YT 2/11/20 - Live Reading of SNT Vs Sonichu -


Too drunk to kamehameha
Chris is live.

Chris looks exactly like he used to, just with long hair. His man tits are just bigger. His speech is mumbly when he isn't doing a voice.
He channels Wild Sonic for a while.
He had a cold but he got better because of his 85 dollar amnyfest waterbottle.
He does his psychic trick where he holds an empty water bottle up and falls out of his hand, and says its magic.
He says Cryzell is here and kisses the air.
Chris pushes a goal for 200 dollar goal
chris says magi chan sound like samurai jack, but chris's impersonation just sounds constipated.
He starts reading SNT fanfiction
Chris says everyone exists in the same reality unless its in the past or post apocalyptic, or... just not.
Chris says his old self was a bad person and pretends he and old chris are different person.
Chris defends on of his characters getting naked in public because she would rip her clothes if she went hyper mode or something.
Chris says he "leveled up quick" in the D&D dimension, presumably defending his level 24 character.
Chris calls Courtney stupid for misspelling her own name.
Chris says he's going to skip parts, presumably because he'll get bored and just want to get to the 'good parts'
Chris murders the famous Snooping As Usual joke from AOSTH
Chris drinks water. Coughs.
Chris stops the story to say that everyone in the mutliverse knows who britney spears is, then something about how the merge is happening. its confusing.
More hacking and coughing.
Chris's high pitched cutesy SNT voice hurts my soul.
SNT's story starts fellating chris hard by saying he was tricked by the 4cent garbage group.
Chris shows Shadbase's R63 movie sonic in a towel
Chris's cat shows up and he does baby talk to it.
Chris grabs the cat twice and it runs away over and over from him
"This cat once interrupted a video!"
Chris screams at the cat to get down.
cat tries to kill the stream and end this
chris tries to immitate an angry cat but just sounds exceptional
Chris pushes the cat off the bed to get it to go away from the camera.
"Magichan never called me mother or father!"
Magichan: "Chris chan created us with his brilliant mind."
dear god that cutsey falsetto... cat save us...
more loud hacking coughing. it sounds better than chris's girly voice.
Chris gets on SNT's case for mispelling Slawheel the witch's name.
Chat is spamming FREE BARB
Chris keeps making a grimacing, warbling worried anime girl sound in that falsetto voice. lose 1d20 san.
Chris goes to take a piss, then tells the cat to not touch the camera.
Birds outside are heard. best part of stream until we hear chris cough again.
chris put the camera on a stack of books
Chris says music from his phone is his meditation method and we DARE NOT QUESTION HIM.
Chugs whole bottle of water.
Chris makes that fucking anime noise again! My skin crawls.
Chris says he's not trying to sue courtney so he asks that courtney not sue him for reading her fanfiction.
Chris reads more of the story. he's starting to look really sweaty.
Courtney in the story is being dragged into story chris's love quest. Chris is very displeased by this and looks embarressed if not exactly self aware.
"this story was made to make it less"solipsisy" to fit his personality more." chris seems annoyed or confused hard to say which.
Chris uncomfortable with reading his lines based on his horny old self hitting on women.
Chris says sonichu sounds like SATAM sonic and not like sonic underground sonic even though they have the same voice actor.
Snt says the disney princesses have no personality, chris SUPER offended by that.
I just realized Chris's posture is garbage.
Chris's dogs start barking, halting this night mare.
Chris yells at them to SHUT UP. then we hear them whining like he kicked them. we hear him yell WHAT THE FUCK and they continue to bark. They go silent. I think I hear him say something about 'down stairs.'
He looks totally out of breath from answering the door.
Dogs bark again, interrupting chris, interrupting chris but he keeps reading. Stress sigh.
chris punches his bed screaming STOP IT in that falsetto.
Chris suddenly starts loudly babbling ABABABABABABAB in that baby voice for no fucking reason. its creepy.
Chris refuses to say 'Sexy' with the SNT falsetto voice.
Chat is now spamming THE MERGE IS A LIE!
Chris's singing has no melody to it, he's got one note in his whole range and its shit. lose 1d100 San.
It just goes on and on... kill me. Why am I still here? Just to suffer?
Dear sweet Satan he finally stopped.
Chat is booing chris.
Chris says they have a filter on the tap, and that he's not lazy because he has a water bottle in his room.
Story is literally telling him the truth about his love quest. Chris then makes a loud yell/roar.
More weird autistic roaring.
story Chris is about to rape courtney, and chris is now using oscar the grouch voice for story chris.
More Anime grimace noises and more autistic rambling.
chris smacks himself in the head like an idiot as he reads about story chris about to rape courtney.
Chris makes a sound like a dying duck.
More exceptional anime girl sounds.
Chris finally stops using that fucking grouch voice.
chris stops the story to complain about a headache, saying it was caused by the dogs barking... but they haven't been barking for a while. He goes to get a Tynlenol which apparently he keeps by his bed.
Chris blows a quick raspberry that makes me want to punch him in the face for some reason. I dunno.
Chris says chapter 9 is trippy.
Guh. He still does the falsetto for SNT.
Another raspberry.
Oh no, now the story goes into the OCs are real. Even Chris seems confused by the story and he came up with thsi BS.
Chris explains this that THIS IS ALL IN ANOTHER UNIVERSE!
he's still confused, regardless. Chris says he's not in control of this story, but its still all 100% real. This story is real? I... ugh...
Chris says that SNT is a mary sue, but he 'doesn't mean anything by that.' Huh?
Chris shakes the camera by shaking his fat ass on his bed.
Dogs bark again. Chris leaves to see what's going on. Another Pizza?
Chris yells from off camera. dogs go silent.
Chat now spamming #SaveTheCatsAndDogs
Stream is improved 1000x by chris not being there.
Chris returns. Yes. It was another pizza prank.
Chris tells us NOT. TO DO THIS. ANYMORE. is very, very upset. spends several minutes just sitting with his eyes closed and breathing through his mouth. Returns to the story.
Chris is trying to get through the story quickly.
Chris says Blake sounds like Shadow yet not as deep as Shadow... uh, okay.
Lots of boring story and chris's girly voice. I hope another pizza is on its way.
Chat is asking where his blow up dolls are.
Chris whines that he has to voice the guy who wrote this story, and makes that stupid spitting sound.
The 'man' voice is just his normal voice.
Chris doesn't understand why the in-story author can't do anything he wants.
Chirs tries to rewrite the story as he's reading it so that the author disapears and makes SNT the writer? I can't quite understand what he says.
Chris's laughter is cancer.
Chris seems tired of reading and is now mumbling.
Chris SCREAMS the next line.
A lot of girly SNT voice.
Return of the oscar the grouch voice.
Throat cancer would improve chris's voice.
I'm wondering what Barb is thinking as she hears her "SON" is yelling ELECTRIC HEDGEHOG POWER!
Chris argues that his Sonichu form does not look like sonic with pikachu features.
Another raspberry.
Chris whines that he wants to be called Christine, says she's working on changing genders, and blinks his eyes repeatedly making bell sounds like his eyes are sparkling.
Chris explains why they shout their attack names. Says he doesn't have to, but... does for no reason.
Chris scoffs that the story uses the ending of Sonic Mania like he's one to talk about originality.
Story says SNT kicks chris the back. chris falls forward like he was kicked, highlighting how he can't seperate fantasy from reality.
Chris now looks tired.
Chat is spamming THIS IS NOT TRANS
While reading chris throws a lazy punch that shakes the bed and camera.
Chris takes a drink. "Water water water make the jokes you want." Raspberry.
chris baahs that CWCK is pronounced 'quick' and makes more annoying sounds with his mouth. No idea what brought this on.
Chris calls a joke in the story stupid and that it's 'moot.' Also, sonic knows all about every game he's been in.
Chris is VERY offended by Collosall Chris chan being described as having a beard.
Ugh. Another fucking PINGAS joke.
Chris roleplays that he can force the author to rewrite the story after its already happening. Its pure insanity. He can't remember the author's name. He threatens to punch the author in the face and throws another flabby punch. It just keeps going. He thinks he can go back in time and that he's a goddess. He just keeps rambling about how powerful he is. Like its actually going to change how things are going in the story. I can't keep up with the insanity.
Chris offended that the author says sonic has flaws.
Chris SUPER offended that story Chris has flaws.
Chris seems weirded out by Eggman and Sonic not playing video games.
More of chris pretending he has control over the story and can harm the author. These moments are disturbing.
Chris says he could write this story while he's reading it. He's trying to force choke the author of the story.
He's now talking to the character SNT like she's real. More hate for the writer.
I think he tried to snap the author's neck. This is all fucking insane.
Chris doesn't know what time zone texas is, I'm guessing the author is a texan.
Chris is now just talking to SNT like she's real. He's not reading anything. Get this man a straitjacket.
Chris says he relies on 'chaotic energy' to do his shit.
BELCH. Keep it classy chris.
Chris explains that sonichu is only powerful as long as battle goes on. So... all the time.
Chris starts channeling Mad Munchkin's Mary Sue character. its annoying.
Chris makes a sound like a moose getting a rectal exam.
chat now spamming y i f f
Chris refills his bottle with a different water bottle rather than get up to get it out of the faucet.
Chris talks to nothing, presumably his fake wife.
Chris upset that in the story that Cwckville is destroyed.
Chris can't say Nuclear.
Chris wishes that SNT should 'be careful' in the final battle like she's real and he hasn't read the story once before.
Chat demanding #PizzaTime
More grouch voice and more anime girl noises.
When chris talks in that falsetto for more than 4 sentences it makes me want to eat a bullet.
Chris seems very uncomfortable with Story chris saying how he hates the real world and wants to stay in his fantasy.
Chris 'pauses time' and talks to himself, not understanding what the story was just trying to do. Its just I AM THE GODDESS I AM THE GOOD CHRIS YOU ARE A FAKE. He's getting around the lesson of the story by saying the evil chris of the story is another alternate version of himself. Chris doesn't get it that the author was trying to spell out how fucked up in the head he is.
chris resumes the story looking very VERY uncomfortable.
Chris stops the story again and talks to himself to distance himself from the lesson of the story. He goes on and on about the dimensional merge. Its really pathetic.
Chris looks more and more depressed as he talks to himself. he's trying to sound encouraging but he looks miserable.
Finally resumes the story.
Story chris is left alone in his fantasy world, chris is really unhappy with this.
Chris cheers up after some cheap slapstick with Amy Rose.
The story says that chris has a habit of stealing characters for his story, chris yells that he doesn't steal them the characters LIVE in Cwckville!
Its very clear that Chris doesn't understand the story he just read.
Chris suddenly goes into baby talk about how story chris wasn't real or something.
Chris refuses to read the last chapter which is mostly author's notes and again wishes death on the author.
Chris thanks us for watching. Says it was fun doxes the author, huge raspberry and says the story was REAL. More merge BS.
Chris insists that magichan and Cryszzel are real and that he's tried from reading.
Chris can't turn the camera off.
Video ends.
Chris is fat.
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Someone in a Tree

It's the ripple, not the sea that is happening
Almost 700 people watching, all of whom are ridiculing him. And he's talking to what he perceives to be an adoring crowd. In a way it must be kind of nice to be completely oblivious to how most people see you. I'd envy him if he wasn't also one of the saddest craziest people I know.
If you find yourself having a twinge of envy, just remember that you’ve never recorded yourself sitting on a cake and he has.

If you find yourself having a twinge of envy, just remember that you’ve never recorded yourself sitting on a cake and he has.
Oh I wouldn't trade places with him in a million years. But he seems happy and loved in his own insane way. I think the one really positive character trait he has is his resilience. Does make me wonder how he'll react to reality really slapping him in the face when his poor lifestyle choices catch up with him or when Barb dies. The deranged coping skills he's displaying here aren't going to be of much use to him then.