Zombie Minecraft - for autistics


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7 Days to Die is pretty damn fun. had to uninstall it (and everything) though so im probably gonna wait until a.17 before reinstalling

The handsome tard

So I scoop out his eyeballs with the spoon...
A18 is aids on framerate right now, run on medium/low
It went from "awful" to "Meh-ish"
I gotta play the game usually looking down or up to make the frames go faster.
With that said tho, the game is legit entertaining and hooking for the most part, blowing up the head of zombies with your club is very satisfying. If the frame rate is at least improved next updates, I might actually consider it really good (for now, its just alright, not awful but the frame rate is the killer to me and Im not even picky about FPS, as long it keeps it around 30, Im okay)

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