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Dramacow Zoe Quinn / Chelsea Van Valkenburg / Locke Valentine / @UnburntWitch / @Primeape / CrashOverrideCunt, slept with 5 guys, Con Artist, ruined own life & blamed neckbeards, ANTIFA field medic

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by anusaurus, Nov 7, 2015.

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Article Available:
The Lolcow Wiki has an article on Zoe Quinn
  1. MOD EDIT: OP is old and lackluster, please read the Lolcow Wiki linked above to read all about what makes Chelsea Van Valkenberg (Zoe Quinn) a lolcow.

    Edit #2: Here is a directory compiled by @Haramburger for page references on Zoe's many escapades over the years.
    Pages 1-100: The Lawsuit ending and movie possibility Saga
    November 2015-August 2016

    5 – thezoepost, ED article link, TFYC, etc.
    6-14 – movie talk
    15 – divorce from first marriage
    16 – first instance of Lifschitz trampstamp
    17 – 2014 Boston police report documents
    18 – Deviant Nation blog
    23 – KiA post about Chelsea dropping court case against Eron Gjoni
    25 – news of wiki editing block
    26-31 – talk of Candice Owens/Social Autopsy
    33 – Chelsea’s lawsuit blogpost
    42 – Wolf Wozniak tweets
    43-53 – Nintendo #shufflegate
    76 – Giant Bomb podcast featuring Chelsea
    77 – Chelsea’s scene in 2013 film Aftermath
    79 – "I’m an owl.mp4"
    80 – "I’m a boy" photos
    81 – KiA article on Rob Marmolejo sexual harassment
    87 – Birthday discussion(two sources)184
    90 – Eron interview via HeatStreet
    93 – video of Chelsea counter-trolling caller
    97 – movie rights
    98-99 – Hugo Award for Chuck Tingle
    100 – Vice video for the making of Tingler game

    Pages 101-200: The Chuck Tingle Game Introduction Saga
    August 2016-January 2017

    111 – tattoo party(more people involved from page 16’s photo)
    124 – IMC publicly consents to CON chatlog leaks, confirmation
    128 – link to/birth of SecretGamerGrrl/Jake Alley thread
    132 – Brad Wardell stuff
    137 – Jaimas creates wiki article
    139 – browseable CON Trello leaks, discussion of(109, 116, 122, 133)
    141 – GethN7 posting
    142 – artist friend of photographer Mallory Nasrallah tweets, sad X-mas 2014, Sabotage of Polaris Game Jam
    146 – Silverstring Media/Maya (Felix) Kramer stuff
    165 – 4chan Zoe Quinn /r9k/ thread before mod crackdown
    166 – divorce docs, ancient personal weeb page showing Chelsea as a friend from 2002
    168 – Maya (Felix) Kramer pics & info
    171 – Project Tingler Kickstarter launches 2 months after VICE video
    177 – Chelsea does a Reddit AMA for Project Tingler
    180 – Outtakes video for Tingler clips
    184 – Parents dox
    186 – XOXO video talk, various tweets with pics, her opinion on Christine Weston Chandler
    191 – first Overwatch username tweeted
    192 – Jaimas shares Mallorie Nasrallah facebook photoshoot nostalgia
    196 – Chelsea lets one of her “free resource” domains expire for 3 weeks, someone buys it

    Pages 201-300: The Third Season of filler
    January 2017-August 2017

    205 – Chelsea & Alex’s LinkedIn profiles(Alex’s down)
    206 – Coming out genderspecial tumblr blogpost
    212-216 – Wrestling school, concussion, dropping out
    216 – Vordrak initiates the KF shutdown of 2017, Chelsea mocks it
    220 – Resist Jam 2017 help wanted
    222 – book publisher web archives
    225 – peddling TopatoCo merch
    229 – Patreon stats & analysis
    235 – buying Unity books to try and code Tingler
    236 – Toronto ex archives, misc old stuff, tweets of Chelsea taking her maid to a bar
    237 – Instagram of dad, bike
    238 – Ralph article interviewing an ex
    245 – PC Overwatch battlenet ID
    250 – DiCarlo’s Gentlemens Club screenshots
    251 – Overwatch PC name clarification
    254 – discussion about Cernovich investigating her
    255 – Alex Lifschitz LinkedIn screenshot
    261 – Tingler update, with screenshot of Chuck
    267 – Chelsea tweeting about Tim Soret/The Last Night dev for first time
    273 – old tweets from Chloe(girlfriend of man Chelsea used to make Depression Quest for her)
    277 – Randy Pitchford & Notch tweets
    284 – NYMAG puffpiece article
    293 – dental work done(no photos but teeth were kept on request)
    296 – Broteam book leaks, pastebin archive link
    297 – book leak discussion, analysis

    Pages 301-400: The Crash Override AutoBio Saga
    August 2017-February 2018

    304 – WIRED article on book, more discussion
    307 – epub book file in thread
    319 – book review by mom LOL
    325 – Chelsea chimping out about Steam reviews re: Firewatch
    335 – a need for more emergency dental work while at Indiecade 2017
    336 – theJakepost (GethN7 archives into pdf at bottom of page)
    346 – Novelrank book results, Tingler coffee mug outsourcing
    349 - Venturebeat article(by Dean Takahashi, the Cuphead moron)
    350 - Chelsea tweets about TechRaptor on Steam curation
    353 - general Phil Fish/Fez stuff
    356 - Maya (Felix) Kramer & Anita Sarkeesian FB pics
    379 – Jan 2018 LA tindr hit on Chelsea’s profile
    380 – Lowtax & Chelsea tweeting about Wu
    386 – Cyber Monday purchase of mail order jellyfish
    390 – Tingler game is being ported to non-Steam platforms
    394 – flipping on furries
    396 – Chelsea on a podcast with a Hyper Light Drifter dev

    Pages 401-500: The Chuck Tingle KS is late Saga
    February 2017-August 2018

    402 – Adult Swim bump for Chelsea/Crash Override Network
    410 – Samantha Bee retweets animation/programming by Eron; goes viral, socjus internet freakout
    429 – Chelsea’s book gets Hugo nomination
    440 – discussion of Tingler game being a year late
    444 – Chuck Tingle Reddit AMA
    446 – Chelsea’s voice-over segments in ROM 2064
    454 – Candace Owens talks about Zoe Quinn on Joe Rogan podcast
    458 – Goddess Mode comic announced
    469 – Chelsea is an activist Field Medic
    473 – Chelsea acknowledges Chloe Segal self-immolation
    482 – GOG.com tweet about game journos, Chelsea rakes them over the coals for it
    488 – WIRED facebook video interviewing Chelsea, Robbi about comic
    494 – Chelsea tweets angrily at Elon Musk
    499 – Chelsea’s BrokenDollz video intro, audition line pic

    Pages 501-600: The Comic Book Saga
    August 2018-January 2019

    501 – Chelsea tweeting mad about Star Control IP in Brad Wardell’s hands
    503 – Chelsea’s book doesn't win a Hugo award, but was runner-up in its category
    507 – Chelsea confirmed on Heart Machine unannounced project
    508 – Robbi Rodriguez tweets his butthole to an enemy figure in #comicsgate
    511, 515 – tweets to Chuck Tingle of “where is game?”
    518 – oilbasedtaint twitter account, breast augmentation discussion
    520 – Sid Alpha’s Dirty Devs video on Chelsea
    523 – SidAlpha makes video calling Tingler a scam, gets dogpiled by people connected to Chelsea
    525 – old tweet of Chelsea admitting DDOS to TFYC
    526 – Chelsea tweets about comicsgate, tries to slide into the controversy not about her
    530 – Chelsea’s japan vacation, mombot roasts her
    556 – comic preview pages (art & color, no text)
    577 – Goddess Mode #1 links and archive
    585 – Goddess Mode #2 previews, digital numbers hinted at, Laura Hudson fired & writes puffpiece for Chelsea on way out
    If this belongs in another thread, my apologies; I looked and couldn't find one to post this in.
    Zoe's GG memoir is being vetted for a movie, which will undoubtedly bring up all the corruption and censorship issues that were never really dealt with.


    Apparently they're trying to get Scarlet Johansson to play the role of Zoe...
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    #1 anusaurus, Nov 7, 2015
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    anusaurus the ass is love

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    Alan Pardew

    Alan Pardew MoleeloM
    Staff Member Moderator True & Honest Fan

  2. Didn't think to look for gamergate, duh on my part. I checked for Zoe, Quinn and SJW as thread titles and didn't see anything that wasn't locked.
    I'm sure she's going to be doing interviews soon, which could be full of ridiculous claims about how she was unfairly targeted by those big bad online gamers.
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    anusaurus the ass is love

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    The Colonel

    True & Honest Fan

  3. It's really depressing that this charlatan (and others like her) gets to see so much media coverage. Not to mention the fact that it's just going to make gamers look even worse than they already do thanks to GG. What a progressive era we live in! wow
    Bet you anything they're going to downplay the whole "she was a manipulative cheating bitch and that's why her ex was so upset" angle, too.
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    wheat pasta

    wheat pasta You're not real! Fuck you!

  4. Don't forget trampling the Constitution and using a law intended to protect real abuse victims to silence criticism of herself, possibly creating a precedent weakening these tools for real victims.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  5. I wouldn't get my hopes up. They may try to spin this into an movie about a woman attempting to overcome institutional oppression. Hollywood isn't exactly known for strictly following the facts, especially if they think the facts get in the way of a successful movie either critically or commercially. And I think I could see critics blindly praising a movie about a woman attempting to overcome institutional oppression.
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    The Giver

    The Giver Better at Inertia than Galileo

  6. Isn't it weird that this book is not even close to being released and there are already talks about a movie? Harry Potter took at least 4 years before the first book turned into a movie. Or is this kind of thing normal?

    Also, for such an important and accomplished gamedev and totally not a con artist, there's been barely no mention or updates about Camp's Not Dead (some FMV game with Greg Sestero) or Rebel Jam. CNP was last updated in November of last year, and who the fuck knows where Rebel Jam is.
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    Dork Of Ages

    Dork Of Ages Sopa de Macaco

  7. If it's made it will be as fucking ridiculous as that SVU episode.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  8. Hopefully.

    But what if they get a really talented screenwriter that just takes the bare bones outline of the story and doesn't care about the facts?
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    The Giver

    The Giver Better at Inertia than Galileo

  9. What the fuck is there to cover in a movie? Are we going to see 2 hours of Scarlett Johansson checking twitter and looking sad?

    Will she be able to get the cap off?
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    Batman VS Tony Danza

    Batman VS Tony Danza The Eternal Struggle
    True & Honest Fan

  10. it's going to be about the GamerGate controversy of 2014. that was when a bunch of men formed an elite team to terrorize women and minorities because they couldn't get laid. Zoe Quinn was the main target because she's extremely attractive and intelligent, which makes men uncomfortable. the movie will document her remarkable triumphs dealing with GamerGate and will hopefully inspire all men to buy point and click video "games" about mood disorders.
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  11. Considering some of the people in it are basically real people, portraying them as villains and criminals would make it worthwhile for some contingency lawyer to sue everyone involved for libel.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  12. Forgive my ignorance of law (totally not my bag), but I was imagining something akin to The Social Network. That movie was very well written (One of my fav movies of the past few years, tbh) and definitely unfair to some of the people involved. Why would the case of the Zoe Quinn film be any different?

    Specifically, how would the treatment of certain personalities in the Zoe Quinn film differ from the negative treatment of the Winklevoss twins in Social Network?
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    The Giver

    The Giver Better at Inertia than Galileo

  13. They were portrayed as gigantic douchebags, which they kind of are, but not as criminals or anything actionable. Just being portrayed as a douchebag isn't libelous. It's also not like the Winkelvoss twins are shy about suing, either.

    Zuckerberg also didn't come off very well.

    Another major difference is people like Eron Gjoni are not public figures who can basically be criticized at will. He might be a limited public figure of some sort in relation to matters of public interest he's become involved in, but he's not really an all purpose public figure, like Zuckerberg or (arguably) the Winkelvoss twins.

    So without libelous portrayals of a bunch of people Quinn has smeared, you don't really have a movie. Anyone putting money into it would want to water down that shit, so you might have composite characters made up of a number of people and then portray that guy as a villain, while claiming any resemblance to actual people is coincidental.

    Basically, if the movie came out the way SJWs would want it to, it would be libel bait.

    Since nobody wants to wander into that quagmire, though, they'll have to water it down. So the SJWs are likely to hate any libel-proofed version of this story about a swindling con artist being portrayed as a victim.
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    AnOminous sittin in the fabled catbird seat
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  14. I guess that just feels completely viable to me. A good screenwriter would know to collapse those people into one non-recognizable character. And the overall narrative wouldn't have to change that much, regardless of how far from reality the film's narrative would stray.

    On the whole, I guess what I am saying is that Hollywood is into using that shit as a means to baiting good reviews (and awards) despite the facts. And I could see them trying to pull that shit in the case of Zoe Quinn.
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    The Giver

    The Giver Better at Inertia than Galileo

  15. [​IMG]

    Um... they look about as similar as Father Abaddon to my RL self.
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    DykesDykesChina Human/Science

  16. yea Scarlet Johansson just isn't pretty enough to play Zoe.
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  17. So when the movie flops, will she blame gamergate too?
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    The Colonel

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  18. A movie?

    I guarantee it's a online, straight to DVD, independent film that only Tumblr will watch
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