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Zhoie Perez, real name Steven Joaquin Perez, is a transgendered youtube streamer and self appointed "1st Amendment Auditor" who documents his harassment of people, places, and institutions until he can elicit a reaction on camera, in the guise of gauging their respect of his 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS

Youtube - archive

what does a 1st amendment auditor do? From what can be deduced by watching zhoie’s videos, it consists of sticking a camera in people’s faces and playing the victim when they respond negatively, or being openly hostile when they ask what he’s doing, or ask him to stop filming them.

here he is with another streamer, munkay83, real name Kyle Shockley, berating employees at the DMV and threatening to beat up people waiting in line

someone else has documented the "first amendment auditing" circle he is a part of in detail on this page

https://www.callercenter.com/580-735-2244.html - archive


Zhoie's big break into the public eye came last february when he was auditing a synagogue/all girls high school, and was questioned by a security guard when he was caught filming the student body and commenting on their clothing, in a video he has since deleted. the situation escalated until the guard ultimately opened fire.


"Perez is heard swearing and grimacing in pain after a gunshot. A paramedic who examines her leg tells her the bullet did not create an entry wound.

She later told reporters that she suffered a “deep graze” to her leg."


The guard is a convert to Judaism from El Salvador. Edduin Khaleb Zelaya Grunfeld is an Orthodox Jew.




Edduin (pictured) about to ignite the sodomite


zhoie uses sock accounts to defend himself on the comment section of articles he is referenced in, note the name of the commentor : Furry Potato



Pepper Sprayed at Islamic Center

This time zhoie begins his audit of an Islamic Center in Los Angeles, unfortunately he meets another hostile mexican guard, keeping true to the religion of peace title, he is only maced this time.


Zhoie has been arrested at least twice in the line of duty, once for trespassing on private property, and another time for threats of violence when he audited a marine corps recruiting station, which ended up in him screaming racial obscenities at a black marine recruiter, conveniently, while zhoie maintains his innocence, there is no footage of this incident left online, neither on his page, nor the person he was streaming with, munkay83's page(zhoie claims he was addressing “munkay” by his screen name instead of directing racial slurs towards the black man)

Zhoie also ran a charity, LFP recycling, recycling old street mattresses.

https://laopinion.com/2012/10/06/plan-recicla-colchones-viejos/ - in spanish



before the fall

Notably, in one video where zhoie is auditing an army reserves facility, he directs his viewers to dox one of the people he confronts after filming their license plates, at 12:35, he does this in numerous videos.




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self appointed "1st Amendment Auditor" who documents his harassment of people, places, and institutions until he can elicit a reaction on camera, in the guise of gauging their respect of his 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS
I think I get how this works now, so that security guard was actually acting as a 2nd amendment auditor when he put shrapnel in furry potato's leg. Semper fi to all are armed mexijews.


I am literal poison.
Edduin Khaleb Zelaya Grunfeld, is an amazing human being. This furry re-tard really is lucky he didn't get shot in the face.
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