Dramacow Zoe Quinn / Chelsea Van Valkenburg / Locke Valentine / @UnburntWitch / @Primeape / CrashOverride - Cunt, slept with 5 guys, Con Artist, ruined own life & blamed neckbeards, ANTIFA field medic

Judge Holden

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And now Zoey is Genderfluid again. I wish I had something snarky to say but this person and her constant act to make her life look like a crazy soap opera is so fundamentally boring at this point.

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View attachment 821516
Funny how she shits this out the moment she starts getting backlash for her "HAHAHAH LOL THE FAGGOT CHINK GOT BEATEN INTO BRAIN DAMAGE.....btw plz gib support for my suffering at the hands of nasty internet comments" schtick

Oh Shit I'm Sorry

I think Zoe is letting the meme game rot because once it will be marked as failure she won't be able to do any more shit on Kickstarter. As per their rules:

I doubt Zoe can convince them she's doing anything to make good on a promise.
That's what fig is for

Forget the kickstarter game, remember that game jam she was getting money for pre and during GamerGate, has no one called her out for that.
It's been memory-holed alongside the time she sexually harassed the Valhalla guy and the CON logs.

Clark Griswold

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Coming out as They is the most middle class shit possible.

Id live to see her get her teeth punched out at a protest, just so reality can kick in, but that would probably lead to more pity bux.

Fake tits, Push-up bras, hair extensions, short skirts, thick makeup, weeb costume jewelry and the most conventionally female gender presentation imaginable while hopping on every dick in sight - but Chelsea doesn't identify as female, you see. That's just far too ordinary for her.

Anyone demanding to be called "they" is just a narcissistic moron with zero real problems in their life wanting to feel important. It works, too, among the most pathetic soy segments of the population. Look at all those sad cucks in her twitter mentions tonguing her ass over it.


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Forget the kickstarter game, remember that game jam she was getting money for pre and during GamerGate, has no one called her out for that.
The difficulty is that we have no idea how much she received. The money went straight to her personal PayPal and she’s since let the domain lapse. She did this scam at the peak of the GamerGate moral panic, when thirsty goony beard men were throwing money at m’ladies, so my bet would be on it being a substantial sum of money that went in to Chelsea’s general fund.
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So in what context is she gender fluid considering she has no masculine or androgenous traits and is a massive girly girl?
In the context of making xerself super special, which I’ll admit describes every single one of these people.

I think we’ve seen enough bearded troons to know that appearance or actions are irrelevant. Simply proclaim yourself to be a lady, or a banana, and await the Twitter plaudits for your stunning bravery.

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