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Dramacow Zoe Quinn / Chelsea Van Valkenburg / Locke Valentine / @UnburntWitch / @Primeape / CrashOverrideCunt, slept with 5 guys, Con Artist, ruined own life & blamed neckbeards, ANTIFA field medic

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by anusaurus, Nov 7, 2015.

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  1. She can't program or write either but that hasn't stopped her from shitting up video games and comics.
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    BatNapalm Killed Captain Clown

  2. Any intelligent publisher buffers issues so 2-3 issues might be done in some capacity already, from her side of writing it and getting paid, meaning that she can "take an hiatus" to focus on other things "to finance the completion of..." in February or March because that's all she wrote back in June 2018 and the check has already been cashed.

    Quinn is pretty much the gif of Lisa Simpson saying "LOOK AT ME! A girl playing football!" and then everyone pointing her to the equipment every other girl uses. A dollar late and a buck to short.
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    #11442 Smaug's Smokey Hole, Dec 4, 2018 at 12:16 PM
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    Smaug's Smokey Hole

    Smaug's Smokey Hole Fus Ro Dank

  3. That "Pictures of Sad Children" comic had the creator go insane and actually burn the books he was supposed to mail out. Though I guess even that doesn't count because he did, technically, create what he said he would and allegedly some people did get the product. Maybe that's what Zoe should do; get so "overwhelmed" by her demons and creativity battling for her soul she burns the set and all the shitty props and posts a video of that on the KS.
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  4. Imagine if it was someone like a conservative or someone who didn’t toe the social justice line that scammed $80k in Kickstarter funds. It would be blasted all over every degenerate gaming site, we’d never hear the end of it as they dug the knife deeper. Several of Zoe Quinn’s supporters/friends have scammed Kickstarter (Elizabeth Sampat, Kiva Bay, etc) not to mention many are social justice grifters on Patreon and twitter.

    If Daniel Vavra’s game had been a failure instead of a huge success they would have never let him live it down vs the passive aggressive shit they pulled when it came out (virtue signaling they weren’t reviewing it, ignoring it, then begrudgingly admitting it was good but reminding everyone he’s problematic).

    The excuse they’re thinking is “well we don’t want to start a new harassment campaign or *gasp* support/agree with goober grape!!”. Well ok, just makes you look like biased idiots even more.
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  5. It's always worked for her so far.
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  6. There was a similar situation with Milo Yianopoulos and his privilege grant. Milo collected a bunch of money from his fandom and then went on to do other things. I never followed gamergate very closely, but whenever I saw Milo mentioned by the press they would call him an asshole for being a conservative troll and ignore the actual shady stuff he got up to.

    Milo also ties back into this thread. If not for Zoe would we have ever heard of Milo, Sargon, Matt Jarbo, or Candice Owens? It seems like Zoe has launched as many cow careers as she has destroyed. I wonder what Zoe thinks about when Candice Owens is getting @tweeted by Kanye West and appearing at political events, while Zoe is getting @stalked by Jake Alley and making comic books that people will only buy to roast.
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    True & Honest Fan

  7. Don’t forget trying to memory hole that embarrassing UN testimony she gave and the subsequent document about censoring the internet and games being a gateway to hate crimes and harassment.
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  8. They all steal money in shady scams themselves so it wouldn't strike them that it was even bad to do that.

    It's the being right wing part that they don't like. If he did the same shit or even much worse but was saying orange man bad they'd love him.
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    AnOminous life of the mind
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  9. Unless if she's just personality jumping like she's career jumping on a daily basis.
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    Snowflake Buster

    Snowflake Buster Bustin' special snowflakes makes me feel good

  10. They did try that, but quickly gave up. I remember seeing people trying to say the game was a scam because the final battle wasn't as big as the one in the trailer. I think that narrative didn't gain any traction because A: The battle was still in the game, just smaller. And B: The backers were told that it would have to be down scaled during development and most were okay with it.
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  11. I look forward and also simultaneously dread the increasing probability that this thread will one day have to be moved into animal control because Zoe becomes the latest grifter and drama whore to hit the furry community.

    I'm torn between "furries already have enough of this shit gtfo" and "yes, please scam the dumb antifa furcucks out of their money and start furrygate thank you mommy lolmilk."
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    Feline Darkmage

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  12. The furry community might just be a tad too degenerate even for Chelsea to squeeze her bloated ass into. But that said, a whore's work is never done and where there's cash and most importantly, attention to tard cum, there's a Zoe.
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  13. If you're referring to that blog post from some time ago when she "came out" as "'«non-binary»'", a gender for the highest caliber of assholes who love entryism, she beleted it once people did the only thing Zoe can't stand.

    They pointed and laughed at her transparent attempt.

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  14. @MyOtherNicknameIsAPun reposted it but it's hard to believe that was January 2017, almost 2 years ago. You mentioning it made me thumb back through the thread on and off for half the day and struggled to find the right keywords to search/page number(346 was one of them) it. I think I'll re-read everything sometime soon and try to abridge the highlights/gallery all photos for recap reference on the eventual page 600 or something.
    • page 297 - book draft archive
    • page 307 - epub & .pdf final retail copy of Crash Override
    • page 319 - mom's book review :story:
    • page 336 - TheJakePost
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  15. Chelsea's thread has reached "Index" tier
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  16. So who else thought it was Zoe at the Game Awards?
    a tranny
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  17. Got a screencap for us?
  18. Lena Raine, music dev for Celeste.


    /v/ had about 10 threads up about trannies & traps last night. Apparently he's 6 foot 3, 200+ lbs and the bangs are actually a combover.
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    #11458 Haramburger, Dec 7, 2018 at 4:03 PM
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  19. What's so fucking hard about going to a beauty salon and just telling them you want bangs?
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    AnOminous life of the mind
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  20. The part where you have male pattern baldness and thus no bangs.
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    LoverofPi Mmmmm, delicious pi.

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