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Found it. Carpe Donktum is a meme creator in support of Donald Trump. Low quality memes on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Even has a Pateron as well. They were ecstatic that Ben Garrison gave them publicity.

7 years ago when I played space station 13 I remember “put a banging donk on it” being a meme

If that is some how still relevant I’m gonna retire from the online

An Ghost

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Ben really seems to love drawing cars.

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There’s a lot going on here. The “badillac” also has an Illuminati on the front and has snake eye fuzzy dice. The 1/2020th Native American warren and Pocahontas plate are clever. For all the little clever things, he still had to label music notes as easy listening.
Missed the chance to add Bernie’s Audi.
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Thank U for Cocktail Pep.
If I have to guess: middle age man points finger at 90s rebel caricature and 60s-70s era hippie character while the 00s Instagram millennial sits back while US culture is burning. Pointing fingers at each other of why the state of the country is in now. I don't know.
Gen Z is in back taking selfies, while a Millennial blames a Boomer and Gen Xer for everything is my take. Millenials be in their 30s now in some cases
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Time for fresh BG content.



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