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Yeah, truth doesn't need to grandstand about how brave and contrarian it is.

That's why no one's ever heard of the lawyer guy who defended Scopes and the teaching of evolution in that one monkey trial, what an obscure dude he must have been.

Or that scientist guy who thought Jupiter had moons, or the one who gave the initial evidence for a heliocentric cosmology.

The one guy with the handwashing is totally unknown, too, since that was mega-contrarian and he died in poverty, it must not have been the truth that poor hygiene caused disease.

Other clear nazi propaganda that isn't real truth because it was really contrarian and brave at the time: the existence of the atom, nuclear fission, plate tectonics, the heart as the center of the circulatory system, genetic inheritance, inoculation, germ theory of disease.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the best comedy series on Kiwi Farms, History by Zinnia Jones.

3rd Continuance

A common court procedure
Zach rages for hours over person who says transitioning won’t make them happy or give them the body they feel they should have, proceeds to post picture of himself in which he looks like a soft twink boi. Some self-awareness would go a long way, I think.

After all, he doesn’t look like a woman, and he never will, and he will never have a feminine body like he (apparently) desires. When he puts on makeup, pulls his trademark dipshit pout, and gets the angle just right, his selfies above the neck can look feminine. But as soon as you get below that, especially with clothes off, he just looks like a chubby boy. The only visible change the HRT has wrought is to make him look flaccid and prepubescent, like a twelve year old stacking on puppy fat before a growth spurt.


Candy and PTSD
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And the reason? An op-ed by Andrea Long Chu that has the troonosphere fried up like a turkey. What's a tranny grievance party with Zach?

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What an NPC, parroting words without even thinking what they mean.
Digging a stink ditch is not reconstructive surgery because there is nothing to reconstruct.
And your stink ditch is a permanent wound. It might epithelialize with time (so it is no longer raw or bleeding), but it will stay as much of a wound as an amputee's stump.

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You never had "gender dysphoria" (however defined) Zach; you had depression and "depersonaliztion" that happened to somehow get better with estrogen.
Is getting your fucking story straight too much to ask?

It should be noted that Chu is also a troon scheduled to get the chops shortly. His experience was that starting on the transition ("I’ve watched my dysphoria balloon since I began transition."), and that the PC narrative that transition is the key to happiness, the doctrine that Zach clings on to religiously, is simply mistaken. ("... an assumption so sensible you’ll think me silly for digging it up. It’s this: People transition because they think it will make them feel better. The thing is, this is wrong."). This, of course, is going to render Chu persona non grata.

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Yes, it is objectively better to be cis. But Chu at no where mentioned it.
I won't comment on the Deleuze part because I don't endorse nutjobs.

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Chu doesn't "depersonalize", so at least his world is realer than yours.

You bet.
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You'd probably have better luck publishing this than any of your rebuttals to Littman or Soh.
(Speaking of Littman, Zach continues with his Sisyphean effort to get the paper retracted, without avail)

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It is precious to you too, Zach.

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Chu is quite clear that "good" means "increased well-being". Zach combed through every bit of Chu's writing and yet managed to missed that.

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Where can I get Zach some pills for self-awareness? For I'm sure he is too broke to afford some.

Trying to have NYT retract that piece the way he badgers the site that published Littman's paper.
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Zach also drones on and on about Chu calling estrogen a "sadness pill". His tirades are too petty to be included here.
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I don't think there is a case of a kid that needs to be kept alive with cross-sex hormones.
+ + +
Exercising his troon privilege:
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Zach supports the Castle Doctrine -- as least if the killer are pee o'sea savages:
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Hiya Zach! Non-feminist terf says hello!!

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Aren't you jealous my fellow terves? Be honest.
You know, anyone who thinks they might be attracted to men and dislike that prospect should click on Zinnia's account.

boner suicide.

Winnie the Poohnani

Man has entered the forest.
Interesting that Zach think it's ridiculous that "sissy porn" can make someone trans, when that is exactly what a lot of trans people report happening, when they talk among themselves...

Meanwhile, Zach's photo sessions with Penny Hobo are sissy porn to the max.

Lol at "Don't write inaccurate tales for the paper of record". Are they still the "paper of record" after being objectively wrong so consistently? Remember when the paper of record said daily that Hillary was going to win in a landslide, for two fucking years?

But he is right in that one should confine their inaccurate tales to their squalid little blog site at genderanalysis .net.

I think we can agree that we all win when troons attack each other in public. That's just straight-up popcorn munching time.

Andrea Long Chu doesn't look chinese in the least. Is he culturally appropriating? When he gets his dick removed and his new wound installed, will he then change his femme name to Andrea Short Chu? Why is he doing this when he knows it's all for naught, literally? (Protip: Mental illness.)


Friendly neighborhood gender cop
Why is he doing this when he knows it's all for naught, literally? (Protip: Mental illness.)
through the whole op-ed, kept thinking of the Ramones "gimme gimme shock treatment"

I was feeling sick I was losing my mind
I heard about these treatments from a good friend of mine
he was always happy smile on his face
he said he had a great time at the place
Peace and love is here to stay
and now I can wake up and face the day
Happy happy happy all the time
shock treatment, I'm doing fine

Gimme gimme shock treatment
Gimme gimme shock treatment
Gimme gimme shock treatment
I wanna, wanna shock treatment


isn't that the whole story of transing?
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Menu of the day: eggs, prepubescent eggs.


For the fuckteenth time: if gender were a social-personal phenomenon, why do troons need surgery and medication?


What seems to be the problem?


Kids should learn at an early age that they can't always have what they want. I'm absolutely baffled by millennials' insistence that everything is subjected to their approval.

Good Morning Britain has a debate about the recent, horrifying news about 70+ kids (many of them autistic) trooning out in the same school.

Kleptomaniacs have never stopped stealing merely because some other person would not 'allow' it.
Pyromaniacs have never stopped setting fires merely because some other person would not 'allow' it.
They are mentally ill people who need treatment, not encouragement. Same with troons.

Zach is salty because people are leaving Wordpress, who has started to censor the "deadname" of a Canadian creepazoid who sued various beauty parlors for women because they refused to wax his scrotum.


Read Callahan's whole article here.


Again, Zach think that he, as an UAM (Unemployed Anal Masturbator) is more knowledgeable than an accredited professional.

Posthuman pipedream:

1. You don't need CRISPR to delete whole chromosomes; a micropipette and a steady hand will do. But what's the point?
2. It doesn't matter whether your brain is in a woman's body or a jar of formalin; your brain is male no matter what.


Zach you know you can be pro-choice without being a fucking sociopath, right?


You've done worse things to your butt so I doubt that'd be a deterrent.
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View attachment 602357 View attachment 602358 fucking scumbag doesn't care if a pedo gets away with writing perverted shit about 10 year olds and scams women out of money for refusing to touch his balls, as long as there are fewer instances of "Zachary Antolak" on the internet he's happy
They both want to sexually harass children in women’s changing rooms, so I’m not totally surprised. I guess I’ll rate myself :optimistic: for thinking that Zach would be smart enough not to come out on the side of someone even more detrimental to trans rights than he is.


So Satana Kennedy's twitter page was re opened. And what I saw caused me actual physical pain. The one called "So much gape". Just grotesque. I mean if fucking Monica Bellucci or Angelina Jolie did that shit it would be grotesque. So I ask, how can Twitter allow that when Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other social media don't, and more fundamentally, who is this for? Kennedy still has over 4,400 followers. I refuse to believe over 4000 people want to see that. Maybe on some level Satana realizes it's too ugly for the mainstream chasers, so has to go to the extreme. Gaping one's ass like that is great equalizer. If everybody looks hideous in that pose, then it don't matter if you're uglier than most.

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