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Also: Crichton had already had done work on Hollywood several times. Hell, he wrote Westworld, which is just Jurassic Park with robot cowboys.

Westworld is amazing. They are even making it into a series. It's not just "Jurassic park with robot cowboys". It's a classic piece of science fiction.

What the fuck is there to cover in a movie? Are we going to see 2 hours of Scarlett Johansson checking twitter and looking sad?

Will she be able to get the cap off?

You underestimate Hollywood.

It's obviously just gonna be The Net reboot.
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Why this movie gets made? Who is the potential audience? SJWs won't be pleased no matter what you do, they'd complain the actresses being too conventionally attractive and this is fat shaming yadda yadda.

They should get Benedict Cumberbatch to play the dashingly villainous Milo!
Mantis-face is now "problematic" in SJW circles. No self-respecting SJW is going to see him unless you manage to squeeze in a gay subplot or six.
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Maybe it'll be a slasher film that ends with Commander Stryker :jace: getting a headshot assassination? One can dream, I guess...
I remember reading a rumour that the sequel to Unfriended was going to be called Unfriended 2: GamerGate Strikes Back so the idea of it turning out as a slasher might not be as absurd as you think.

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If it's made it will be as fucking ridiculous as that SVU episode.
I hate to ask this since it's slightly off-topic but does anyone know if there's a decent compilation on youtube or something of this SVU thing?

I don't follow GG on account of most of my exposure to it being of the autistic /v/ variety and this is the first time I've heard of it and it sounds funny. I tried searching around but couldn't find anything that's not screamed over by some GG sperg.