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Why does everyone suddenly want to kill Chris Hemsworth?

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Where the fuck did Ben get those tits from? I'm legitimately concerned for this man's mental health.
Is Pelosis pillow-sis more or less believable than other crack pot theories like 5g?
I don't understand what the dice are supposed to symbolize.
Snake eyes, double ones, are indicative of bad luck. Or maybe nipples. Either or.

Glad I couldn't help

Oh hai
I love how Ben keeps inserting Hillary into his comics four years after she was last relevant. She's the Mary Lee Walsh of his DJTville.

There are a lot of boomercons who have defined themselves these last 25+ years by how much they hate Hillary. When she finally kicks the bucket due to health reasons, Zyklon Ben will probably keep including her in because it’s so engrained in his political views.
He is also following the leader here. Trump has been talking up Hillary and her emails for a few days now.

It's like using Schelfan Plan to fight the Battle of the Bulge.
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