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Aug 2, 2021
So you private companies should be able to revoke services or products based on political differences?
Um, yes?

Free speech just means that the government can't arrest you for wrongthink. That doesn't make your fellow citizen obligated to respect what you have to say. Patreon shouldn't be forced to support his dumbass if they don't want to.

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Cute girls doing cute things
Aug 2, 2021
Ben's Halloween 2021 comic dropped today. Take a look:


Our annual GrrrGraphics Halloween cartoon this year features the legend of Sleepy Hollow. I wanted to title it, “The Legend of Sleepy, Hollow Joe,” but that didn’t have a good ring to it. So here is “The Legend of Creepy Hollow.”

The cartoon features Joe Biden as the Headless Horseman. Like that scary monster, Joe is capable of wreaking havoc even though he’s discombobulated most of the time.

He’s riding a progressive horse and galloping toward a socialist oblivion, even though many on the far left can’t stand him. Heck, Kamala doesn’t even like him. Obama is the gnarly tree overlooking the scene. He’s probably the guy that tells Biden what to do. On the branches we see Soros, who represents the mega-monied oligarchs. I did not have to exaggerate him. He already looks like a monster. Andrew Cuomo, a former governor, tangled a sticky web of sexual assault. He’s definitely deserves to inhabit Creepy Hollow. Above him flies Attorney General Merrick Garland.

You’ll probably recognize Nancy Pelosi as one of the pumpkins. The other is Alec Baldwin. He has murdered an innocent woman and it was no act. Maybe the NRA can teach Alec something about gun safety.

Many others deserve to be featured here—especially the monster known as Dr. Fauci, but he’s so vile and evil that he deserves his own cartoon. You can count on us to draw them.

Enjoy the Halloween weekend and ignore the hectoring, Puritan woke purveyors of critical race theory. As H.L Mencken once said, Puritanism is the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.
Happy Halloween!

It was only a matter of time before be mocked Baldwin for the shooting lmao
Happy Halloween Kiwis

In case any of you were wondering what this was, Tina Toon made two comics attacking Fauci for his puppy rape dungeon:



Dr. Fauci was caught using US taxpayer money to fund the torture of helpless beagles in Tunisia. Fauci is facilitating cruel and unnecessary experimentation on dogs. The NIH, which is led by Fauci, sent $378,800 in taxpayer money to a lab in Tunisia to infest dogs with biting parasites. The dogs were drugged so they could not move and their heads were placed in mesh boxes where thousands of sand flies were released and basically ate the dog’s face while it was still alive. The dogs’ vocal cords were cut so the staffers would not be bothered by the puppies screaming out in pain.

Sounds like a horror movie?

No, this is REAL LIFE HORROR. Anyone with a conscience can see this is torture!

The photo of the beagles with their heads inside the mesh cages is so disturbing we will not post it here.

What’s even MORE disturbing is that the FDA does not require drugs to be tested on dogs, so why the need for such testing?

Fauci will never admit he lied, he will go on escaping accountability and keep stretching the truth to cover his ass.

Ask yourself this, if the NIH and Fauci can happily spend taxpayer money to torture and murder puppies, why not murder people, too?

Will you be next?

Your children?

Nazi medical Doctor Josef Mengele, known as “The Angel of Death” would be proud of Fauci and his NIH.

It’s time to put Fauci before a military tribunal for crimes against humanity.

Even better, should Fauci be given the “puppy treatment” let’s give the evil soulless Doctor a dose of his own medicine!

Hang in there Snoopy, help is on the way, beagles unite!





The child sniffer and the child killer are coming for your children. Joe Biden, current resident of the White House, thinks it’s okay to give the clot-shot to children as young as five.

The FDA’s panel of “vaccine advisors” voted 17-0 to approve Pfizer’s Covid vaccine children 5 to 11 years of age.

Following a formal approval from the FDA and the CDC, the agency’s director, Comrade Rochelle Walensky, will give a final approval.

Children could start getting their vaccines as early as next week.

Are you ready to fight for your child’s life? Children are at almost zero risk of dying from covid. The risks from the experimental clot shot are much higher.

The FDA even admit they don’t know what the long term risks to children will be.

“We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it,” one of the FDA’s voting members said on Tuesday.

Your kid will be the FDA’s “guinea pig” for them to learn about the side effects of the jab. You don’t want to give your kid the “gift” of myocarditis (dead heart muscle) for Christmas do you?

Remember this will never end. They plan booster shots…forever.

In fact the Washington Post even said the quiet part out loud, “you will never be fully vaccinated”

Fauci and the CDC will keep jabbing you from cradle to grave.

“These people are sick”

Fauci is the sickest.

If Fauci, who lied to Congress about gain of function, can torture puppies and monkeys, what does he plan for your children?

Fauci lied Puppies died. Don’t let it become “Fauci lied Children died.”

A mandate is NOT a law.

The Constitution stands and is not suspended for a “plannedemic”

Don’t comply! Save the children.



anthropomorphic racing
Jul 6, 2020
It's impressive how cluttered that cartoon is with completely unnecessary and unrelated shit.
I'm guessing the main point Ben is trying to make is that Biden is headless, killing everyone with Jabs / Mandates and Kamala is the one actually leading the nation?
But why did this retard include an Obama tree with random Persons as Owls? And what is he trying to tell me with the Trump, Communism and Hillary pumpkins?
To top it all off, he writes an entire essay explaining every single metaphor in his cartoon. Isn't the reader supposed to figure it out by themselves? And I haven't even talked about the labels. There is so much wrong with his work and I can't understand how Ben's cartoons keep getting worse.

Baloney Face

Full of baloney.
Nov 12, 2016
Biden as the Headless Horseman could be an amusing trope, but he spoils it by putting in everyone he hates at once. Too fancy-schmancy (a little Jewish lingo there).

Also a question about this bit:


Is that supposed to be Trump? It looks like him but makes no sense in context.
Or who is it I'm not recognizing?

Geoff Peterson
Dec 16, 2019
Biden as the Headless Horseman could be an amusing trope, but he spoils it by putting in everyone he hates at once. Too fancy-schmancy (a little Jewish lingo there).

Also a question about this bit:

View attachment 2675533

Is that supposed to be Trump? It looks like him but makes no sense in context.
Or who is it I'm not recognizing?
It's Alec Baldwin, Ben would never make a Trumpkin because then he wouldn't be able to depict him with an immaculate physique and eighteen inch penis.

Almighty MoeBro Nation

Cute girls doing cute things
Aug 2, 2021
yeah of all the Ben Garrison cartoons, this is one of the Ben Garrison-est in a while


There’s a substantive rumor out of Rome that Joe Biden had an ‘accident’ while meeting with the Pope. A change of suits was involved. Why are we telling you this? Why is it important? Because Sleepy Joe has already exhibited mental incompetence.

Now he’s displaying his incontinence.

Joe needs to be kept away from the nuclear football and be kept near the men’s room.

Joe is also emotionally incontinent. He thinks he’s fabulously popular when in fact, most Americans despise him. That’s why they chant “F___ Joe Biden!” at stadiums. Joe gets angry for no reason. He sniffs and gropes people on camera. He can’t help himself. He can’t control himself. He lapses into non-sequitur, rambling stories about his grandfather and other relatives that go nowhere.

Dementia Joe is completely corrupt. He stinks. Literally. No wonder he was seen standing way off to the far left and alone when a group photo of world leaders was taken. Few want to be around Joe when he has another one of his ‘accidents.’

— GrrrTeam




fbi most wanted sskealeaton
True & Honest Fan
May 25, 2013

Almighty MoeBro Nation

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Aug 2, 2021
yeah that's like, a single point
the true Ben experience is like, skimming at least ten of the top thirty headlines on Adolfs And Hitlerings, then mashing fifteen of them into a cartoon that's ostensibly about a single topic
I thought it was a pretty cursed image. Ben can get pretty gross when he wants to. This is the same guy that depicts Donald Trump as an oil laced bodybuilder and Hillary Clinton with a Kim Kardashian ass

Almighty MoeBro Nation

Cute girls doing cute things
Aug 2, 2021
"Brappin' Biden" by Ben "Smart feller and fart smeller" Garrison
View attachment 2707804

This one was almost good. Tag the hand "cropolite media" and label Kyle, get rid of the on the nose label.
View attachment 2707803

It's really weird how popular opinion is NOW the mark of a good president according to Garrison. As of today, Biden's popularity sits at 42.5%
Not a good number by any means, but this is still higher than Trump's presidential average (41%). Trump was never even able to break 50.

Donald approval rating.JPG

The Last Stand

RIP Betty White (1922-2021)
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Aug 17, 2018


This what many Democrats said about their loss in Virginia. We’ve heard it over and over. It’s a stupid excuse, but they seem to be doubling down on it. It’s equivalent to what Biden said on his campaign trail, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.”

You’re a racist if you don’t like your children being taught race hate and division in schools. You’re a racist if you want to have a say about what your children are being taught. You’re a racist if you want to control your own body and refuse illegally mandated vaccines, which aren’t vaccines at all but rather ineffective and unsafe experiments. Most of all, you’re a racist if you don’t like socialism.

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Many American voters, including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are fed up with higher taxes, increasing government tyranny, inflation, transgender delusion, and our culture being destroyed. Those voters include Asians, blacks, hispanics, and whites. It’s not about race. It’s about Americans wanting to keep what they earn and knowing their kids are being educated, not indoctrinated. It’s about Americans wanting to preserve their freedom.

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The recent election was not a dog whistle for racism. It was a giant horn sounding an alarm and a desire for change. It’s a loud “NO!” to CRT and socialism.

Such patriotic music brings hope to the ears of all of us who want an end to the totalitarianism the left wants to solidify.

— Ben Garrison

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That face is creepy as all hell.

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