YT 8/21 - Crescent Eclipse - The Eclipse Enjoyment

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Made pure again from the hardest game on earth.
Fantastic. With that dumbass horn on his forehead, he can now be a human sundial to tell the world when the last time he changed his shorts was. When the sundial points to his broken duck, it's time.

Sorbet sounds horrible. I'm glad the little fur ball is up and around, but that sound... man.

Mettaton EX

Christian's Pocket-knife
Poor Sorbet, he genuinely sounds like he's having trouble breathing. No cat should ever sound like that, it's a sure sign that they've got an upper respiratory condition which is out of control and needs immediate treatment.

I bet that glasses money could've gone to a good cause like a fresh Dollar Menu cheeseburger for Barb.
Or some antibiotics for Sorbet.
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