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Scandinadian Bacon

Jim Webb 2020
What is this one supposed to represent? Fly unmanned drones around another country to initiate or stop war? Who is the cloud supposed to be?
The cloud is pretty clearly Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei, the current Supreme Leader of Iran.

If I had to take a guess as to the meaning? Ben is probably suggesting that if you fly close to a hurricane you should expect to get struck by lightning. And if you want to get struck by lightning, you should fly close to a hurricane. Probably many other ways to interpret this as well.

The Last Stand

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One of the better Tina Toons.
Too bad the boomer isn't holding a can of Monster.

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If I have to guess: middle age man points finger at 90s rebel caricature and 60s-70s era hippie character while the 00s Instagram millennial sits back while US culture is burning. Pointing fingers at each other of why the state of the country is in now. I don't know.


This is too damn busy. And why is the MAD logo in it?
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The Last Stand

Hope you had a great Madri Gras!
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What the fuck is carpe donktum?
Found it. Carpe Donktum is a meme creator in support of Donald Trump. Low quality memes on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Even has a Pateron as well. They were ecstatic that Ben Garrison gave them publicity.