Artcow "Zyklon Ben" / Ben Garrison / GarrisonGraphics / GrrrGraphics / RealBenGarrisonCartoons & his wife Tina Toon / Tina Norton - "Six Million Just Isn't Enough"; /pol/'s favorite cowboy cartoonist & Sam Hyde's murderous meme mentor (also his bitch who can't into art)


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Ben must've fought really hard with himself while drawing this, seeing that he managed to #resist and didn't draw Hillary with a massive ass and visible panties.
He's just in the mood for oral right now.


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Ben must've fought really hard with himself while drawing this, seeing that he managed to #resist and didn't draw Hillary with a massive ass and visible panties.
Maybe even his fans are telling him that his gross fetishes with Democratic women are not helping. Especially when they're atrocious beasts like Hillary.
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When he's not drawing political caricatures so over-exaggerated they look like the Street Artists at fairs that draw your portrait for $10, he can draw some nice looking cartoons. But all of his detailed faces just look like the street artists to me.

He just needs to draw regular people and not exclusively politicians who then need a few labels or overly-exaggerated facial features to identify them.
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Sperglord Dante

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That's actually pretty good. Well drawn, and it has a point.

I can also tell it's San Francisco without even a label.
I think it's meant to be Seattle, since they were the first to outright ban plastic straws.

Again, the hobo tentcity (with the needle and shit props) and the dipshit liberal could be located in NYC, Portland, San Fran, LA, Seatte or almost any other large blue city and the comic would still be valid.


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Blind government praise that earns Ben commission bux doesn't serve to improve our nation. It goes without saying the creators of the US government recognized government outreach as a massive problem, and our current government with social security, War on Drugs etc. is a far cry from a limited government. In my personal experience anything the government does is immediately victim to inefficiency. My dad many years ago worked at a VA hospital, and I have worked in local government, and these experiences only confirm my preconceptions.

If Ben wants low-hanging fruitlook what Democrats have done to the inner cities in the past 60 years.
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