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Ben Garrison was inspired from the Romney fiasco last weekend saying it's RINOs hunting season, lol.

Never Trumper Mitt Romney was heckled and booed as he gave a speech at the Utah Republican Convention. Mittens was not pleased and shouted at the Republican delegates, “Aren’t you embarrassed?” No Mitt, Utah is embarrassed of you being a tone deaf senator who ignores what Utah voters think. Romney’s vote to impeach President Trump keeps coming back to haunt him as the delegates shouted “you suck” and “traitor” from the audience. Romney is only one of many RINOs that invest the GOP. These old establishment republicans do not realize it’s open season on RINOS. They can not accept that the Republican party is now Trump’s party. In 2022 RINOs will have a big target on their backs as America First candidates are springing up all over the country to take their seats.


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Ben Garrison was inspired from the Romney fiasco last weekend saying it's RINOs hunting season, lol.
Here is the art


Didnt he hate the Republican party until drump got it?
Before he became a trump dickrider he was a cartoonist for hire in general I believe. I think there are some of those comics in the thread somewhere, including some honest to god anti fascist and anti police comics. Not present day antifa levels of crazy but more stock criticism of how things looked.

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So, all branches of US politics has been rife with identity politics since forever?

What is this supposed to be?
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"Banana-republic Capitol dome." Jeb isn't in office anywhere, the other three won their last elections so I guess they just shrugged off the rounds being shot at them in 2020?

Ben is the cartoon picture definition in the dicitonary of "Repubicans who can't admit Biden beat Trump fair and square." No really, if you look up the term you see a picture of Garrison drawing himself on the dictionary page right next to its entry.


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Apparently "Black Lives Matterhorn" has been trending on twitter


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Apparently "Black Lives Matterhorn" has been trending on twitter
Well because he made this



I’ve never been to DisneyLand or DisneyWorld. I never had a desire to go—even as a kid. I did watch the usual classic Disney films and cartoons, however. My favorite cartoon was “Pinocchio,” and my favorite movie was “Darby O’Gill and the Little People.” Starring Sean Connery, no less.

Disney cartoons and films are now being censored by the company itself. Disney is ‘woke’ and teaching critical race theory to their employees.

Puritanical movements have occurred regularly throughout history. Condemnation, irrationality, book burning, and even death occurred. Yet this time it the puritanism is emanation not from some religious fanatic on the right, but rather the so called liberal left. The ‘woke’ are intolerant, censorious, accusatory, and paranoid. They see racism everywhere and white people must pay. Well, they may not pay to go to Disneyland or watch Disney products anymore. That’s a good thing.

—Ben Garrison

PS The “M” word is MOUSE!

Not to be retarded but given mouse is the accurate word to describe Mickey and "The M Word" is clearly an allegory for Nigger, I wonder how Ben views black people.

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