Zak Kayes / Kayden Seyak / FlameAmigo619 / ToonKriticY2K / CarToonZ / Zakkie Wuskers - Sociopath brony e-celeb turned plushie fucker and child sex tourist; currently in hiding


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Nov 18, 2014
This is really not a good month to be a brony analyst; from Jerry Peet going on lockdown to Aaron Renk being outed for drawing CP to our very own @[HARP Cast] Brixxi throwing everyone under the bus like the little snitch he is, it seems like there’s no end to the fuckery that’s been happening inside this community. Our subject for today, however, manages to make himself stand out among all of that, and secure his crown of shit as the king of shit mountain. Ladies and gentlemen, Zakary Kayes;

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621 Carpenter Ave
Oak Park IL 60304-1104

Zak started out the same way as many other brony lolcows; as a teenager making terrible fanfiction and deviantART posts online, his Facebook name “Kayden Seyak” coming from his earliest mary sue. His account has some interesting favorites;

As an interesting twist, it seems he was a train sperg long before he was a brony analyst. His earliest YouTube content were Thomas the Tank Engine dubs, and he wrote a… this talking about why he loves Thomas so much and bitching about the changes even though he admits he’s 21 at the time of writing it.

He moved away from Thomas content eventually though, and landed on another interest just as autistic as the last; My Little Pony. Zak saw the budding brony community and inspired by the likes of Doug Walker and Caddicarus he turned his channel into an animation review/commentary channel, his gimmick often being the use of his edgy alter ego CarToonZ who’d argue with him on his opinions. He also does comic dubs and a number of podcasts. From his channel numbers you might not really be able to guess how successful he actually is in terms of the brony fandom, but he’s one of the most horse famous people around. He’s been in videos with brony heavyweights like Josh Scorcher, and he’s crossed paths with actual MLP crew members like M.A. Larson and Lauren Faust. He’s now a mainstay of brony conventions because of this success, but like a lot of other cows we’ve covered he’s been known to let the success get to his head, and the conventions are a big part of that. Let’s take a look back at Zak’s cow behavior up until this point;


the face of untold horrors

In our first example of autism, we go back to the infamous Bronycon 2015 orgy. Metokur fans in the audience might recognize this the very same orgy that the infamous FNGR found himself getting cuckolded at. Another person who found themselves being taken advantage of was the brony animator Minty Root. Minty Root had no interest in participating in an orgy and in turn found herself locked out of the room she was staying in. When she returned, she was told that ToonKritic had molested one of her plushies.

When faced with an incident like this, how would you respond? Deny everything? Confess up to what you did and beg for forgiveness? Offer to cover the price of the plushie? Act like a petulant child and make fun of the person whose property you violated? If you’re ToonKritic, there’s only one option;

Oh, and the part of the story where FNGR got cucked? Guess who was the bull.


This is some more recent drama, and it’s what originally got Zak noticed by us. Horse News has a great write-up of the situation (archive), but the tl;dr of it is that Toon’s infamous hat was stolen by some /mlp/ anons, and they put it in a toilet. Zak was furious when he found out and tried to get them banned from the convention with bullshit claims of them sexually exploiting people in exchange for the hat, because apparently women are willing to give themselves up for a urine soaked fedora owned by a pedophile. Although that does give us a nice segway into…​


That video up there is a creation of our very own @WhyDidIDoThis. It serves as a great run down of what's been happening. As you can see from that Skype screencap, Toon has just turned 26. In November 2016, when he was 24, he contacted a 14 year old girl. Their conversations quickly turned sexual. I'm in the process of getting all 500+ screencaps from him and censoring the victims name out but in the meantime, here's some highlights courtesy of Vido.

Screenshot (539).png





So that's where we're at rn. There's more coming out as we speak and I have @Feline Darkmage archiving everything on his fanfiction account for you to enjoy. Zak's response has been a total shutdown so we'll see where this goes;

Oh, and how did Zak excuse all of this?


(all the logs available atm)
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Brief break from this to post another one chapter fic i just archived
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Brief break, here's something called Christmas in Knothole, another lemon porno (ch 2) (ch 3, two to go) (ch 4) (ch 5, final one) (ch 7 of wwe fic) (ch 8) (ch 9) (ch 10 on wwe fic)
There's a Sonic Love Collection too, 5 chapters (ch 1) (ch 2) (wwe part 11) (SLC part 3) (SLC part 4) (fifth and final part of slc) (wwe part 12) (the foxes moment, part 1, more sanic. this one has sex xscenes in it too) (ch 2) (ch 3) (ch 4) (ch 5) (ch 6) (wwe fic part 13) (ch 7 Foxes Moment) (ch 8) (ch 9) PROOF (part 14 of the wwe one) (ch 15) (ch 16) (ch 17) (ch 18) (ch 19) (ch 20) (ch 21, it was discontinued after this chapter)
He made a sequel to the Foxes Moment (ch 1) (ch 2) (ch 3) (ch 4) (ch 5, finale)
He also had an AU/Spinoff/What If of his own previous fanfics (ch 2) (ch 3) (ch 4) (ch 5) (ch 3)

After this thread was posted, someone leaked a Skype call in which Joshscorcher and his other friends lay down the law to Zak and make him turn himself into the police. Whether or not this has happened is unconfirmed but he's still answering his home phone as of 1/25/18.

A second victim has also come forward with very similar logs to the original victim.

Now he's trying to hide out as a furry:



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Feb 7, 2016
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This guy used to be FNGRs friend by the way. Even after he cucked him. Anthony would get incredibly rabid about it too and a-log minty for an insanely long period of time. Makes you wonder that, given how much of a megalomaniac Anthony is, how much he actually knew behind the scenes of what a sick fuck he is because thus far Aguilar is the only brony analysis lolcow not to be confirmed as a pedo. I think there was a tweet from a young girl, one of @WhyDidIDoThis' friends actually, that seemed to imply he knew one of the people in limbo was a pedophile. His response was to beg her parents to take the internet away from her because she's "not acting in a conduct that could be considered legal". That combined with the fact Anthony inexplicably ditched Toon only a few months ago, around the same time the ERP ended, might put things into clearer view. Who knows?


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Oct 28, 2014


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Feb 7, 2016
Cow Crossover with Anthony "FNGR" Aguilar. Like the massive attention whore he is he tried to beat @WhyDidIDoThis to the punch with an objectively worse video that's simply :epik:

It also wouldn't be an FNGR crossover if he wasnt typing like a drunken spastic. Here's Anthony typing like a drunken spastic!