Zapatistas, Libertarian Socialism/Anarchism, Nationalism and Ethnicity/Identity - continuing some off-topic politics shit that happened in the contrapoints thread.


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I like Zapatistas because Rage Against the Machine talked about them. :like:
I think that the "rebels fighting and winning against an oppressive system" serves as an opiate to people, where their pent up aggression and dissatisfaction in things is played out on screen for them, and they can imagine this ideal scenario they can keep in their heads where everything works out perfectly.


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Talking about Latin American politics is pretty much putting yourself backwards. Most (if not all) leftist movemetns are based on nationalism, something that is highly associated with the Right. The Latin American right, overall, ain't very fond of patriotism.
The right wing is currently flourishing in Latin America and thats because they've been finally able to get nationalism on their side. Right wing politics has long been associated with American puppet governments but the US let socialist governments rise without an issue in the 90s.. and they failed.

The white minority from the universities have gotten hooked on neoliberalism and anti-traditionalism rather than anything the common people care about. The Mexican left is basically a weird right wing populist thing.


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The thing that makes anarchism in any form retarded to me is that without a central authority to prevent the forming of a central authority how do you maintain anarchism? It's the central paradox of communism and anarchism that makes them so untenable and the reason why every supposedly communist states in fact all have a massive governmental apparatus. There will always be people who want to be richer or more powerful. In a truly stateless society these ambitious people would individually or in groups conspire to increase their own power to the point of essentially becoming the new ruling elite. Anarchism would require every single person to be purely ideologically motivated to prevent individuals from using the freedom that anarchism grants them to create a new power-structure. That can't be accomplished without a Soviet or NatSoc style society that ruthlessly enforces ideology and of course, that wouldn't be anarchism.
Meritocracy leads to an indirect vanguard, so that's why Anarchists always centralize power to Durutti or Makhno, then they proceed to whine about them contradicting themselves.


All I know about the Zapatistas comes from this shitty little communism for kids book I found once. If thats the kind of support they get in the west than all the luck to Mexico in crushing them.

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