Artcow "Zyklon Ben" / Ben Garrison / GarrisonGraphics / GrrrGraphics / RealBenGarrisonCartoons & his wife Tina Toon / Tina Norton - "Six Million Just Isn't Enough"; /pol/'s favorite cowboy cartoonist & Sam Hyde's murderous meme mentor (also his bitch who can't into art)


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I think we might be looking at a man whose career is dead. Then again can you even call it a "career" if he just lets anyone repost his shit on other sites as long as they link it back to him?
Say what you will about Ben's misbegotten loyalty to Trump, but the man is a talented artist with a sizable following - and successful published works. He may live in Fantasyland, but he's still well off here on Earth.

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Its so absurdist and flamboyant it could be a stonetoss

Kraken comes from krake, meaning something twisted. English words crook and crank come from it. Its like poetry.

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but the man is a talented artist with a sizable following
Not really, sizable following? Yeah, definitely, a talented artist? Not really. It's good for the most part, but it's just like every other political cartoon out there, nothing special about it.

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