an Uberguild member. As a lot of the kit he was given was level-restricted he had to level up to make use of it, and people would form groups to level him up just to see how fucking badly the guy played his role and the stupid shit that he would say in raidchat, then screenshot the shit out of it and post in the guilds forums. It was legendary. I wonder if any of the screenshots or stories of the guy are still alive? I doubt it tho.

But ya, adopting the local freak for amusement dosen't just stay in the real world any more.
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Feb 27, 2013
These people need their own thread, especially if they continue to do shit like this. Their names and social media accounts are already linked in this thread, so info on them shouldn't be hard to find.
The problem is that they are probably as boring as they come, and we wouldn't actually give a fuck about them besides exposing them (which they apparently don't mind because they are shameless retards who get off on negative attention).


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Jan 1, 2021
I compiled what I could find on these t(weens), in part thanks to @aNOnLLC. 's previous info. They are quite young, which may explain their shockingly naïve stupidity of geting involved with CWC and also tying their likeness to it. Seeing that Anni appears to wish she were an "influencer" and Peck's history as a delusional "filmmaker," this may be some kind of get-rich-slowly(/never) scheme. It seems evident to me from their video and their etsy store descriptions that they are self-aware weens.

Peck's nefarious looking trender grin in the praetor instagram images disturb me, as does referring to Chris as a "client." I don't think these kids are up to any good myself, but that is to be seen.

Markdown (GitHub flavored):

location: Goochland, VA/Sandy Hook, VA

praetor (plural praetors or praetores)
    1. (historical) The title designating a Roman administrative official whose role changed over time:
        1. (originally) A consul in command of the army.
        2. (after 366 BC) An annually-elected curule magistrate, subordinate to the consuls in provincial administration, and who performed some of their duties; numbering initially only one, later two (either of the praetor urbānus (“urban praetor”) or the praetor peregrīnus (“peregrine praetor”)), and eventually eighteen.
    2. (by extension) A high civic or administrative official, especially a chief magistrate or mayor. Sometimes used as a title.
    3. (historical, translating Italian "pretore") The title of the chief magistrate, the mayor, and/or the podestà in Palermo, in Verona, and in various other parts of 17th- and 18th-century Italy.

The one of questionable gender (not Chris)

User tinyhorse01 in an attempt to be an edgelord updated their instagram bio to read:

    Uncounted Charges:
    -Hate speech
    -Public Urination
    -Tax evasion
    -Felony online charges

    Charges Pending:
    -Blacklisted at Chuck E Cheese



Caden Peck has images of a fire extinguisher with a lit torch attached to it for whatever reason. (
    * Owen Sundstrom also has an image of him in a bathrobe fucking with the same contraption (

Peck mentioned in "Goochland Gazette" and the Virginia School Boards Association newsletter for making a video for "virgina is for learners"  ( ( (bland, boring video)

Peck likely graduates in 2021, given their school account ID ("21peckc") found in the URL: where they write for the Goochland High School newspaper.

Peck made a video for Goochland police: Thanks given on FB by Goochieville PD: (, (bland video displaying Peck's lack of talent)

Images of Caden Peck: (
     More images under "Photo Gallery" on the same link

The one with the hideous glasses.

Owen Sundstrom mentioned in "Goochland Gazette" for swimming team ( and going to Canada to be "side by side with Canadian naturalists as they study Orcas" (

Owen Sundstrom was a fifth grader at Goochland Elementary in 2014, putting him at around grade 10 (15-16/yo) in 2020?

Owen Sundstrom youtube:

e-Thot in training.


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Jun 12, 2019
so praetor is bacically the teen troon squad 2.0? a bunch of dumb teenagers parading Chris around for social points and possibly money? how long till they try using him to buy them beer?