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VICE hired Austin, who's last name I've forgotten, to create a woke game-centric site even though they already had Motherboard that did that shit. Creating competition for your own product is very woke/exceptional.
It was up to him to come up with a name, direction and hire people. That's quite a lucky break for him and he cranked the wokeness and his blackitude up to 11 at that point. Seriously, his skin color is that of white chocolate, he's a fat nerd with a scraggly neckbeard that obsesses over Gundam statues and video games and exclusively works/hangs out with white people. He's somehow the authority on being black now.

Klepeck works there as well and he gave her a lot of exposure in the years before the Zoe Post via his position at Giantbomb. He was a member of progamejournos as well iirc.
He also worked at Kotaku as well, but there's a huge divide between having a writer in your pocket (like Kelpek) and an Editor in Chief/Site Director (like Walker). Zoe (and her Ilk) always had the most success targeting people who were higher on the totem pole - it's how GG discussion got shut down on 4chan, Something Awful, and various video game sites.

Soldiers are nice to have at your side, but Generals are always better.


I'm not mad at anyone, honest.
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VICE hired Austin, who's last name I've forgotten, to create a woke game-centric site even though they already had Motherboard that did that shit. Creating competition for your own product is very woke/exceptional.
If they don't own multiple fake news outlets that all spew the same thing, how will they create the illusion their next orchestrated propaganda campaign like "gamers are dead" is actually news that's really happening and not some shit cooked up in a back room and fed to NPC "reporters" on a mailing list telling them what to say?


Obama chuckled. "You mean the chaos emeralds?"
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“I love the website that regurgitates my lies and backs me up 100%. I can always turn to them to gin up a controversy to keep my name out there and side with me!”
I can't stand the way these dopes talk, with the run-on sentences. It's even worse when they use all lowercase letters on purpose.


I want to agree, but I don't think he produces enough tard cum anymore even though his history would have made an ok thread. It's enough that he stays relevant through interactions with Chelsea for now I guess, if he ever stabs himself a 3rd time it might be a breakout moment but it's cool to capture this reddit drama here for now.

I always found these two comics to be in sharp contrast to one another:
page 18, the year 2003: "One of the core tenets of my sex life is no poo-poo on the pee-pee."
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page 2891, the year 2015: "I am now ok with poo-poo on the pee-pee."
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They had dinner together while both attending Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA back on March 15th or 16th; I had found Jeph bragging to a complete nobody during a twitch stream on page 631 of this thread, having a meeting of the soy minds with him, Chelsea, and David Willis. None of them live in the same cities or areas, they just meet at the same conventions & expos while shilling each others work to drive sales.
I was expecting a shower scene like "The Crying Game" to happen.

Is it based on or influenced by real life?
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Is it based on or influenced by real life?
like most liberal webcomic creators, I assume it's 50% real life, 40% stolen from other media they consume like Friends, and 10% real original writing. Almost all of the longest-lasting series exhibit a titanic shift in personal politics at some point along the way, usually mirroring real life for social/business reasons.

In Jeph's case, it's perfectly normal to say "I'm not into gay shit. I'm straight,"in your early 20s, but then as you're surrounded by the libs in the 'industry' as it were, it's then valuable to broadcast party messages like "well, I'm open to gay shit now. In theory," despite still trying to nail dangerhair puss. And everybody retweets your comic arcs and says a nice thing here and there as everybody shares a piece of the crowdfunding pie.

Oh Shit I'm Sorry

"Zoe Quinn is creating free games"

God... I've not thought of that creature in some time, what "free" games has she even released? Other than to cash in on robin william's death, i've never seen anything in the wild from Quinn.
Tuck Cingle's Magical Kickscam Adventures is technically "free", since because it doesn't exist it doesn't cost anything.

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