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Zoosadist Zoosadism MegathreadJoshua "Kero the Wolf" Hoffman & Friends.

Discussion in 'Animal Control' started by Reality Doctor, Sep 16, 2018.

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If you really had to who would you sex?

  1. a dead cat

  2. a dead dog

  3. a dead tarantula

  4. darksydephil

  1. If the only purpose for registering an account here is to inform users that you have contacted the authorities in your country, that you have gone to the UN or that you have been to an embassy to inform on someone you kinda sorta think may have abused a dog, don't bother. Please.


    This thread is hard to stomach.
    You've been warned.


    Kero the Wolf / Glowfox / SnakeThing / Emberwolf

    Screenshot_2018-09-22 TRIGGER WARNING THREAD on Twitter.png Screenshot_2018-09-22 TRIGGER WARNING THREAD on Twitter(1).png

    some defense video some faggot made[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    https://kiwifarms.net/archive/Kero the Wolf/KERO_THE_WOLF_IS_INNOCENT-D_aLamBkR6I.webm

    InternetAristocrat video on it, mostly just reading some chatlogs, though it has screenshots of summaries of videos.

    Page 1
    - Pictures from Tor that Woof had downloaded showing a tied up rottweiler with buttons sewn over its eyes he was fond of.
    - Dismembered rotting dogs, especially genitals.
    - Tied up dogs.
    - Endless genital and penetrative shots of his own animals.
    - That screenshot I posted early regarding the sharpened wooden stick covered in ants.

    Page 2
    - Dead puppies bound with electrical tape.
    - Snakes, these pictures include full body shots of a white man. Not sure if that's Woof.
    - Decapitated puppies being fucked.
    - What appears to be a knife and choker collar inside an orifice.

    Page 3 has no thumbnails, just conversation.
    - Woof links to a LiveLeak video of a decapitated snake in boiling water swimming.
    - They're talking about adding someone to "the forest".



    I interrupt that particularly sad episode with this interesting bit:
    https://twitter.com/zoodonym/status/1041321103220793344 (archive)
    zs1.png zs2.png zs3.png zs4.png
    A zoophile, who was formerly in one of those closed social media bubbles I talked about earlier, has emerged to out a number of people he believes to be zoosadists. Too bad he managed to use the worst possible methods (Telegram? Seriously?) to disseminate that evidence; cleaning up after it and verifying it all is going to be hard.
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    #1 Reality Doctor, Sep 16, 2018
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  2. I'm surprised I haven't seen more shit about that zoophile outing other zoophiles, but I kind of think it won't catch on too fast because it's kind of a case of people in glass houses throwing stones.

    A zoophile saying "well those guys there are the bad zoophiles" is gonna get looked at like a crazy, disgusting person by everyone else, and whatever is in their message is likely to get ignored even if they have good and useful info.
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  3. Oh yeah man, Sonic Fox, totally a "zoosadist".

    What the fuck even is that term?

    EDIT: Here's a bit of poetry for tonight: A dog fucker bitching about other dog fuckers doesn't make him any less of a dog fucker.

    EDIT 2: I've been going through that guy's tweets and the thing that strikes me as suspicious is that in the majority of his screenshots nobody has any avatars, which can mean 2 things:

    1) He made up those accounts (AND the evidence) and is a dumbass who's not very good at cooking up drama


    2) he's actually blocked every single of these people before he took those screenshots, which... honestly makes it easy for these people to claim he's made the whole thing up. Not really smart either way.
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    #3 Tron: Deadly Dicks, Sep 17, 2018
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    Tron: Deadly Dicks

    Tron: Deadly Dicks *notices ur beam*

  4. I assume a zoophile who is a sadist, someone who gets off on hurting animals.

    edit to be 100% clear: i mean they get off on hurting animals more than raping an animal normally harms them, and they specifically enjoy the pain that the animal experiences
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    #4 Frogasm, Sep 17, 2018
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  5. I fail to see how this is any different from the bog standard dogfucker.
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    lolwut 8-bit Befuddlement
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  6. You have evidence that people are raping and murdering animals. Apparently including video evidence, too. Do you:

    a) call the damn cops
    b) make a callout tweet and start sharing the evidence in groups you created on telegram

    Which way, furry man.
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  7. Zoosadism involves inflicting extra violence in addition to raping the animal. A number of ordinary zoophiles wind up killing their animals, but it's usually through infection, or toxic shock, or other physical ill effects that aren't strictly "intentional". Zoosadists get off on intentionally inflicting injury and don't bother attempting to justify themselves with the whole wuvvy-duvvy consent spiel. There's not many of them around compared to your bog-standard dogfucker, but they are extremely scarce and secretive for obvious reasons.

    There exists a TOR-only site dedicated to zoosadism called Animal's Nightmare. I have no idea if anyone has attempted to infiltrate it. It's apparently been around for a while.
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    #7 Reality Doctor, Sep 17, 2018
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  8. Humanity was a mistake
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  9. So, honest furries then
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  10. Good fucking lord I figured out why he was using Telegram to "distribute evidence". This isn't some dossier, this is practically an archived channel history full of dogfucking porn RARs.

    The bad news is that a few users already deleted their accounts, and now a lot of the logs look like this because Telegram has deleted the group so many times and banned the accounts he used to spread this and add commentary. Fascinating how that gets removed but not Tight_Doe.wmv


    However there's still a handful of users who didn't clean up so I'll post their handles and avatars here for posterity.

    Snek / @HissHissHisss


    Akela / @AkelaZ / Zoodonym


    Yami the Wolf / YamiTheWolf1 -- One of the deleted accounts admits to being a "Yami the Wolf from twitter" in chat and I absolutely did not need to double check who this was. What is included for this guy is a 38.5MB RAR full of uncensored chat logs and images to boot, which I deleted after bleaching my eyes.


    Rustlenova(internet issues) Bigg (open PMs.) / @Bigbootydog


    Sephius Rivendare / @Sephius


    Reawrer / @Rerrererer / Rauwr / @Rawrre


    Kiba Pawsome / @KibaPawsome


    Jace Shepherd / @JaceShepherd




    I think some members had a falling out with one another because the leakers post incriminating logs from between one another, and it's all tl;dr and gross to read and basically I can't stomach watching these people post pictures of their pets because you know damn well what they are doing to them.

    There are a bunch of rars with exported chat logs complete with images but they are gross and not funny. I'm not sure why SonicFox et al were tagged into the conversation because they don't seem to have anything to do with this zoophile ring.

    Generally this is a non-happening because a) who the fuck are these people and b) dogfuckers are almost always underground with the exception of the weird old ones like Kobidobidog
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  11. did you actually see videos of people killing puppies with their dicks or was that all hype
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  12. They're trying to tag every popufur for attention.
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    CIA Nigger

    CIA Nigger someone anonymous who calls themselves CIA N[slur]
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  13. Looks like the account got axed or renamed.
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    That Darn Mimic

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  14. Aw man I missed the party, anyone got the link to logs? I don't think I want the footage and other visual material, just wanna look up looks to see if there are any familiar names.
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  15. Here's archive with fucky shit removed, doesn't seem to have everything, it was from the early channel t.me/lollolololololololol

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    totse hardcore faggot

  16. Kero The Wolf molested his dog.

    Someone just passed this on to me:


    These are the complete logs that were partially presented in this twitter thread:


    Allegedly, in them, furry youtuber "Kero The Wolf" discusses his desire to have sex with a 4 year old boy and laments the fact his dog died because he had too few opportunities to torture and molest him.

    I don't know anything about furries so IDK if this guy is a big deal and can't make a thread about him.


    Kero is denying the accusations

    EDIT 2:

    (I am getting regular updates on this)

    His claim he was hacked was already refuted and people are getting the police involved.

    EDIT 3:

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    oddish itsa me, oddguy

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    Jangarango Get in line, ladies

  17. This sounds like an actually interesting development considering everyone else in that zoophile ring was totally irrelevant. But this guy has 22k Twitter followers and 109k YouTube subs.

    Anyone familiar with Telegram will know that's it quite difficult to get "hacked" because a phone number is required to sign in, and then you need to enter an auth code from another authenticated device. You can't sign in with a username alone.
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    #19 trsh, Sep 19, 2018
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  18. Yeah that much is true but this whole thing about "VPN means you're up to no good and you know it" / "VPN means everything is secure and your account could not have been compromised" is a little off base
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    totse hardcore faggot

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