Artcow "Zyklon Ben" / Ben Garrison / GarrisonGraphics / GrrrGraphics / RealBenGarrisonCartoons & his wife Tina Toon / Tina Norton - "Six Million Just Isn't Enough"; /pol/'s favorite cowboy cartoonist & Sam Hyde's murderous meme mentor (also his bitch who can't into art)


The Yellow Rose of Victoria, Texas
How many times is Ben going to rehash the "bunch of people on a ship" motif?
I swear he's already done it at least thrice.

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Usually the Democrats' ship is in trouble, but this is the first one where the ship is entirely sunk underwater.

Also, I like how he has still kept up the running joke of Hillary Clinton's missing shoe. It's like a "Where's Waldo" mini-game every time she shows up in one of his cartoons. See if you can find it!

The Pink Panther

Think Like Pink
Fresh Bens incoming. Unsurprisingly, both cartoons are all about criticizing those DAMN, DIRTY DEMONRATS.

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Looks like Zyklon Ben "Eat A Jew Salad, It's Very Valid" Garrison really enjoyed the last two nights of the debate.

I guess this is what stood out to him, but his characterization of Bernie is wrong. FOGHORN BERNIE instead of CRAZY BERNIE. Bernie's not a loud-ass.

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