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Dec 28, 2014
Reposting what @D.Va put in the Gamergate Hanger-Ons thread. Today Zach thinks Gamergate put Trump in the White House. As usual, it's as exceptional as you'd think:

Imagine being stupid enough to think fat, autistic neckbeards somehow elected Trump by spending their Good Boy Points on campaign donations and not tendies.

Dr. Boe Jangles Esq.

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Oct 28, 2014
Hey kids, you know what's a dead discussion nobody gives a fuck about anymore?
Gamergate. Jesus, can you imagine the kind of sped who'd be that late to the party and is still trying to make that a thing? Haha thank god there's no one that dens-


Ahh, okay, so going by your choices that'd mean you haven't played a video game since, what, 1998 or so?
Or are those just the only two you know the names of, because the truth is that you don't know shit about games and just want to join a 3 year old discussion about feminism and the media that people got bored of after about 5 minutes?
Maybe this isn't your discussion to have, then?

Captain Obvious strikes!

In what way are you holding people accountable, dear? You're a cam slut who makes goofy youtube videos while pining after Blaire White's attention.
Where's the "act" part of your activism, exactly?

I don't even have words for this one:

Apparently, the Moral Majority is back and has a fondness for horse dildos:

And last but not least, we have... something... kissing her ass:

That's our girl, jogging 3 years behind the bandwagon. Don't worry, maybe you can catch the next outrage trend! Ethics in asshole stretching journalism, or something.


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Jul 30, 2017
Zach's comments here are fucking special. The cherry on top of the autistic sundae is the fact that everybody has a reason to shit on them. If you oppose the Charlottesville march, you wouldn't want someone with a chip on their shoulder to shoehorn their narrow worldview into the discussion over what the fuck happened and thereby embarrass the hell out of you and your ideological allies. If you support the march... well, obviously you strongly disagree with some of Zin's premises and are in stitches over her brainless statements already. If you don't give a darn about the march, you wouldn't want someone to keep rattling on about it for days, let alone obsessing over how it connects to their pet theory. No matter how you slice it his/her/their/thoumst's statements are pure shit straight (or should that be gay?) from the apex of Mt. Fucktard.

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Nov 12, 2016
ZJ's politics have not changed much as far as I can tell, but she used to be interesting and amusing about it. And I don't mean amusing in a point and laugh way either.

These days her discourse has degenerated to mere lefty party line echo chamber, except maybe a little more focussed on trans issues (obviously).

I blame Trump. :lol:


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Aug 3, 2017
Reposting what @D.Va put in the Gamergate Hanger-Ons thread. Today Zach thinks Gamergate put Trump in the White House. As usual, it's as exceptional as you'd think:

LOL. The majority of the people who voted for Trump were people too poor to afford a console and old people who can barely operate technology more advanced than a rotary phone. What put him in the White House were the extreme liberal pantysniffers - their rabid witch hunts in the name of ideological purity scared off left leaning and centrist allies, as well as their smug assuredness that Hillary had the election in the bag, which resulted in most of them staying home and not giving her the votes she needed to win. Nope - all the blame lies with cunts like you, Zach Attack.


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Feb 10, 2017
Haven't we gone through this sort of thing already?


Well, when we can find your dox elsewhere and repost it here, that's not a threat to you, that's just proof that if you didn't want it found, you should have made sure it couldn't be found on the internet.

Not to mention this is really asinine to whine about in the first place if you going to use social media and post anything that could tie back to your IRL associations in public, something I was never foolish enough to do on Twitter when I had one and why I don't have a Facebook, and something this idiot should have considered long before this bit of whining.


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Jun 27, 2014
OK, I'm gonna be that guy.

Zinnia, you're a fucking camwhore who shoves things up your ass. That is a major component of your fucking public persona. Every Biggs, Scott, and Wesley can get the intimate details of your body if they so choose with little more than a handful of clicks from your Satrana Kennedy account, and everyone knew that was you because they're both using pictures of yourself.

Your reputation as a camwhore who enjoys massive dildos is your own doing.

You are widely considered one of the stupidest motherfuckers on Twitter thanks to your "ISIS SAVED THESE GAY PEOPLE THAT WERE ABOUT TO COMMIT SUICIDE AND WASN'T THROWING THEM OFF A ROOF AT ALL" shtick, and that's on top of a huge number of people thinking you're a fucking insane due to your arguing for Lesbians being converted by rubbing your dick on their faces, pushing blatantly anti-science angles, and absolutely losing your shit on Social Media.

That is also your fucking doing.

You have culpability for your own actions. Fucking deal with it, you fucking insane dingo-man.