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Shitposting displeases the Omnissiah
He's the "pick up artist" who runs (or ran?)

He also suggested that you should illegally record every sexual encounter you have so you can't get nailed for rape (as you'll have evidence that it was consensual).
I'm like 98% sure he also has said that, basically, it's impossible to actually rape women.

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Roosh also thinks that the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter and the MAGAbomber were DNC false flags, admitted to essentially living in his mom's basement, can't decide whether he's a Christian an Atheist or a Muslim, found Jesus after doing shrooms, and recently tried to repeat the events of 2015 when fan meet-ups for his sites were protested by feminists but no protesters showed up this time because nobody cares.

Why did he draw Bezos with Lady Liberty's torch, which lights the way to Freedom, as the tool of book turnings?
A corruption of liberty, where the corporations have taken what the state was meant to protect? ?
Clowns don’t burn books. A month ago he would’ve gone the obvious route and put Bezos in a nazi uniform, but honkler is a hot topic and he had to boomer it up.
Bezos sounds like Bozo.


Bougie von Savage

Tina Braun latest piece of art.
Also, notice a subtle detail besides the Candace label, how many waves the broom movement has on each side.
This is probably Tina's best artwork. Though, she's sharing a very partisan interpretation. All that happened was that Lieu called Owens out for her poorly construed argument about Hitler's nationalism and she fired back by saying he took it out of context.

I believe Owens was trying to make a valid point when she talked about Hitler's nationalism vs. globalism, but she couldn't find the words to edify. I can guarantee she wasn't trying to say, "Nah, Hitler was a pretty great guy, just like Trump."

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