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If this belongs in another thread, my apologies; I looked and couldn't find one to post this in.
Zoe's GG memoir is being vetted for a movie, which will undoubtedly bring up all the corruption and censorship issues that were never really dealt with.


Apparently they're trying to get Scarlet Johansson to play the role of Zoe...
We've made fun of this in the main GG thread for like six pages. There is no way this won't explode in a way that's fucking hilarious.


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Even if this, by some stroke of blind luck, manages to actually get funded, produced, and released, how would it even be a movie that people want to watch? A story that's nothing about a woman getting harassed has no place anywhere other than Lifetime, where people like me watch movies like that because they're hilariously bad; they're for a niche audience, not the majority.

Plus, Zoe's story isn't even inspiring. If her story was about her actually overcoming great obstacles and eventually achieving her dream, then maybe it would have mainstream appeal, because audiences are suckers for a good underdog story. Her story has none of that. She hasn't done shit with her life, she hasn't overcome anything, she hasn't made any grand achievements. So why should anyone care?


It's really depressing that this charlatan (and others like her) gets to see so much media coverage. Not to mention the fact that it's just going to make gamers look even worse than they already do thanks to GG. What a progressive era we live in! wow
Bet you anything they're going to downplay the whole "she was a manipulative cheating bitch and that's why her ex was so upset" angle, too.
I dunno.

People here seem to think that or is going to be either hackers or Social Network when is probably not going to end being made. And if it is, is not going to be the same controlling the message of "fearless activist" in a bunch of video game websites to "the girl that complained about mean stuff in the UN is painting herself as Mother Theresa".

Quinn is talentless and she seems truly depend of her boyfriend connections to get attention, so if the media machine was interested in making her a pop culture icon or whatever Ghazi want her to be, may require to maker her actually do something than a shitty website countdown, constitutional controversies or teaming up for videos with the more presentable Anita.

In the end we are a talking about a manipulative but insecure as fuck girl that thinks going to the UN in pink hair is a statement while posing with a shitty electronic implant ("I'm a cyborg. Look at me.").


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Well first of all shouldn't this be labeled career cow
Anyway I can kind of see this potentially being successful. All that has to happen is the media spinning gamergaters inevitable complaints into "evil misogynists protest womyn centered film". Whenever a group of people that are generally disliked don't want you to see a movie, a bunch of people usually go see it. Hell, at least part of the reason I saw Mad Max is because dipshits like Ian Ironwood were complaining about it so I thought it might be something I'd like.

I'm reminded of the movie Julie & Julia. For the purpose of the movie, they portrayed Julie as a kind and spunky woman who Julia Child irrationally disliked for cursing too much in her blog. In reality, she's probably a narcissist, and definitely cheats on her husband. A similar situation will probably happen here.