Horrorcow Zoe Quinn / Chelsea Van Valkenburg / Locke Valentine / @UnburntWitch / @Primeape / CrashOverride / Hat Box / Old Uncle Anime - Con Artist, Abuser, Sexual Harasser, Drove Alec Holowka to Suicide.


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This just shows, once again, the sickening attitude of most people on ResetEra/Reddit/Twitter where they act like a person can't better themselves. I mean, really, what did they expect Alec to do anyway? They act like suicide was the "cowards way out", but realistically, even if he apologized, the literally wouldn't have given a single shit.
"even if he apologized, they would have literally wanted him to become jobless, homeless and kill himself."

Fixed for you.


on the other hand, look at what kind of people she surrounds herself with - they're all professional soy conoisseurs, tranny perverts, and male feminist allies. if you hang out around creepy weirdos like that for your whole life, getting raped by one of them at some point is almost expected.
ZQ has to be pretty fucking stupid to keep hanging around people that give you bad vibes. I mean, I'm pretty sure a brisk wind would've done in Alec; guy shaped like a soyman; I doubt he'd have even the capacity to be a big ol' mean rapey man. I can imagine that she fucked him as a way to enter the industry but when it didn't work out; she decided to take him down because they run in the same circles and the VICTIM can never tell lies! No, no, no, no, no. Believe all women!

It happens with such frequency; she could make a sitcom about it called "Everybody Rapes Zoe" and it'd get 10 seasons because she's so stunning and brave!

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She hits a lot of the stuff thirsty nerds pine for: tattooed, nerdy (allegedly), pixie dreamgirl bullshit, a slutty history in softcore modeling. Also she clearly is willing to put out if she thinks you can advance her status in any way shape or form, so God only knows what kind of stuff she'll agree to doing behind closed doors. Granted, at this point fucking Zoe is about as safe as chugging a can of old clam sauce swollen with botulism (from both a social and physical standpoint), but never underestimate the lack of judgment in a thirsty soyboy's substandard erection.


I keep getting people correcting me that Chelsea is an enbie.
I don't know where they found the confidence to think that anyone outside their tranny stimming discord was going to play along with those types of pronouns. I see NYT and even textbooks attempting to validate obscure pronoun use like that but, boots on the ground in reality, it's just not fucking happening.


She's accomplished basically nothing of value or note, but she gets treated like some fucking gaming celebrity
Oh she accomplished something for once already with his suicicde,
and that something is only beneficial to some people who enjoy what she did
and those people will follow her footsteps knowing that they can get away with it just because she got away with it as well and will celebrate her for encouraging them to follow her footsteps.


Everyone needs to re-read what Zoe wrote.

The intro DID NOT forgive Alec. The intro forgives some other unnamed Canadian that raped her BEFORE she went to Winnipeg to be imprisoned by Alec.

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I'm 99% sure that the unnamed guy is Brendan Frye, a games magazine editor- I linked to some pastebins about him earlier in the thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/zoe-q...x-old-uncle-anime.14263/page-689#post-5231148


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Zoe shoved her wrist into my butthole and did ventriloquist acts with me. If dont believe this to be true, well, I'm sorry but you need to learn how to believe and respect victims of super rape.

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I believe you.


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Ok can someone TLDR me real quick? Who is Zoe Quinn and why did this dude kill himself?

Thanks in advance to the kind kiwi who puts up with my laziness.
From what I've heard as of late, Zoe Quinn made baseless rape accusations on someone and the person in question got so much uneducated flak that he killed himself.

With that aside, I present the worst thing you could possibly do as a human being.

"someone said x so it must be true right? thank god (person) killed themselves"


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Ok can someone TLDR me real quick? Who is Zoe Quinn and why did this dude kill himself?

Thanks in advance to the kind kiwi who puts up with my laziness.
Alec made the soundtracks of a few known indie games like Aquaria and Night in the Woods. He was then accused of raping Chelsea and doing weird shit like shoving his hand in her stink-ditch and walking her around like a wheelbarrow (a justifiable cause for wanting to amputate your hand). He then killed himself after all his friends and family left him and he lost (any future prospect of ) a job. Places like Resetera compared it to Epstein's an hero and were pretty jubiliant about it. Quinn renamed or deleted her twitter account.
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Wasn't there some girl who literally encouraged her bf to kill himself but managed to crocodile tear her charges away a few years ago? I seriously doubt that Quinn is legally liable for Alec's suicide.
That's the case I was referring to -- the woman's name was Michelle Carter. The case was a bit more complex than "crocodile teared charges away" especially since she was convicted, but she was given a rather light sentence for the level of malice demonstrated by her acts.