YUMMY DINNER IDEA!!! 8/30/2019 -


Token SJW
Her shoes are SO LOOSE you guyz because NOT SWELLEEN. *Internet already has seen SwollenLynn and her ready-to-burst shoes at Eric's party*
If I didn't know better, I'd think she was mocking my post where I said something about "my last shred of sympathy" and her swollen feet.

Thus my slow descent into MOTI begins. This video is gonna be great.

Response: Appreciated. Apparently it's "rude" to tell someone when you've lost all hope for them.
She doesn't know what words mean. Anything that hurts her feelings, however mildly it hurts or how justified it is, is "rude". Just like how anyone who says it is a "bully" for making her feel bad for a moment. She doesn't get that there's a meaning to "hurtful" outside of "hurts AL's feelings" and she doesn't get that something hurting AL's feelings doesn't make it untrue or even mean.

The definitions are contingent on how AL herself, as the center of the fucking universe, is impacted.

when you look at her shirt and go "hm ok that's an interesting design..."

...then you realise that's the shape of her arms
So has Left Cup just given up completely now? I know it's been suffering for a while, but there doesn't seem to be any trace left. (Mind you, I didn't look all that hard and I'm NOT going back to double-check.)

"I'm doing this [vlogeen] because there are people with mental illness who can't take a break from work." - direct quote from the maw of Amberlynn.
No, most adults ADAPT and fucking DEAL WITH THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES. They also might have friends and family who actually like them and would be willing to help them through a rough patch.

I don't know if she means this as, "Therefore, I can't risk getting a real job because of my mentals" or "Therefore I'm doing this for all the mentally-ill suckers who still manage to contribute to society". I don't know which is more insulting. I think my blood pressure just spiked though, so at least the MOTI is coming along nicely.

Damn, did she forget drinking that “lower peehached” peasant’s water is going to give her a severe case of heartburn?
Okay. I didn't want to do this, but it looks like I'm gonna have to do this.

Sprite Zero has a pH of 3.14. Tap water in Kentucky is going to average out at about 7.5. According to our gorl, the water she buys is "7.5 or higher". (Timestamped video for reference.)

I'm not even going to finish this thought, because anyone with two braincells to rub together sees where I'm going with it.

(BY THE WAY, "pH balanced" is actually the marketing tag for Secret brand deodorant, and it's about as meaningless there as is it is when applied to that water of hers -- but it's also likely the only context in which she's heard the term pH used, so that's what she goes with, and I just... This bitch. This bitch right here.)

She's shooo proud that she went to bed at 4 am and woke up at 11.
Bitch what???

It makes me moti that people have to wake up early for work while this fatass stays up all night, and then pretends that it's some kind of achievement that she woke up at 11...
She's doing it for us. Just like with the mental illness thing.

For us, bro. She stays up until 4 am playing games on her mobile phone and coloring mandalas for us.

but hobbits do farm work and other labor things during the day, unlike our girl.
What part of for us don't you haydurs understand?‽

im still amazed at how she just cant see how fat she really is, she has to feel it right?
She doesn't feel much of anything. Whatever nerves haven't been killed off by the beetus are just completely numb from being compressed by fat.

I think she keeps it as a security blanket.. like it somehow distracts people from her massive body when she's feeling "swollen."
Someone once told her that short hair wasn't appealing on fat women, because longer hair balanced out their profile. We know this because she's repeated this. What she doesn't get is that it doesn't scale -- an extra 80 lbs can't be offset by an extra 6 inches of split ends.

LAH #01
She's "pushing forward" for the people out there struggling with mental illness.

Bullshit. She gets paid for this. She gets paid to do nothing. She doesn't get extra credit for being a Boss Babe just cause she rolled out of bed before noon. lol Does she pat herself on the back for remembering to inhale AND exhale, too? Nobody tell her what "involuntary" means! Let's see if she'll take credit for blinking. I bet she would.

"Pushing forward." How insulting to anyone that has to actually work for a living and doesn't get the luxury of taking an entire season off to pig out and fuck around, and then complain that their entire body aches.

She's leaning on counters now, and muting her breathing, so I guess being a human garbage disposal has consequences. 🤷‍♀️

Gorl is utterly fucked without this gig, and I can't wait to hear her excuse for quitting tomorrow.

I'd say I'd like to shake some sense into her, but if the seismic jiggles she experiences every time she lurches a half-step towards the fridge don't do it, there's nothing my puny human arms could do.

I just want to say for the record this bitch is not quitting YT. She may be quitting the 100 days of garbage because she ran out of pre filmed videos but rest assured this fat fuck will be back in time for Christmas Ad Sense payouts.
I admit I've been out of the loop for a couple days, but I'm sure she said she'd already quit that. Or was that just daily weigh-ins, not daily videos that was putting her in a "bad mindframe"?

Whatever. We all knew she wouldn't stick with it. Her announcing the end is just a formality.

This has feeder porn written all over it. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.
And we wonder why she eyefucks herself and refuses to cut her byootiful hair? Someone out there is telling her she's hot, and she's far too dumb to understand what a fetish is so she just goes with it.

For the record, our gorl’s not going to any salon or beautician any time soon. She’s deluded about her appearance, but she’s aware enough that she’s deluded to stay away from people who would call her out on just how disgusting her hygiene and up-close appearance is. Obviously a hair stylist wouldn’t trash a paying client’s hair no matter how terrible it was, but Amber knows they would bring up how little she shampoos/conditions as well as the dandruff and that’s enough to make her nope out of that situation.
Just like how she smothers herself in tards to avoid anyone contradicting her Very High IQ, she will stay the hell away from the salon because she can’t wear her Snapchat filters in and she knows these beauty professionals who actually know what an attractive person looks like will be laughing behind her hump when she leaves. Not to mention as someone mentioned above, I agree that her hair is sort of a security blanket. Cutting it would be a change, and change = bad therefore no.
To be fair, how could she trust the judgment of some prole who works for a living and has such poor taste as to eschew cat ear headbands and jewelry bought by the pound off eBay? No way she'd entrust someone like that with her second third fifth best feature, boo-boo.

Oh well. I'm sure tomorrow's video will definitely leave me less aggravated and definitely won't make me regret that day I discovered this complete fucking trainwreck. :optimistic:


Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.
True & Honest Fan
Agree with her hair being a security blanket of sort, there is no reason to keep it long when it’s not pretty. It’s like she’s in some religious cult, the cult of mobesity. .

Aside from the salon chair problem and a smock not fitting, she couldn’t get her hair washed. . She can’t even lay down in her own bed to sleep, she sure couldn’t breathe with her head back in a wash basin.

I suppose she could go to a Supercuts type place after turning a hose on her head and asking for it to be cut wet, but she’d have to make sure there were armless chairs somewhere. Those poor stylists do everybody.

Or, she could break down and buy a wheelchair or scootypuff and give up on the pretense she can do normal things. Or have somebody come to her. She’s lazy, so she’ll just keep it long.

Slappy McGherkin

Let me introduce you to coulrophobia.
True & Honest Fan
Timeout for you, Gargurl! Spot on. But tomorrow will come and THE BIG EVENT will happen and all of us will still be sitting here going "Dat fat cunt, she laaaaahed AGAIN!"

The only thing this Hamplanet is guaranteed to provide is even more mental masturbation.

Serial Grapist

Bitch, I like grapes 🍇
Another godawful thumbnail. Will recap shortly... Edit: RECAP!

YUMMY DINNER IDEA!!!! - 8/30/2019 (Day 73 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- Thumbnail (that she doesn't pick) completely exudes everything EXCEPT "yummy". Let's dive in!

- "Good morneen. I actually fell asleep earlier than usual last night!" (SHELF-ASS-PATS ALL AROUND, GORL!)

- FIRST day on her 125mg-dosage of mood stabilizer!
Just to clarify, she is claiming she is taking 150mg dose of the mood stabilizer.
00:37 in the video.


She has no discernible personality of her own so she just mimics what she thinks she is supposed to do or what she has seen other mukbangers (her idols) do.
IMO, I doubt she enjoyed this at all. Typically, when she really enjoys her food her eyes go wide and she gets giddy, she doesn’t humbly nod like this, and only film herself shovelling in two mouthfuls.

View attachment 914564
Agreed. She's the opposite of Joey's World Tour. When he acts like a maniac and nom nom noms, he's been paid (Pizza Hut endorsement, for example, where he said it was disgusting before that, then came back and acted ready to mess himself over it after they cut the check). When he authentically likes something, he's measured and super calm explaining the flavors and what he likes about it. Amber does her patented shocked face - seal clap, or her other go-to that goofy thumbs up. She has zero personality, she lifts reaction expressions and eating mannerisms from other youtubers. Weird.


I can't find the post now and I'm sad about it, but someone figured out that the left cup of her bra basically is gone.
makes you wonder what is going on through her head...like she doesn't see a 600 pound gorl. does she think this worn out bra still looks good? with all this money on torrid tents a good bra could help things look better from the chest up since that's all she looks at anyway. it might be a tough search through amazon, the internet, lots of becky helping to try them on but I'm sure eventually she'd find one that fits and she can buy 6 of the exact 1 and wear them till she dies.
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Gym Leader Elesa

Sending you thots and prayers!
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As someone whose had hair all their life even longer, to keep it pretty and healthy requires constant care. INTENSIVE CARE. Most people would loathe dealing with it, but for some (admittedly also myself) it can be like your child to you. It can take massive effort to even grow it that long and regular trimming to stop it from just terminating at a certain length is usually required. Some people have such a hard time they might even eat a certain diet. It's honestly proof of her caloric intake it grows so long so easily as much as anything.
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As someone whose had hair all their life even longer, to keep it pretty and healthy requires constant care. INTENSIVE CARE. Most people would loathe dealing with it, but for some (admittedly also myself) it can be like your child to you. It can take massive effort to even grow it that long and regular trimming to stop it from just terminating at a certain length is usually required. Some people have such a hard time they might even eat a certain diet. It's honestly proof of her caloric intake it grows so long so easily as much as anything.
AL's hair grew long out of neglect like getting her tooth/teeth checked, her eyes checked, other body things. At some point maybe she was afraid she wouldn't fit in the the chair or the long hair was like a cover for fat. When she did go to a salon I don't remember if she showed herself in the salon chair- I'm sure they have set ups for people like her but AL wouldn't want that embarrassment of a different chair. She doesn't wash her hair as a way to "care for it" she just doesn't bathe because she is too fat to fit in the shower and washing herself is a workout. she is also only 5'2" so the hair looks longer on her.


tree update that nobody cares about nor asked for

no way she's gonna finish her 100 days of uploading, not without the videos being under 10 minutes anyways

going as far to think that recording the spot where a tree fell months ago that grass started growing back up is worthy of a vlog or recording your dog taking a shit just shows how little happens in her life

how about that 100 days of weigh in, gorl? it's been close to 2 weeks since the last one. but i bet that she'll upload it today + saying at the end that she's quitting again or some shit


Her idea of "yummy" is the same as a ten year smoker's idea of yummy, "things my tongue can actually detect".
Nobody's gonna take "yummy" ideas from someone who clearly eats anything in front of them with zero restraint, with her hoglike appearance and literal slop it's the same as going out to a pigpen and deciding a slurry of three day old table scraps and corn looks delicious because the swine are eating it like it's the best thing ever.
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