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How many times is Ben going to rehash the "bunch of people on a ship" motif?
I swear he's already done it at least thrice.

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Usually the Democrats' ship is in trouble, but this is the first one where the ship is entirely sunk underwater.

Also, I like how he has still kept up the running joke of Hillary Clinton's missing shoe. It's like a "Where's Waldo" mini-game every time she shows up in one of his cartoons. See if you can find it!

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Fresh Bens incoming. Unsurprisingly, both cartoons are all about criticizing those DAMN, DIRTY DEMONRATS.

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Looks like Zyklon Ben "Eat A Jew Salad, It's Very Valid" Garrison really enjoyed the last two nights of the debate.

I guess this is what stood out to him, but his characterization of Bernie is wrong. FOGHORN BERNIE instead of CRAZY BERNIE. Bernie's not a loud-ass.