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South Carolina has a great rack. No wonder Creepy Joe is all over that.

Do you think Garrison has a secret folder of porn cartoons he's drawn somewhere?
Ben has a new shirt out.
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It kinda makes it sound like Trump is aids.
I've just noticed Ben sells actual paintings. And they're actually good
Some of the details are a bit banal and could be stylized better but the overall composition and color play is very good. It reminds me of Italian futurism.
Why are you wasting your time dicksucking Emperor Orange, Ben? You could be a great artist.
Ben is actually a talented artist, as other people have noted. It's just his political takes that are banal. But as people have also noted, it seems to be paying the bills for now. It's kind of sad because it started as criticism of certain issues that he was genuinely passionate about and then he became yet another cheerleader for his political sports team, possibly for the money but possibly he also drank the Kool Aid.

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Kiwi-Chan loves you, even if no one else does.
2 labels and they’re the stupidest possible things to label.
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So uh... what would Ben prefer? Is this the right wing version of, "Let them cough on you, bigot"? "Let them cough on you, for the economy"?

Considering that the casualty rate is much higher for the elderly and Ben and his wife are of advancing years, he might want to rethink that...
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Is... is Ben suggesting that Bill Gates caused the Coronavirus here? I know that he's an antivaxxer and NWO conspiracy theorist, but there's no real way to link Gates and the virus to my knowledge beyond voodoo-logic where the NWO is behind everything bad that ever happens.
You got it. Gates does international disease and vaccine charity so he's the surrogate for the globohomo in this cartoon.

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Based and #yangpilled
Here’s his irate blurb about it
Bail out the oil industry! Bail out the airlines! Bail out Boeing! Bail out the auto industry! Bail out the cruise ship companies! Bail out the restaurants! Bail out businesses large and small!

The Federal Reserve is being asked to prop up everything including the faltering stock market with never-ending QEs. Will the central bankers end up owning everything simply because they have a monopoly on currency creation? The strange thing is the taxpayers pay for it all—including interest on the debt resulting from that currency being created. What happens when the debt reaches $30 trillion? $100 trillion? Americans will have to work harder just to pay the interest in the form of taxes. It means people will be laboring more and more for the central bankers. We will have truly become slaves on the land our forefathers conquered.

Why not give some bailout money to the taxpayers who are doing the bailing out? Trump suggests giving each American $2,000, and that’s only a pittance of what taxpayers really deserve. What we deserve is getting it ALL back. That’s right—pay Americans what the IRS and the Federal Reserve have ripped off from them for over 100 years. Congress turned over their mandate of currency creation and regulation over to private, globalist central bankers. They did not have a Constitutional right to do this. The IRS has no right to steal money earned by our labor. There is no ‘windfall profit.’ When one works, it involves an even trade of work for money. There is no ‘profit.’

Shut down the Federal Reserve and get rid of the IRS. Return all the money stolen over the years back to the taxpayers. Have a debt jubilee and reset of our money system. Remove the power from private, Illuminati bankers. Get rid of fractional reserve and their derivative banking.
It all ties back to the OG.

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Two Tinas and a Ben this week. The Charmin cartoon is clever, but the invisible enemy one is a hot mess- they all look like they're melting.
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