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Zak Kayes / Kayden Seyak / FlameAmigo619 / ToonKriticY2K / CarToonZ / Zakkie WuskersSociopath brony e-celeb turned plushie fucker and child sex tourist; currently in hiding

Discussion in 'Animal Control' started by InLivingTuna, Jan 25, 2018.

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    Jack O' all CWC spells

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  1. https://archive.is/t7apq Found it
    Peet deleted the snapshot for some reason that was clarified as "You'll see"
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  2. If Jerry manages to troll toon

    This'll probably be his only good deed
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  3. If Toon thinks he can use Lilly/Jerry Peet as a way back into the brony community

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  4. I can't even fathom how Zak could have even gotten the notion in his mind that going to Peet was a good plan. I wish I had a good analogy for how stupid it is
  5. Can I just say that Skype bio is utterly pathetic?

    "On this day, the torch of hope...reignites"
    That implies you're doing something charitable or significant to society. But Zak isn't feeding the poor or paving the way to find new cures for terminal diseases. He reviews my little fucking pony.

    Oh geez, what would we ever do without him
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    #226 chadmuska, Feb 11, 2018
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018

    chadmuska A shadow on the sun

  6. Hey, chiming in here. I've known about the new Skype account for a few days. However, since Toon's spending all his time damage controlling, he has no time (or influence or power) to do anything else. He's a nondanger. So I decided to wait and keep an eye on him, since I had a plan to keep him from ever getting any sort of relevance or authority again (and it's more likely than you think). Luckily, that getting out didn't fuck that plan over, but I was worried it would.

    I had contacted Peet within minutes of the posts going up, going over my plan (This Toon shit is causing the weirdest people to come into contact with me, I swear). Peet liked my plan, so the twitter post and tumblr post got yanked down after that.

    The person contacted was not Peet. Peet just managed to get the screenshots because someone gave the info to the wrong person. Although, ultimately, someone else ended up releasing the information.
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    WhyDidIDoThis Literal Cancer Cell

  7. no one is buying into that shit, right?
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  8. That seems impossible. Who would believe him at this point, and how can you even spin a defense when you have already confessed? The evidence of which will never leave the Internet.
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  9. I still can't figure out what this guy's plan is. As Bambi pointed out he's outed, permanently. Trying to move to the furry community kind of made sense, but damage control? Cat's out of the bag.
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  10. God, the attitude in his messages. He's not sorry one little bit, is he? His tone there seems to convey that he views this as just an inconvenience to him.
    Don't be like that, Toony. Come out of hiding. We don't bite, honest.
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    pixelbit 8bit catto

  11. So it seems Lily is actually capable of realizing that defending someone just because you don't like the original sources isn't a good look.
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    Feline Darkmage

    Feline Darkmage Yiffmas in July
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  12. Is it acceptable to a-log people who have actually caused harm to others like this piece of fuck? Not the bragging about being better part, as that's just proof that you aren't as bad as them more often than not, but the other parts, I mean.
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    Reynard Alpha (She)Male

  13. Apparently, TK is back on Twitter but is blocking people. His tweets are also now protected. IMG_20180213_002110.jpg

    I also recognized the name of the guy that started the petition and found him on Twitter. According to him, TK's friends are denouncing bronies that share that petition around.

    Also, Vida posted these screenshots IMG_20180213_002429.jpg


    You're welcome, TheBurningDonut.

    EDIT: Oh my, it looks like he lost his patreon.

    EDIT: A couple of conventions that the petition was aimed at have officially responded. Screenshot_2018-02-13-00-57-47.png

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    #235 VermilionFluttershy, Feb 13, 2018
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
  14. I succesfully managed to follow him on Twitter but he hasn't posted anything in a while Screenshot_2018-02-12-23-35-15.png
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    Jack O' all CWC spells

    Jack O' all CWC spells Good thing i laid this card down!

  15. I think it's been stated before, but this guy is only sorry that he got caught.

    Anyway, this petition is stirring up quite a bit of salt from one of the discord servers I'm in.
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    The Janitor

    The Janitor I'm gonna shove this broom so far up your arse...

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  16. On the subject of SilverQuill and Dr. Wolf. Did they actually try to cover for Toon or are they just stupid and misinformed? To me it seemed like the later. Forgiveness is a virtue but it is a negative unless there is sincere repentence. And even then Toon still has to face punishment.

    Toon is not repentent. He is only mad that he got caught.

    And SilverQuill seems to be the type to not understand the gravity of Toon's crimes and couldn't handle the heavy issue of the crime of pedophilia/any issue that is outside of his comfort zone. But to me this doesn't make Quill or Dr. Wolf criminals.

    Is Vida really right to start a petition against them? Am I missing something?
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  17. IIRC It was Jerry Peet who accused them of covering for Toon, so chances are, that's either a lie or an overexaggeration.

    If it isn't though, can someone correct me?


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