YUMMY DINNER IDEA!!! 8/30/2019 -


Another godawful thumbnail. Will recap shortly... Edit: RECAP!

YUMMY DINNER IDEA!!!! - 8/30/2019 (Day 73 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- Thumbnail (that she doesn't pick) completely exudes everything EXCEPT "yummy". Let's dive in!

- "Good morneen. I actually fell asleep earlier than usual last night!" (SHELF-ASS-PATS ALL AROUND, GORL!)

- FIRST day on her 125mg-dosage of mood stabilizer!

- BeetusPaws rummageen through clothes that don't fit her.

- "I just got out of the shower." (BULLSHIT!) "I wash my hair maybe once a week." (BULLSHIT!)

- She wants to chop off all her hair to a normal-length. (Given the very recent footage of her at Eric's party, that clearly has not happened and will not be happening before "THE 8/31 VIDEO".) Her hair is "past her butt" - does that mean it rests on her ass-shelf? [insert Gandalf meme of YOU SHALL NOT PASS here]

- Hamber has found a "dirty toy truck" on her vanity. Quality content.

- Outfit of the Day. Really? A bunch of stuff from Torrid, a shitty choker from Wommort, and no makeup. (No mention of LEGGEENS, so is it RELLY her full outfit?)

- Fucking cat content and screecheen talk at them. (Fuck this shit, and it wasn't even worth it as GreedyLynn couldn't get this to stretch to even 10 minutes...)


- Now we have to "talk for a second" with her? This is NOT YUMMY DINNER, gorl...

- She is still struggleen. Forcing herself to "hygiene", really? Mentions that we're VERY close to the 100-Days (not really, it's 73 by my count).

- Admission that her recent videos are NOT "quality content"?!? But she is TRYEEEEEEN!

- "Well, why don't you just NOT vlog? That's easier said than done."
(No, it's not. It's VERY easy to NOT do something. You've been practicing NOT doing SO MANY things for YEARS, Hamber. Add this to the pile of things you don't do, or switch it for something BETTER to do. It takes so much energy to vlog? Use that energy to EXERCISE instead! We may not believe you did it - but we would see the RESULTS of it if you chose a DIFFERENT day to vlog and SHOW the results. Fuck it, Hamber. You are the literal brick wall that everyone metaphorically is talking to.)

- "If I feel like I can't really do this, I'll let you guys know" *Internet already knows about how 'controversial'/'upsetting' she's already let us know TOMORROW's video will be*

- She's very grateful for her "job" because she is her own "boss", yet doesn't listen to customer complaints. But she's doing this FOR YOU, people with Mental Illnesses!

- We're already at SECOND Meal? This isn't dinner, so it must not be a yummy idea. It's Amy's Chinese Noodles & Veggies in a Cashew Cream Sauce microwave meal!

Update: Macros on her meal - 450 calories, 23g fat, 45g carbs, 15g protein, and 790mg sodium!

- She's "creeped out" by meat? (We're creeped out by you, Hamber.)

- Amy's brand is "healthier of the bunch" when it comes to processed microwaved bullshit meals. It's also WAY BETTER than "fried chicken" or fast food. (Another round of SHELF-ASS-PATS for HealthyLynn!)


- Twinkie Storr shitting. Hamber is off to her "sitting spot". Her shoes are SO LOOSE you guyz because NOT SWELLEEN. *Internet already has seen SwollenLynn and her ready-to-burst shoes at Eric's party*


Again with the RANDOM COMMENT OF THE DAY. (Why make quality content yourself when apparently your haydurs and ass-patters can make it FOR YOU?)

Comment from "WEIGHING IN | DAYS 21-30" out of 3,148: "I've lost all hope for you but I'm gonna just keep it cute and wish you luck anyway."
Response: Appreciated. Apparently it's "rude" to tell someone when you've lost all hope for them.

- "My weight loss journey has not been a weight loss journey." (Ahh, another befitting epitaph for the early grave she's eaten herself into.)

- She somehow "understands" it's frustrating to watch, despite her editing/posting the content anyway. (It's clear that her inability to put herself into anyone else's mind-frame accurately means NarcissistLynn is in full effect. Too bad her "psychiatrist" won't address that with her.)

TL;DR: No dinner idea, just a not-yummy "second-meal" microwaved from a box. SKIP STRAIGHT TO WAITING FOR TOMORROW'S VIDEO!

BONUS: You can once again have fun randomly freeze-framing the "randomization" to get an idea of all the haydur comments she was SUPER lucky didn't pop up.
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Thin privilege is real y’all
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And based on the title I thought she was actually going to cook something. That said, I would actually want to see her attempt at making one of those meal kits from Hello Fresh or some other service like that. Having her follow a recipe would be entertaining because I’m sure she’d try and change things too much and then complain about how bad said service is.


How is microwaving a frozen meal a "dinner idea"? To me that implies that she'll be cooking something at least somewhat homemade.

Anyway, show us dem tiddays gorl.
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God, I fucking hate, I mean totally MOTI when she makes the face in the second pic. Incidentally, you look like Amy fucking Slaton when you do that you massive heifer.