Dramacow Zoe Quinn / Chelsea Van Valkenburg / Locke Valentine / @UnburntWitch / @Primeape / CrashOverride - Cunt, slept with 5 guys, Con Artist, ruined own life & blamed neckbeards, ANTIFA field medic


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>no one posted it
If one thread regular has to suffer, so do the rest of you:
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For context, he's studying to be a game dev in Australia(in case there was any confusion that it might be regarding comics or "narrative designing")

So contextually in that tweet exchange, the Japan trip is somehow related to being a game dev? Must be tied to the Heart-Machine project I mentioned earlier, but it's hard to say since the syntax is vague.
Reminder that she has string implants, which are illegal in the US, specifically due to health complications, and that's why she's as busty as she is right now. One of them began proliferating and had to be fixed last year.

Sissy Galvez

In Zoe's case her tweets imply that she's in Tokyo "working" and that whoever she's "working" for paid for the trip. Regardless of what people suspect to be the truth, it's hard to actually prove she's lying so she skates.
Didn’t she go to Europe too within the last year? I swear she travelled to UK or some shit. If it wasn’t a “work trip” I bet it will be retconned as one too.

Also, where’s all the book advance money? Oh right, went to new tits and who knows what else.


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She got them in October of 2016.

I don't have the time to go flag down the exact point in this thread it was discussed, so here's cliff's notes from the others:

From @Hellfire:

Looking at the records, Chelsea went in for breast implants in October 2016, then pulled her "I'm not a woman" lie shortly after she had a problem with one. While it got her attention and probably money from idiots, the timing seems to point to her doing it as a way to silence criticism about her co-opting queerness with regards to the Chuck Tingle garbage, which was going around Tumblr or wherever at the time.

ETA: Of course Chelsea being butthurt was the reason, she had to cry about it in the now-deleted post. http://archive.li/CzM8r
From @GethN7:

She likely has a type of breast implant that is generally not used much these days and even illegal in some areas. The simplest way to explain is that it causes the tissue underneath the skin to swell up, thus naturally enlarging the breasts.

Unfortunately, these are dangerous because if they don't stop constantly aggravating the tissue and aren't removed in time, they can become basically impossible to remove and can cause respiratory concerns because your breasts literally don't stop swelling up. It's even possible for this to eventually kill you.

The reason I believe this to be true was due to the term "reproducing". Saline and silicone can't "reproduce", but this form of implant can:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polypropylene_breast_implants (NSFW)

This is what can happen if you get these:

I'm having trouble digging up the part where she admitted to getting a breast enlargement but for fuck's sake you only need to compare her pictures recently to her earlier nudes. Hopefully one of the other Kiwis has better luck digging these up.


Are you now, or have you ever been?
Oh goody! String implants! Enjoy your sepsis you stupid bitch. There's a reason those were made illegal in the United States.

There is no way someone is going to fly you to Japan to be an "idea man". Shit is a thousand times more cost effective to skype.
and to paraphrase the movie Kill Bill Vol. 1, they don't like women* and absolutely hate Americans*.

(*in the boardroom, telling them what to do with their businesses/corporations)

Oh Shit I'm Sorry

Looks like Chuck Tingle is doing his weekly "I am not part of Project Tingle" twit sperging.

I wonder if her regrets touching the Chelsea Tar Baby?


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I hope people keep asking Tingle where the game is even if it actually comes out (lol) just because he loses his mind every time someone does.

BREAKING NEWS.... Project Tingle kickstarter has been updated! (for backers only....)

CHOOO CHOOO! Here comes the excuse train!



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"working on ways to bring on some assistance."

i.e. Will blow for code.

Five guys should be enough.
It's a 2 hour long flash game. I'm pretty sure it's physically impossible to require more than 80 fucking grand to develop, even for the most exceptional individual out there. It's not like they're using fucking George Clooney either it's a bunch of random nobodies and a fat internet asshole.

"I had to get day jobs"

Isn't that what the Patreon dosh is for though?


Instead of "where's the game?" people should start asking her "where'd all the fucking money go?"


How badly do you estimate Goddess Mode will sell? Worse than the average social justice Marvel schlock or slightly better?
People are fond of Spider Gwen but it doesn't look like the gimmick of Sailor Moon But In The Internet was particularly wowing anybody. What was SG doing, like 20-30k on average? I think the very first issue might roughly that, and then steadily drop from there.


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"established in the field"
So this job that requires her to fly to Tokyo, did her duties include splurging money and whining about the lack of money after splurging all that money on an expensive field trip?

I hope people keep asking Tingle where the game is even if it actually comes out (lol) just because he loses his mind every time someone does.
Tingle did make a claim he's not working on a game which is funny because it contradicts an old tweet.
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>no one posted it
If one thread regular has to suffer, so do the rest of you:
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So she's sucking it in, clearly, unless she went to japan to get Lipo. But beyond that, note that she's using the mirror for the selfie but also photographing the mirror with a downward angle.

That's just a fucking myspace angle.

Interesting way to attempt to hide it, but come on, we can see the angles from fucking Brampton. :story:
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“Tl;dr: still working on it, just slower because I ran out of money a long time ago and had to get day job(s). also I have been working on ways to bring on some assistance with finishing it. also don’t yell at Chuck about it – shipping the game is on me.

”I mean one of the reasons it’s taking longer than I expected too is that I kinda released a hugo nominated book and had a 4-month tour but sure, bots that scream at me daily, I’m just a lazy scammer.

“Whoever told me as a kid that if I wanted the same respect as a man I had to work twice as hard severely underestimated that amount. I had to do the math for this recently and might as well share the info because maybe that’ll illustrate my point – In the last 5 months, more than 1 months worth of that time was spent doing consecutive all-nighters. One of those nights was my birthday.

First off she admits the money's gone and that's why she's not working on it much. Then immediately plays the woman card. "Oh noes, I have to work so hard."

You didn't post any fucking updates to KS in 8 months!!! It takes 5 minutes! You're not working hard you fucking cow! Wouldn't kill you to take 5 minutes of your month to post what you've been doing for the game. Oh but you can't, cuz you haven't fucking done anything.

Other kickstarters, whent he money runs out, it's an incentive to finish the fucking game so you can start selling it and get some money back. But she doesn't care, she got the money, spent it. Done. Moving on, gotta whore my book around that'll make me money.

God I fucking hate that bitch.

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